The People Call on the State of Maryland to investigate Casa De Maryland and their Law Breaking Activity

This letter went to the State House, Governor’s Office, Attorney General and Comptroller’s office for investigation

As we all know, Maryland’s Governor O’Malley has no problem with Illegal Alien Law Breakers residing in Maryland sucking our Tax Dollar dry, but the continued ignorance of this state to take a stance for the Legal Immigrant and Citizen is disgusting. Not only are we, the legal right to be here citizen treated worse than an Illegal Alien, if we mention it to the Police or other organizations to rid our Nation and State of these Law Breakers, we are called racial profilers and haters, KKK, radicals, etc. It is such a shame that we, the legal immigrant and citizen are treated with less respect than that of the illegal alien. Funny, when you read the statement from the Illegal Alien in this Article, she claims she is being made to feel like she is a criminal, well, ISN’T SHE? We are made out to be criminals in our own society for standing up for rights and our tax dollar. Again, with proof in hand, I call on Attorney General Gansler, Governor, Comptroller to investigate Casa De Maryland for breaking the law and hold those politicians associated with Casa De Maryland accountable. Stop ignoring the people’s request. Stop all funding to Casa De Maryland, no more free passes into my state. Enough is enough. Stop being career politicians and do the work of the people, the ones who employ you. Implement statewide E Verify and 287G, The Arizona Act, which by the way is nothing more than enforcing current immigration laws now on the books at the fed level. Cut all ties with Casa De Maryland and their associated groups. Return the Maryland Citizen Tax Dollar and stop passing bond monies for a group who is harboring, abetting and assisting illegal aliens that are coming here illegally. We needs our jobs back, our communities back, our money back, and above all, we need you to rid our society of the Gang Bangers, IE, MS13 and other associated groups, caught, arrested and deported. You should see how they have trashed the area they live in.

Message From Protestors In Montgomery County: Illegal Immigrants Get Out

SILVER SPRING, Md. (WUSA) — Members from the group, Help Save Maryland, stood on the sidewalk outside CASA de Maryland to send a bold message. “Legal immigrants are welcome in the USA, not illegal immigrants,” shouted a protestor.

Some protestors chanted, “Arizona law is U.S. law,” and others held up signs that read “deport them all.”

Blake Sutherland said, “I don’t like the idea tax payer dollars being spent or grants for here to CASA on people who are here illegally.”

The Director for Help Save Maryland said, “It (CASA) employs illegal’s, so the idea is to attract legal businesses to come in and pick up workers who have no legal presence in our state.”

The work center is an organization funded by the state that provides services to Latino, low-income immigrants.

“This is against immigrants, this is against everything CASA stands for,” said Andre Vainqueur.

A woman from El Salvador, living in the country illegally, said, “They are making us feel like criminals, but we are hard workers.”

The group of protestors is preparing for a June Rally against CASA de Maryland’s new building in Langley Park.

Written by Alex Trevino

Jeffrey Werner

“United We Stand, Together We Fall, Unity, Resistance”

Author: The Dysfunction of Maryland Politics

Activist, blogger, parent

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