Barack Obama, Politicizing a Plague

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If President Obama does not want the Ebola virus to kill Americans, why has his administration done nothing to restrict any flights from Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone, the hot spots in Africa where it appears the virus is spreading?





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aturalNews: Big Pharma has owned Ebola vaccine for years; waiting for virus to kill enough people for it to be profitable

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(NaturalNews) The truth is finally coming out about the Ebola crisis and its real purpose, which appears to be to sell more vaccines. As it turns out, the drug industry has had Ebola vaccines in the pipeline for years, but it has been waiting for just the right time to release them for maximum profits, unveiling just a little bit more about the true agenda behind all the current Ebola fear-mongering.

Nearly a decade ago, researchers from Canada and the U.S. collaborated on the development of a vaccine for Ebola, which they tested on monkeys. Based on these tests, the vaccine was found to be 100 percent effective, and the results were published in the well respected journal Nature Medicine.

It was assumed at the time that the vaccine would be released commercially to stop the disease’s spread in places like West Africa — but it wasn’t. The reason…

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New York hospital treating Ebola doctor suffers ‘staff shortage as nurses call in sick out of fear of being infected’

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  • Dr Craig Spencer was admitted to Bellevue Hospital Center on Thursday
  • He has been diagnosed with Ebola and is being treated in isolation ward
  • Earlier reports claimed hoards of health workers called in sick on Friday
  • They were allegedly fearful that they might become infected with disease
  • However, Manhattan-based hospital has now denied there was a sickout
  • Spokesman said nurses are willing treating Dr Spencer in teams of two
  • Victim’s fiancée, Morgan Dixon, has also been quarantined at the hospital
  • Two nurses in Dallas contracted Ebola while treating Thomas Eric Duncan
  • Mr Duncan, a 42-year-old Liberian, died earlier this month from the virus


Sophie Jane Evans for MailOnline

and Joel Christie for MailOnline

The New York hospital where the city’s first Ebola patient is being treated has denied claims that hoards of health workers have called in sick out of fear of contracting the deadly virus.

Bellevue Hospital Center…

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U.S. publicly humiliates Israeli defense minister as his visit to U.S. ends

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This is all of a piece with Obama’s relentless determination to blame Israel for the jihad against it and to box it in and oppose it at every turn. “U.S. publicly humiliates Israeli defense minister as visit ends,” by Barak Ravid, Haaretz, October 25, 2014:

The White House refused to give Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon an audience with Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry, and National Security Advisor Susan Rice during his trip to the United States this week, senior American officials confirmed Friday. The reason for the cold shoulder was a number of statements Ya’alon made six months ago, in which he criticized the Obama administration and Kerry in particular.
“Given some of his comments in the recent past, it should come as no surprise that he was denied some meetings,” a senior U.S. official told Haaretz. During his visit, Ya’alon met with…

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Amid jihad murders in Canada, USA Today says Christian “religious extremism” is “primary threat to homeland security”

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Mary Zeiss Stange

This USA Today piece by Mary Zeiss Stange, a professor of religion at Skidmore College, is patently absurd, but it is also absolutely unsurprising. Professor Stange, a hunter, has bagged the wrong deer, but it’s the only deer that those who employ her and publish her work care about. The mainstream media has a maniacal focus on absolving Islam for all responsibility for the atrocities committed in its name and in accord with its texts and teachings, and a concomitant fanatical commitment to highlighting the evils of “Christian extremism.” Yet as ridiculous as all this is, the media marches in absolute lockstep on these issues. No one ever breaks ranks. Neither USA Today nor any other mainstream publication would ever dare publish an article warning about the dangers of Islamic jihad, or even “Islamic extremism.” Why they march in this lockstep I do not know, but the mainstream media is…

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Memo from US Consulate refers to Jerusalem jihad terror attack that murdered baby girl as “traffic incident” Oct 24, 2014 by Robert Spencer

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Chaya Zissel Braun (Channel 2 Screenshot)

Chaya Zissel Braun (Channel 2 Screenshot) The three-month-old girl killed in a terrorist attack.

“We are standing before a tiny, silent body, before a small grave, standing against haters and murderers whose hands slaughter without distinction, without mercy. An innocent baby was butchered by burning hatred and darkness.”

Eight others were injured in the attack.

Abdelrahman al-Shaludi drove his car into a crowd waiting at the Ammunition Hill light rail station.

Shaludi is the nephew of Mohiyedine Sharif, the former head of Hamas’s armed wing and its chief bomb-maker who was killed in 1988.

The Palestinian sources said Shaludi, 21, was arrested and sentenced to 16 months in Israeli prison in February 2012, and was again detained earlier this year for a month.

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A traffic incident in Jerusalem. Another traffic incident in Canada just a few days ago. Odd coincidence: both drivers were devout Muslims who…

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America’s “moderate Syrian rebels” are all Islamic jihadis, says Saudi intelligence

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Oct 24, 2014 04:03 pm | Raymond Ibrahim

jihadisMore indicators that the Obama administration is using the pretext of fighting one set of Islamic State terrorists in a way to help support another set of Islamic State terrorists—those fighting Syria’s Bashar Assad—recently came out.
Back on September 10, Reuters reported that

Saudi Arabia has agreed to host training camps for moderate Syrian rebels as part of President Barack Obama’s broad strategy to combat Islamic State militants who have taken over parts of Syria and Iraq…. Obama announced he had authorized stepped-up U.S. airstrikes in Iraq and for the first time would extend the aerial assault into Syria, where he also vowed to beef up support for moderate rebels fighting to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (emphasis added).


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