American Conservative Organizations Yell: Keep out Kagen!

Tomorrow, Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) along with Young Americas Foundation and other conservative political organizations will be joining together to contact their Senators against Obama’s current Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagen.

Citing factors such as her actions against the military’s right to be on campuses, her Princeton thesis lamenting the decline of socialism in America and other objectives, coalitions such as the Clare Booth Luce Policy Instituted and the Judicial Crisis Network are urging citizens to contact their legislators against the nominee through the Capitol Hill Switchboard at 202-224-3121.

“Her record on abortion, donations to pro-abortion organizations and work while in the Clinton Administration shows I am a 100 percent confident she will be a pro-abortion justice in the Supreme Court.” Kristan Hawkins, Executive Director of Students for Life said.

With the hearings set for June 30th and reports of papers slowly coming from resources whose offices Kagen served such as the President Clinton Archives, time is running short but the strength against Kagen seems to be very strong.

“We are one vote away from the Supreme Court reversing Roe vs. Wade, the decision which legalized abortion; to a pro-lifer the appointment of a pro choice justice on the Supreme Court means thousands of lives will be snuffed out because of President Obama’s nomination,” Hawkins continued.

Jordan Marks, Executive Director of Young Americans for Freedom said, “Kagen is a self identified socialist, nominated by Obama to carry out his socialist policies.”

The Young Americans For Freedom have also called Kagen a person who has continuously trampled on student and individual rights, arguing that the government has the right to ban or censor certain publications. They hence conclude her confirmation can and will result in the destruction of many human rights and freedoms.

“Kagen’s only established track record is of violating student’s constitutional rights, which can be best exemplified by her work to take military recruiters off campus and censor student publications.” Marks said.

Organizations joining Young America’s Foundation in this fight include but are not limited to: Young Americans for Freedom, Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute, Citizens United, Eagle Forum, Judicial Crisis Network, Council for America, Let Freedom Ring, Religious Freedom Coalition, Gun Owners of America and Students for Life, Young Conservatives Coalition, 60 Plus Association.

“We as Americans need to defend the Constitution from Elena Kagen because it defends Americans.” Marks said.

Heather Bachman

Newsweek Frets Over Conservative Hotties; Newsweek, Heal Thyself

by Lori Ziganto
from Snarks and Boobs

On June 1st, Right Wing News posted their “20 Hottest Conservative Women in New Media (2010 Edition)”. Their first edition was last year and it was born in response to Playboy’s Guy Cimbalo and his disgusting hit piece on conservative women. His article (term used loosely) was a list which was comprised of conservative women that he’d like to “Hate Kedoodle”. Only, you know, he used the F word.

In full disclosure, I am on Right Wing News‘ 20 Hottest list. According to Newsweek, I should be ashamed of this and feel objectified. Call me crazy, but I’d rather be on this list than on the list made by their fellow lefty, where one gleefully crows about imagining ways to violently and hatefully assault me. But, that’s just me.

In their lame attempt to try to dismiss conservatives by pulling the tired old hypocrite card, Newsweek once again shows that they are willfully ignorant because they don’t understand us and do not care enough to even try to do so, and that they are rank hypocrites themselves, and sexists to boot.

They don’t comprehend that as strong and confident conservative women, lacking an ounce of our liberal counterparts’ perpetual victim hood, we embrace all aspects of our gender. As such, we have no problem looking pretty whilst vivisecting you verbally in an argument. We aren’t simpletons; we can multi-task! And we know that if one appreciates how you look, it doesn’t preclude them from also appreciating your mind and your political discourse. Well, at least it shouldn’t. Evidently, that isn’t possible on the left.

Newsweek was so concerned about this list, they decided to sneer contemptuously, disguised as “concern,” while painting the entire list as merely women who look good in face book pages. They also attempted to smear me personally as some dum-dum bimbo. To wit:

“… but by any sensible standard, it’s clear-cut sexism: women trying to compete on the same intellectual playing field as the men being ranked for how sexy they look in their online profile, not how scathingly they dissect Obamacare.

But let’s say you don’t buy the idea that this is objectification. Come on, you say, anyone who calls her blog Snark and Boobs knows she’s trading on sex appeal.”

