Loganswarning: Logan’s Warning Honored to be Interviewed by World Truth Summit!

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22 Jul 2014

imagesCA692MHK (2)

Hello friends, last week I was honored to be interviewed by the highly regarded World Truth Summit. Lead by the well informed and very personable Elsa, WTS has interviewed some true heavyweights in the past. islam-islamic-beliefs-west-political-correctness

That round of interviews was based on “the personal stories and the findings of 21 people exploring what’s happening with Islam in the West.”

Besides the recorded interview, Elsa adds an educational bio page on those she has interviewed.

This year’s series is based on taking things to the next level in the war with Islam. The activist approach! Which fits right in with the future of my North American Infidels (NAI) organization.

The interview series starts Monday, July 28th. There will be 4 interviews, including with Robert Spencer.

REGISTER NOW to get a link to the interviews when they go online. To do so please click HERE.

As for me, my…

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For second time, rockets found at UN school in Gaza

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Robert Spencer

Jul 22, 2014


The UN has demonized Israel for years. The UNRWA feigned outrage when the first cache of Hamas rockets was found in one of its schools, but this second find establishes a pattern. The UN has taken the next step in joining the jihad against Israel as a combatant. The organization founded as the cries of “Never again!” were first ringing out in the wake of the Holocaust has now come full circle.

“For second time, rockets found at UN school in Gaza,” by Raphael Ahren, Times of Israel, July 22, 2014 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

Read More: http://www.jihadwatch.org/2014/07/for-second-time-rockets-found-at-un-school-in-gaza

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Has Obama Created A New Star Chamber By Rewriting The Law?

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Each week seems to bring another example of the Obama administration’s government-by-executive-decree. Last Thursday it was a quiet posting on the Health and Human Services website exempting U.S. territories, with more than 4 million residents, from key provisions of the Affordable Care Act. The 2000-page statute setting up Obamacare clearly states territories count as “states” for purposes of rules like guaranteed issue and community rating of health insurance policies. But that didn’t faze administration officials who let Puerto Rico, Guam and other territories off the hook after their already thin markets collapsed because of the regs.

Is this how a government of laws is supposed to work? Philip Hamburger thinks not. The Columbia Law School professor has come out with a provocative new book, “Is Administrative Law Unlawful?,” that argues the modern administrative state resembles nothing so much as the government of King James I, where the monarch…

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Natural News: Federal courts clash over legality of Obamacare; WSJ warns about GMOs

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The Health Ranger Dear NaturalNews readers,
Federal courts clashed yesterday about the legality of Obamacare subsidies, with one court ruling the subsidies were illegal while another said the law should be interpreted on its “intent” rather than what it actually says:

Check out what’s new in the world of natural health: ONE Degree Organic Foods, “Don’t Eat Cancer” book, a new “Living Produce” project and more:

The Wall Street Journal agrees that GMOs have harmed India’s food security while doing virtually nothing to address hunger. So much for the false promise that GMOs will “feed the world.”

Shock: Apple engineered back-door surveillance into 600 million iPhones. Does this include yours?

The U.S. drought has reached “apocalyptic” extremes. Expect huge increases in food prices over the next year:

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Zach Taylor Interview from the film; “Back to the Border” JFA

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Published on Jul 18, 2014

Retired Border Patrolman of 27 years gives exclusive interview to Chris Burgard for the film, “Back to the Border.” Some scary stuff about human trafficking, guns, drugs and how governments are involved. This guy should know.

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US Government Turns Fully Against Americans and Few Seem to Care

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By: Sher Zieve
Gulag Bound


Over last weekend, it finally got out–despite suppression from the White House and the media– that the Mexican drug cartels/human traffickers are now firing .50 caliber ammo at our USBP Agents. These are bullets that can reach their targets as much as a mile away.

This is an act of war. Yet, neither the Pretend POTUS and Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama nor any of his minions comment on it at all. Neither does Obama try to stop the thousands of illegals (largely gang members, drug cartels/human traffickers and Islamists…not children) that he has invited into the country as a foreign invasion force to replace US citizens and help him bring down the USA. Besides, he’s already decimated most of the US military, demanded the Border Patrol “stand down” and no longer attempt to stop anyone entering the USA while placing them on diaper and baby-sitting…

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Interfaith outreach in the caliphate: Islamic State jihadists storm 4th-century monastery, expel monks

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Robert Spencer

Jul 21, 2014


Remember: Christians in the West are not to speak of such things. To do so would harm the “dialogue”: “Talk about extreme, militant Islamists and the atrocities that they have perpetrated globally might undercut the positive achievements that we Catholics have attained in our inter-religious dialogue with devout Muslims.” — Robert McManus, Roman Catholic Bishop of Worcester, Massachusetts, February 8, 2013.

“Jihadists seize Iraq monastery,” AFP, July 20, 2014:

READ MORE: http://www.jihadwatch.org/2014/07/interfaith-outreach-in-the-caliphate-islamic-state-jihadists-storm-4th-century-monastery-expel-monks

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University of Wisconsin-Madison Grading Based On Race, NOT Merit

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The University of Wisconsin-Madison has taken affirmative action to a new level. Instead of giving grades on how well you do in class, grades will be determined by race.

The Midwest farmers daughters really make you feel alright, and so it must surely go with the ladies of the University of Wisconsin ("sugar baby" signups: 73). It

The new policy, called “Framework for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence,” calls for “proportional participation of historically underrepresented racial-ethnic groups at all levels of an institution, including high-status special programs, high-demand majors, and in the distribution of grades,” according to IJ Review.
UWM Professor Emeritus W. Lee Hansen was angered by the policy, and wrote about his concerns, Western Journalism reports.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/07/22/university-will-give-grades-based-on-race/#ixzz38FZXEevV

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Philadelphia mosque leader in jail for allegedly trying to cut off man’s hand

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Masjid Ar-Razaqq Ul-Karim mosque in Philadelphia.
Google Maps via Philadelphia Inquirer

Merv Mitchell, emir of the Al-Masjid Ur-Razzaq Ul-Karim mosque in Philadelphia, was arrested and thrown in jail after he and the mosque’s imam reportedly attempted to cut off the hand of a worshiper with a 2-foot machete, The Blaze reported Saturday.

According to reports, a prayer service had just ended when the unnamed victim was approached by Mitchell and the imam — who was also not identified. The 46-year-old victim was accused of stealing jars of money from the mosque, police Lt. John Walker said.

The man denied stealing the money, but Mitchell and the imam apparently didn’t believe him. Walker said the man was dragged to the backyard of the mosque for punishment.

“They threw the victim to the ground and held his right arm against a log,” Walker said. ”One of the offenders grabbed a machete from inside the mosque, and struck…

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