CASA, Others To Protest Arizona Immigration Law

A quick blurb on Casa de Maryland again, see, when we, the Patriots and Tax paying Citizens hold our rally against Illegal Immigration in our State against the Lawless Group and Criminal Enterprise, Casa De Maryland, we are called haters, racists, and xenophobes, so what do you call this group who protest the laws of our Country and Land?  Hypocrits and Unconstitutional right?  Afterall, this is an organization that assists, harbors, abets and teaches it’s illegal aliens how to evade the law, but, hey, that’s okay, right?  But when we stand against them, it’s not.  Only in America.

CASA, Others To Protest Arizona Immigration Law

Saturday, May 29, 2010
Robert Lang and Associated Press

Local activists are protesting Arizona’s new immigration law in the nation’s capital.

Organizers say they will gather at noon on Saturday in Dupont Circle in downtown Washington for an artistic expression event and rally. They say they will then march to the White House.

Among those expected to address the crowd include Rodrigo Leiva, leader of the Latino Federation of Greater Washington; Gustavo Torres, head of Casa de Maryland; and sports writer David Zirin.

Protesters say it’s part of many events planned across the country against Arizona’s new law, which allows police to question anyone they suspect of being in the country illegally.

They’re also calling for an end to the Secure Communities program that sends inmates’ fingerprint information to ICE and the FBI.

Author: The Dysfunction of Maryland Politics

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