Listen, Newsweek. Most women like being complimented. Here’s an estrogen-insider secret for you; when a woman asks you if her arse looks fat, it is because she knows it does not. She just wants to hear you say it. She knows she looks good; she’s already run the outfit by three girlfriends and her sister. She wants to be told she’s purty. And being told she is pretty doesn’t somehow magically remove her cerebral cortex (except maybe in Janeane Garofalo’s case. I’m pretty sure that’s what happened there).

Secondly, If any of your reputed journalists had bothered to simply ask me, I would have told you what the name meant. No, it is not “trading in sex appeal.” It is meant in humor. You see, we conservative women like our girl parts and will even poke fun of them from time to time. Good thing I didn’t name it my other thought, Boobsandsammiches, huh? Your heads would have exploded. Oh well. Next time!

I’ll speak only for myself because, unlike you, I don’t speak out of my arse – which doesn’t look fat, by the way, even if that offends your sanctimonious sensibilities – for others. I’m not trading in sex appeal. I’m a mother who home schools her daughter. I am a bookworm, a nerd, a person who cares deeply about the state of our country and the world, and someone who is quite content staying home.

I blog at several sites, most of which are comprised of mainly men, and I didn’t “trade on sex appeal” to get there, nor do I bring sammiches. (Although I would, if asked. Cooking doesn’t demean me either. I’m good at it and also enjoy the ego stroke of being told so). I’m also a woman who will not apologize for, nor feel demeaned by, the fact that she can, at age 39, wear a bikini to the pool and look darn good in it.

The problem is, you don’t truly think that is possible. How could a woman look feminine, yet still be accomplished? Worse, a mother! That’s crazy talk! You made that perfectly clear with the oh-so-respectful cover that you ran (shown above) on Sarah Palin. A Governor. With more executive experience than our current President and Vice President combined (and it sure shows now, doesn’t it?) To you, none of that mattered; She can’t possibly have a brain. She’s a beauty queen and all!

Y’all never stopped writing in your slam books, did you? Still smarting from the sting of being shot down for prom? It’s time to grow up. Learn these lessons first: Women are beautiful and successful. Women are feminine and accomplished. Women can look good and spout political opinion with the best of them. Women are not children and can handle being told that they are attractive and not feel diminished by it.

Perhaps it’s not your fault. Y’all must not get out much, since you are busy frantically trying to save your magazine and all. I suggest that once you are officially out of work and have more free time, you look to yourselves and your esteemed colleagues and take on your own sexist hypocrisy.

Americorps Begins $234M Handout to Community Groups

WASHINGTON — The government took the first step Monday in expanding the AmeriCorps program, awarding grants to nonprofits and other organizations to put 57,000 AmeriCorps members to work in communities around the country.

The grants, totaling $234 million, are the first to be released under a new law aimed at tripling the national service program by 2017. States and territories will also get an additional $129 million for AmeriCorps slots. Officials expect to have a total of 85,000 people enrolled in the program this year.

AmeriCorps participants mentor children, clean up parks or buildings and weatherize homes for the poor among other activities. Some get a living stipend while they are working for up to a year. Most participants, who are predominantly 18 to 26, get about $11,800.

Teach for America, the program that trains top college students to teach in poor communities, received the largest grant—$11.4 million for 6,621 AmeriCorps members. It’s just one of hundreds of national and local organizations, state service commissions, religious groups and other institutions getting the awards from the federal Corporation for National and Community Service.

In April 2009, President Barack Obama signed a law to gradually increase the size of the Clinton-era AmeriCorps to 250,000 enrollees from 75,000. The measure outlines five broad categories where people can direct their service: helping the poor, improving education, encouraging energy efficiency, strengthening access to health care and assisting veterans.

Because of the law’s focus, programs that help veterans were among the newest recipients of AmeriCorps grants. Operation Welcome Home, run by the California Department of Veterans Affairs, will get almost $560,000 for 80 AmeriCorps members who will help returning service members in California with the transition back to civilian life.


By Dick Morris And Eileen McGann

There are howls of outrage coming from the liberal community in Alberta, Canada. It seems that some doctors, desperate to protect their patients from the overcrowded and failing socialized medical system in their country, have set up private clinics to treat them. To circumvent Canadian laws, which prohibit charging for medical care, they have set up private, membership clinics where, for $2,000 a year, patients can access well staffed and equipped clinics and avoid the long waits and compromised care of the public system.

The leading Canadian newspaper, the Globe and Mail, reports that “critics say that the clinics are taking physicians away from the public system making it even harder…to find a family doctor.” David Eggen, executive director of a group that supports the Canadian socialized system, Friends of Medicare, said that it’s already hard to find a family physician in Canada and that clinics like these, springing up in several Canadian cities, could make it even harder.

