Mike Brewington and his Campaign Treasurer, Dr. Greg Belcher, File to run for Wicomico County Council At Large.

Who is Mike Brewington?

I grew up on the family farm in Pittsville, MD. We grew chickens for Holly Farms, Showell, and finally Perdue. My Grandmother is an Austrian immigrant who came to this country through Ellis Island. My mother, Linda Truitt, taught school in Wicomico County for 38 years and retired this year. My grandfather was my childhood hero. He tilled about 80 acres with a 75hp tractor, and always kept cattle for beef. When I was a boy, I asked him once, “Why are you a Democrat?” He replied, “I’m a democrat because democrats are for the people.” This memory has remained with me until this day and my family members on my mother’s side are conservative democrats. I graduated from Salisbury University in 1998 earning a B.S. Chemistry degree. I currently live in south Salisbury on a small farm with my wife Julie and daughters Meredith and Madison. Of course, I had to keep farming because it was in my blood, and I keep a herd of beef cattle and have a small hayfield and some old John Deere tractors.

Why is Mike Running for Office as a Democrat?

I have been a registered independent until I filed for candidacy on June 15th, 2010. Maryland doesn’t recognize the independent party, which makes filing a difficult, time consuming process. I decided to go back to my family roots as a conservative democrat. I dusted off my college American history textbook and read about the conception of the democrat party. Thomas Jefferson founded the party after the Revolution to prevent the aristocracy in America from returning us to colonial rule. Does this sound familiar? Using the democrat party, Thomas Jefferson was able to pass the Bill of Rights, a document that cements our freedoms as Americans. Where would we be without the right of free speech, or the right to keep and bear arms? These are possible due to the Jeffersonian democrat party.

In Wicomico county, we need informed, transparent, and responsible government. For ten years, I worked and raised my children without paying much attention to politics. After G.W. Bush passed the bailouts and Obama passed the stimulus, we found ourselves in a record amount of debt. I was awakened, and soon found myself at a rainy, cold TEA party on April 15th, 2009 holding a sign that read, “RAISE CHICKENS NOT TAXES.” We need to be fiscally conservative. A party that is for the people does not raise their taxes, because when you take a portion of a person’s paycheck away from them, you take their freedom. Government cannot spend your money better than you can.

What is Mike’s Plan For Wicomico County Government?

I believe in researching the topics with an objective perspective before passing judgment. I am currently talking to democrats and republicans alike to gather information to form an educated decision on all the major issues that face our county. You might see me in public with my notebook, taking notes and interviewing people to gather the facts. We are living in a time of economic hardship. Money is tight and we need to be responsible with spending in order to prevent additional taxes. People living on a reduced income due to the current economic situation can’t afford more taxes. There are certain essential county services that we can’t afford to be cut. It is time to drill deep into the budgets and reduce spending that doesn’t affect our ability to maintain a civilized society. I expect it will be a painful process. I want to reduce overhead and keep the working man at work.

More information here.

Author: AKA John Galt

A small business owner, a tea party organizer, a son, father and husband who is not willing to sell out the future lives of his children.

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