Standing up for What’s right may find you in jail

Here is a story about a man that stood up against corruption only to find him self behind bars. Taxpayer advocate and attorney Richard I. Fine. uncovered that LA County superior court judges have been deciding cases in the County’s favor in exchange for being paid illegal “bonuses” of $57,000 per year (in addition to their legal state salaries of $178,000 plus apx. $30,000 in benefits), the bribes were received from corrupt members of LA County’s Board of Supervisors. After they were sued, this corrupt government secretly passed legislation (Senate Bill SBX2-11) to try to protect themselves and make it seem as if they had been given retroactive immunity from prosecution. but it doesn’t end there. The courts has imprisoned. Dr.Fine for over a year now with no charges being filed! Help free Dr. Fine from his unjust imprisonment and return him to his career of helping others. No American should go to prison for exposing corruption!

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Author: avaindiana

Just a grandma in Indiana that loves her country and is willing to standup for it

One thought on “Standing up for What’s right may find you in jail”

  1. Here is one more example of Silencing dissent! Legislators in the state of Hawaii are getting ready to pass a bill that would prohibit citizens from obtaining any information. Concerning Barack Obama’s birth certificate. State agencies would no longer be forced by law to release any information to the citizen concerning Obama’s birth certificate.
    Why not just get it out and show it to people? May I QUESTION BOLDLY? What is it that you don’t want us to see?

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