Mark the Date, Protest Casa De Marylands Tax Payer Funded Multi Cultural Center

Protest Ribbon Cuting Ceremony Casa De Maryland Multi Cultural Facility – This is also a building that, my Senator from Washington County, District 2 Voted to give 1,000,000.00 Dollars to, that will assist illegal aliens and harbor them.  Thanks Don.

Saturday, June 19, 2010
12:00pm – 4:00pm
Casa De Maryland Multi Cultural Center
8151 15th Avenue
Langley Park, MD


Fellow Tax Payers to the Illegal Immigration Organization Casa De Maryland, we hold another rally, this time to protest the continued use of Tax Payer Funding to an organization who will not be held accountable for it’s continued lawless activities promoting, assisting, abetting, harboring, creating literature on how not to get arrested Illegal Aliens. This Organization comes forth every year to our State House, demands Tax Payer Dollars, Receives more then 3 million dollars a year from Montgomery County and PG County, Requests Funding from the Feds, and recieves more then 1.5 million dollars of donation monies annually from Hugo Chavez, the Terrorist President of Venezuela. Come out and take your state back, support SB 1070 The Arizona Act and stand up for your rights and hold this group accountable. No longer will we sit quietly as our tax dollars are stolen from us for Law Breakers and those who would take our jobs for cheaper wages under the table. We must also start reporting those business’s who continue to pick up these corner dwellers.

Author: The Dysfunction of Maryland Politics

Activist, blogger, parent

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