Must See Video: CNN’s Chris Cuomo vs. Russian journalist about MH17- 23 July 2014

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THE LANTERN JOURNAL – Editorial Article and Special Posting – 1:45 p.m. CT Wednesday 2014

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Russia Today host battle – Politico – 23 July 2014.

Putin has been putting out all kinds of absurd and bizarre claims about what really happened to MH370. It’s just a matter of time before he blames Santa Claus – like maybe MH370 hit a flying reindeer that got away from Santa’s flying sled. Basically, he’s blaming anything and anyone except Russia and the rebels in Ukraine. He has suggested MH17 is really MH370, and has suggested several US “false flag” scenarios to get support from conspiracy theorists.

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Maryland Gets An Economics Lesson As Beretta Announces It Is Taking It’s Nearly 200 Jobs To Tennessee

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Beretta USA Announces Decision To Move Its Entire Maryland Manufacturing Capabilities To Tennessee

From the Beretta USA press release:

” Beretta U.S.A. Corp., located in Accokeek, Maryland, announced today that it has decided to move its manufacturing capabilities from its existing location to a new production facility that it is building in Gallatin, Tennessee.  The Gallatin facility is scheduled to be opened in mid-2015.  Beretta U.S.A. had previously planned to use the new Gallatin, Tennessee facility for new machinery and production of new products only.

“ During the legislative session in Maryland that resulted in passage of the Firearm Safety Act of 2013, the version of the statute that passed the Maryland Senate would have prohibited Beretta U.S.A. from being able to manufacture, store or even import into the State products that we sell to customers throughout the United States and around the world.  While we were able in the…

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Media BiASS: Pandering Idiots……..

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CBS, NBC Ignore Conflicting Court Rulings on Future of ObamaCare Subsidies

On Tuesday, July 22, two federal appeals courts ruled in different directions over the constitutionality of tax subsidies given to individuals who purchase health insurance through the federal ObamaCare exchange. At issue, was language in the law where subsidies would be given to individuals who purchased health insurance in an exchange “established by the state.” In a 2-1 ruling, the D.C. Court of Appeals ruled that the IRS went too far by providing subsidies to individuals on the federal exchange but a separate ruling by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld those same subsidies. Despite the contradictory rulings and the likelihood that the Supreme Court will take up the case, ABC was the only network evening news show to cover the story on Tuesday night.

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Here’s how much UN scientists think we should cut our meat and dairy consumption

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This is the kind of bullshit that has got grass finished and planned grazing a bad name among mainstream cattlemen. Today’s rancher came of age during the Vietnam War as the flip side of the Hippy Generation. They (we) loathed hippies (and most of us still do–especially the old burnt out ones with scraggly yellow-grey beards and pony tails).

“Connecting the dots” is not necessary because there is a straight line directly between the Marxist “back to the earth hippy movement” and Marxist nonsense like this article which reflects the United Nations and its Agenda 21.

We Planned Grazers need to distance ourselves from people with ideas like this. — jtl, 419

by Margaret Badore via

cows in a green meadow

Public Domain USDA

Here’s a new eco-diet vocab word: demitarian. It means cutting your consumption of animal products in half.

It was coined by Mark Sutton, an author of a new…

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Russia Releases Satellite Photos Of Kiev Occupiers Deploying BUK-M1 Missiles In Eastern Ukraine & Radar Proof Of Kiev Warplanes In MH17 Vicinity.

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Russian ministry releases the forensic analysis of what happened to flight MH17.

Kiev, Ukraine hasn’t said how it immediately knew ‘rebels’ downed Malaysian plane, notes the Russian Foreign Ministry, as it unveils 10 awkward questions for Kiev, Ukraine (and US ‘snap judgment’) to answer about the MH17 disaster. However, what is perhaps more concerning for the hordes of finger-pointers is that:


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Rob Lowe flogs Obama with one simple question

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We are pretty sure President Obama wouldn’t like that, since actor Rob Lowe pulls no punches. He recently flogged the president with one simple (and familiar) question.

Brutal truth.

Yep. Fellow citizens offered a resounding “no” in response.

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Child Sex Abuse Inquiry: Theresa May’s more sensible way forward

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Theresa May, home sercretary. Pic Credit:

Theresa May, home sercretary. Pic Credit:

After the complete debacle over the rushed appointment  and swift resignation of Baroness Butler-Sloss to  head the overarching inquiry into child sex abuse, Theresa May met six of the ” Magnificent” seven MPs again.

An account taken from a  couple of them appears on the Exaro site today suggests that the Home Office has now reverted to the way it has followed in setting up all other independent panels, including the Daniel Morgan and Gosport hospital inquiries which means consulting people before appointing people.

From my own sources I always thought Theresa May was rushed into making a decision by a Downing Street panicked by newspaper headlines.

The good news is that the six MPs were unanimous that a survivor MUST sit on the panel and  the home secretary  was open to names. It was also clear that the government will not be…

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‘ US Appeals Court Rules Against Obama Care Subsidies ‘

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#AceBreakingNews – UNITED STATES (Washington) – July 22 – In a case with potential to scramble the Affordable Care Act, the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that federal subsidies for health insurance were not properly designed.

If upheld by the Supreme Court, the ruling could limit subsidies on the federal exchange currently used by 36 states.

Challengers had argued that the law only allows subsides on exchanges run by the states themselves. Supporters of the law argued that was essentially little more than a typo in the law.

By Ryan Teague Beckwith @ The Washington Examiner


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