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    H/T to Coffee and Sleepless Nights for directing me to this post with awesome pictures from yesterday’s Guns Across America rallies (http://coffeeandsleeplessnights.wordpress.com/2013/01/19/15776/)

  3. wildninja says:

    I was reading comments on Seattle-area news sites yesterday and can’t say I was surprised… but I was dismayed at the stereotypes, generalizations, and hatred being tossed at pro-Second Amendment people. One said, “you gun people are all just crazy.” Besides noting the fact that they wouldn’t have the right to speak out like that without the Second Amendment, I thought, “okay… I’m a survivor of domestic violence by cop and I’m crazy for wanting to protect my family and I from the threat of death by firearms with a firearm?” It’s no use arguing with people like that, but they fail to have empathy for domestic violence and crime survivors, particularly women, who choose to defend themselves.

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  5. The problem with the first sign is that it makes you recognize the failure to understand what ‘well-regulated’ means.

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