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Meghan McCain, daughter of former Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), appeared on MSNBC’s “Live with Thomas Roberts” Monday to discuss GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s “I am who I am” remarks.

As is usually the case whenever she makes an appearance on MSNBC, McCain’s interview focused on the size of the “Republican tent.”

“Is this party tent big enough when we look at the latest polling numbers — the African American community, zero percent? The stance that Mitt Romney and the Republican party takes on women’s issues really does put an affront up to welcome women under the tent. Certainly, LGBT issues — that’s a big problem for the Republican Party,” Roberts said.

“How do they look at the narrative of what their core beliefs are and stand with those, but seem more welcoming to the bigger, larger American audience that we are today?” he asked.

Instead of asking the MSNBC host to clarify his comments or, at the very least, cite his sources, McCain agreed that the GOP should be more “inclusive” and that the it should broaden its appeal.

“Megan, you know I love you, but as it comes down to being comfortable in the Republican party, isn’t it pretty easy for you to be comfortable in the Republican party – well off, white and blond,” Roberts asked.

“Ow,” she responded before launching into a pitch about how she doesn’t agree with many in the GOP on social issues but that she thinks Romney has a good shot at victory based on his economic knowledge/experience.

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  1. speedie says:

    Any one in the conservative party or any one with conservative ideals who goes into an interview with MSNBC is only feeding ammunition to be used against the conservtive party. Haven’t you all figured out that MSNBC is a socialist communist spitting propagnanda machine that the liberals have control of? Anything a conservative says will be altered to sound disparaging against the liberal agenda.
    Avoid all interviews at MSNBC!!!
    Don’t even watch the channel. Maybe it will lose revenue and go off the air

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