It does not seem to have occurred to defenders of socialized medicine that the system itself is causing the doctor shortage. Cuts in medical fees, overcrowding of facilities, shortages of equipment and space, and bureaucratic oversight have all combined to drive men and women out of family medical practice. Now, with a critical shortage looming, those who can afford to pay for adequate care are opting out of the public system and, literally, taking their lives into their own hands.

But it is illegal to make patients “have to pay a fee to gain access to health services” that are provided free by the government system. So patients and doctors are forming membership-only groups to avoid the legal penalties that could potential stop them from getting or giving the care that they need.

This is where the United States is headed. Socialism dries up the supply of medical care and forces ever stricter rationing of the available resources. As Margaret Thatcher famously said, “Eventually socialism runs out of other peoples’ money.”

With the full implementation of Obamacare and its likely cuts in physician reimbursement, more and more doctors will choose to opt out of Medicare and charge their patients for their care. The elderly who need specialized care will have no choice but to take out insurance, not to fill gaps in Medicare coverage, but to overlay the system with private coverage so they can get the care Medicare now provides to all seniors. If you want to see a family doctor, it will be rough unless you are paying for the care privately. And to see a specialist, at the low reimbursement rates afforded by the program in the future, will be well nigh impossible.

Medical care for the elderly will become like public housing or public education in the inner city. Those who can afford to go elsewhere will. Those who can’t will be left to fend for themselves in overcrowded public facilities that will be, at least, free.

And then, as in Canada, liberal critics will rail, not against the system that dried up the resources in the first place or against the socialist rules that drove doctors out of medicine, but against the private clinics for resources from the public sector.

By plunging our excellent medical care system into this new world of regulation, fee cuts, and care rationing, the U.S. is going down the disastrous road Canada has taken.

Unless we can elect a Republican majority in November and a GOP president in 2012, this is our future.

WHITE HOUSE GONE WILD: Shirtless Favreau And Vietor’s Sunday/Funday Beer Pong Match

Suns out, guns out…

It’s going to take more than a little oil and a brittle economy to keep these White House staffers down…or their shirts on. Check out White House spokesman Tommy Vietor and chief speechwriter Jon Favreau partaking in an impromptu, shirtless beer pong match at Old Glory in Georgetown on Sunday.

Who says working at the White House is all work and no play?

Soldier Busted for Leaking to WikiLeaks

by: Justin Fishel

Washington D.C. — Army officials apprehended an intelligence analyst accused of releasing classified military information to the self-proclaimed “whistle-blowing” website, WikiLeaks.

The militay said Monday Specialist Bradley Manning, 22, of Potomac, Maryland is being held in pre-trial confinement in Kuwait. Manning is deployed with 2nd Brigade 10th Mountain Division, in Baghdad, Iraq.

“The Department of Defense takes the management of classified information very seriously because it affects our national security, the lives of our Soldiers, and our operations abroad,” a statement from U.S Forces-Iraq reads.

In April WikiLeaks made headlines when it released classified military footage it titled “Collateral Murder”, which showed showed Army forces shooting Iraqis from helicopters and killing two Reuters cameramen, among others. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said the video amounted to the “indiscriminate slaying” of Iraqis and “another day at the office” for the U.S. Army.

Fox News later reported that Assange failed show that some of the Iraqi’s in that video were carrying weapons, including RPG’s and AK-47’s.

According the, Manning was exposed after telling online hacker, Adrian Lamo, that he was the one who released the video. Lamo told the FBI and the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command that he felt compelled to turn Manning in after Manning also took credit for releasing hundreds of thousands of sensitive diplomatic cables from the State Department. Lamo said Manning also boasted of using his top secret clearance to access a separate video he gave to WikiLeaks that captured the deadly 2009 Garani air strike in Afghanistan.

WikiLeaks told Fox News in April that it has that video in its possession and that it will eventually be made public.

On its website WikiLeaks published two references to diplomatic cables in January and February of 2010, but so far neither of those documents have received as much attention as the video it released.

Christopher Grey, a spokesman for Army’s Criminal Investigation Command (CID), says an investigation into Manning’s alleged crimes is ongoing and that his division is in contact with prosecutors in Iraq. Formal charges could be announced out at any point.