Three Cheers for Yesterday’s NY Post

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The Rev. Al Sharpton’s march today in Staten Island is meant to slam New York’s Finest. We’ll say it flat out: We support the cops.

Better yet, The Rev & Co. turn their march into a parade to celebrate the NYPD — and how the department, almost single-handedly, turned this city around. (Notwithstanding efforts to the contrary by rabble-rousing self-promoters like Sharpton.)

How ironic that the Reverend titled his bit of street theater a “We Will Not Go Back” march. Because that’s precisely what he wants the city to do: return to the ugly days when cops failed to control crime, chaos ruled– and the city was barely livable.

Only two decades ago, the city saw 2,245 people murdered in a single year. That’s more than six lives a day — and most of those were…

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Obama, Kerry, Clinton And U.N. Secretary General Sued For Racketeering In Providing Material Support To Terrorist HAMAS In War To Annihilate Israel RICO Complaint Filed By Larry Klayman and John Doe Plaintiffs

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Accused of laundering funds to terrorist organization Hamas

By Larry Klayman

Published: Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014 – 10:51 am

WASHINGTON, Aug. 28, 2014 — /PRNewswire/ — Larry Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch, and a former U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor who helped break up AT&T, today announced that he and other plaintiffs have filed a civil lawsuit in federal court in D.C. (Case no. 14-1484) under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act “RICO” for criminal acts by President Barack Hussein Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the U.N. Secretary General for laundering U.S. Dollars to the terrorist organization HAMAS. This money has been foreseeably used to buy rockets and construct tunnels to attack Israel and terrorize and kill American and dual American-Israeli citizens who reside or are located in Israel.
As set forth in the complaint, which…

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ISIS Sign Outside the White House – “I’ll See you in New York”

This photo, apparently taken in front of the White House, was posted to Twitter with the caption, “#AmessagefromISIStoUS — We are in your state We are in your Cities We are in your streets You are our goals anywhere.” @Sunna_rev/Twitter

Not to worry, Obama’s Secret Service is checking it out.


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LogansWarning: Muslim in Massachusetts Issues me a Death Threat!

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Death-to-those-who-call-us-violent-300x232In a steadfast effort to win the information war I refuse to back off on Islam, or even become politically correct about it. But doing so can certainly bring some life-threatening results. It is just a price we must pay in order to save our future generations from death or enslavement under Islamic rule.
While on Facebook yesterday I had posted the following status.

Out of curiosity I checked my “other” folder in the private message section here. It is where messages go that are sent by people you are not friends with. In it I have message after message from Muslims trying to get me to stop speaking out against Islam. Some are being nice (probably being fake) about it, while others are not. Do the Disciples of Satan not yet understand that NO tactic will work with me? I am not backing off, and I am certainly not…

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Obama’s DOJ Sues Minnesota City for Rejecting Islamic Center

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by Warner Todd Huston 28 Aug 2014,

The Department of Justice has announced that it is suing the small town of St. Anthony, Minnesota, after a two-year investigation into the town’s denial of a permit to create an Islamic cultural center.

The DOJ claims that the north Minneapolis town broke a federal law when it rejected the center in 2012.

“An injustice has been done,” U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger said on August 27. “I will not stand by while any religious group is subject to unconstitutional treatment that violates federal civil rights laws.”

The DOJ claims that the city violated the law when it refused the Abu Huraira Islamic Center the right to create an Islamic cultural center in the basement of the St. Anthony Business Center. The DOJ cites a violation of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act that was enacted in the year 2000.

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La Raza Pushes Obama to Act on Amnesty: 5 Million Just the Beginning

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by Caroline May 26 Aug 2014

The White House has indicated that President Obama will take some kind of executive action on immigration at the end of summer, but the administration has been tight-lipped about the specifics of such a move.

Reports have indicated that the executive action could provide legalization for some five million undocumented immigrants already in the United States – something Lisa Navarrete, adviser to the president of La Raza, explained to Breitbart News in a Tuesday interview would be welcome but really the “floor” number of what her group is looking to accomplish.

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MRC: Sharyl Attkisson Schools ABC, CBS, NBC on How to Cover the IRS Scandal

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1. Sharyl Attkisson Schools ABC, CBS, NBC on How to Cover the IRS Scandal

Unlike her colleagues at the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) networks, investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson, on Tuesday night, actually dug into the finer points of the big bombshells revealed in the IRS scandal this week. Invited on Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs Tonight to discuss the revelations of a Department of Justice (DOJ) lawyer confirming the existence of Lois Lerner’s “missing” e-mails and the IRS’s destruction of her Blackberry (stories the networks through Wednesday morning have yet to touch) Attkisson also did a great job of explaining the conflict of interest going on at the DOJ. More:

2. ABC and NBC Ignore Possible Obstruction of Justice in Growing VA Scandal

Wednesday’s morning shows on ABC and NBC ignored the latest details of the growing scandal engulfing the Veterans Affairs department. Only CBS bothered to report…

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