Joe Ollinger for Wicomico County Executive

Here is the platform of Joe Ollinger who is challenging Rick Pollitt.

Campaign Platform

1. Serve as the Primary Representative and Advocate of the Wicomico County Taxpayers

* I will maintain a taxpayer’s perspective of government.
* I will view your tax dollars as, not belonging to government, but to you, the taxpayers.
* As your fiduciary, I will demand that County employees spend your precious tax dollars wisely and in your best interest.
* As an executive leader, I will work diligently to streamline our County Government so that it operates at the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness.

2. Implement a County-wide (including the Sherriff’s Department and the Board of Education) Pay-for-Performance Compensation Plan

* I will develop a “Performance Appraisal” system for management to evaluate all County employees on an annual basis.
* Each County employee’s future compensation will be based on their performance.

3. Transform our Public Schools into the Safest and Most Disciplined in the State of Maryland

* I will set a community-wide goal of “transforming our School System into the safest and most disciplined in the State of Maryland.”
* I will ask our community to take ownership of the problems that exist within our Public Schools and participate in solving these problems.
* I will request that the Board of Education implement a student uniform policy along with other new policies related to safety and discipline.
* I will request that the Board of Education reprioritize by making its number one mission: “to graduate self-disciplined, personally responsible young adults prepared to participate as productive citizens in American society.”
* I will request that the Board of Education implement the “Kids of Honor” philosophy throughout its system.
* I will request that the Board of Education establish the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System and its teacher testing program.

4. Empower the County Executive to Appoint All Members to the County’s Board of Education

* I will initiate a proposition for the November 2012 ballot to “empower the County Executive to appoint all members to the County’s Board of Education.”
* I will lobby support from the County Council and the Maryland Legislators for this initiative.

5. Create a One County-Wide Law Enforcement Agency

* I will initiate a public debate on the merits of the establishment of one County-wide law enforcement agency.
* I will work with the municipalities and Wicomico County Sherriff to design the most efficient and effective law enforcement agency for fighting crime and protecting our citizens.

Author: AKA John Galt

A small business owner, a tea party organizer, a son, father and husband who is not willing to sell out the future lives of his children.

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