Regular Folks United Executive Director, Ron Miller, is angry, just fed up

Ron Miller, Executive Director of Regular Folks United

Fair warning – this is going to be a rant. I tried to let time pass to see if I’d be less passionate and more analytical about this episode, but I’m still angry – with a lot of people. So here goes:

If you national Democrats think we’re so screwed up that a state law, one that mirrors a national law that’s been in place for over 70 years, AND which your chief law enforcement officer and senior homeland security official didn’t read before criticizing it, is equivalent to the human rights abuses of one of the most murderous regimes in history (China), AND is more morally repugnant than the corruption, violence and incompetence of a developing nation (Mexico), then WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE SUCKING ON THE PUBLIC TEAT?

We confer upon you the power and privilege of your positions, yet we’ve had to endure the fact that you think we’re all idiots and, lately, haven’t been particularly shy about expressing it. Compared to most Americans, this nation has been GOOD to you.

I’ve been to your offices on Capitol Hill, where even a freshman member of Congress has a private office, more space than most executives in the corporate world, and a staff tending to his or her every need, a staff that many of you treat like serfs. Yes, I’ve heard you dressing down a hapless young staffer for a mistake, with you screaming loudly enough for all the visitors in the hallways to hear. Party of the little guy, my behind! With your arrogance, sense of entitlement and deficient management and people skills, you wouldn’t last a month in a real job.

You’re driven everywhere you need to go, you’re treated like royalty wherever you go, and people come to you daily to curry your favor. You are besotted with power.

The very least you could do is pretend that this nation and its people mean something to you. Yet a foreign leader stands at a podium in the people’s house, the White House, and accuses us of human rights abuses for protecting our people from the desperate and the criminal that flood across our borders, HIS people, the ones he’s either incapable of feeding and protecting, or that he fears because they kidnap, torture and murder without conscience. And what does our President do? He AGREES with him!

Then that same foreign leader goes before the people’s representatives, again in the people’s house, the United States Capitol, and repeats his slander against America, which has borne the incredible burden of his and his predecessors’ incompetent stewardship of his nation for generations. And what do the Democrats do? THEY STAND AND APPLAUD!

Who are you people, and why do you enjoy the perks and privileges of your position if you find us and our nation so irredeemably flawed? Why did you so ambitiously and desperately seek your offices, posing as protectors of the people, only to turn on us and declare us “un-American” because you don’t agree with us?

If we’re a racist, sexist and xenophobic people that so disgust you that you feel compelled to applaud the ineffective leader of a third-world country, why don’t you step down and leave for more hospitable climes?

By your actions, you’ve revealed yourself to be ignorant, incompetent or criminal. The people of Phoenix, Arizona live in fear because if they look like they have money, they could be abducted off the streets of their own hometown, innocents subjected to unspeakable crimes by people who aren’t supposed to be here.

Does it prick your conscience even a little that this great American city, thanks to either your policy failures or your implicit desire to harbor illegal aliens, is now the kidnapping capital of the nation?

Have you seen the photos of what happens to the victims of these sociopaths? The sight of a human head on a pole, or a mutilated torso with no head, stays with you forever. Do you think beyond the shocking images to the policy failures at the federal level that enabled their barbarism?

Now we are told by a senior Immigration and Customs Enforcement official charged with the duty to enforce our immigration laws, a duty that is integral to the very title of his organization, that he may not assist Arizona in upholding a law that mirrors federal law because he “doesn’t like the law.” Have all you national Democrats lost your minds? Do you understand or care about the job we sent you there to do?

I served my country in the armed forces for over nine years, and my father served for over twenty-two years. Never, ever did we even entertain the notion we would not carry out our lawful duties because we didn’t “like the law.” Had my father or I took such a stance, an honorable discharge would have been out of the question, and disciplinary action would have followed. No soldier, sailor, airman or Marine has the latitude to disobey a lawful order because he or she “doesn’t like the law.”

Under what standard of federal service is it considered proper to heartily applaud a foreign leader for criticizing one of own states? Are you American legislators or “citizens of the world?” And what of the audacity of this foreign leader to judge us when his inability to provide for the safety, security and prosperity of his own people is the catalyst for their illegal migration northward?

Who are you people? Why do you despise your country so much? When will you quit apologizing to nations whose respect for human rights is practically non-existent? Do you not realize they are laughing at you for your appalling lack of perspective? While they are arresting, torturing and murdering with impunity, they are disdainful of your apologies.

Do you wonder, then, why we are angry and fed up with you? Are you that oblivious to the naked contempt you show for us and the country we love so much that we’d die for her? How can anyone who says they love America have any allegiance to today’s Democratic Party? Do you agree with your leaders that America is a criminal nation, an immoral actor on the world stage?

And what of the opposition party, the Republicans? Are you so fond of the perks and privileges that you can’t get up and walk out on a preening, hypocritical head of state when he insults your country? Where is your courage? Don’t you realize that this is a battle of worldviews and not a sporting event where everyone shakes hands after it’s done? Don’t you realize they want nothing less than to remake our nation into something that may resemble the rest of the world, but will no longer be the United States of America, the greatest, most prosperous, most benevolent nation in the history of the planet, and its greatest and most powerful advocate for liberty?

Who are you people? Why do you think you deserve another minute in elected office, much less another term? Will you even understand why you’ve been turned out when it happens in November?

To paraphrase columnist Mona Charen, if we embarrass you, the feeling is mutual.

Author: The Dysfunction of Maryland Politics

Activist, blogger, parent

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