Americans have a duty to resist tyrannical government

These days, most commentary on the Declaration of Independence focuses on the implications of the passage that “all men are created equal [and] that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.” Dwelling on that passage might surprise Thomas Jefferson, who thought it was self-evident. The argument that flowed from his premises is more important, namely that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and when the relationship shifts to the point where government becomes a threat to the lives, liberties and pursuit of happiness of the people, it is government – not the people – that must change.

A government becomes corrupt when it abuses the power derived from the people by doing things that harm the polity and when it acts primarily as a servant of its own interests. This definition of illegitimate government has a history going back at least to Aristotle, though the 17th-century philosopher John Locke, in his “Two Treatises of Government,” gave it a form that would have been more familiar to American colonists. Beyond a certain point, when the actions of government become intolerable, the people have not only a right but a duty to reclaim their inalienable sovereignty and start over. This must be done, as Jefferson said, to “provide new Guards for their future security.”

The list of grievances in the Declaration – the part people often skip over – is critical to the argument because those grievances serve as evidence to make the case that British government had by its actions sundered the fundamental relationship between Parliament and the American colonists. Such a catalog of “abuses and usurpations” today might include: imposing confiscatory levels of overall taxation; using budget authority to transfer billions of taxpayer dollars to government insiders and pet causes; running up the national debt to a point where it is nearly equal to the nation’s total productive output; saddling current and future generations with ruinous debt to pay for pet programs that benefit the few at the expense of the many; failing to secure the nation’s borders from a flood of illegal immigrants and standing in the way of states and localities seeking to take up this fundamental duty, which the national government has chosen to ignore; and a variety of other issues ranging from a sketchy national census to crumbling national security.

The prime difference between the situation in 2010 and that of 1776 is that the people now can provide oversight through the election process. The ballot is the corrective mechanism that was unavailable to the Founders. Today’s dire situation in Washington has approached the intolerable because too few have gone to the polls to defend their rights against the predatory, permanent governing class in Congress. An electorate that fails to defend its rights deserves what it gets. Rights guarantee nothing unless they are used, and if they are not exercised, they tend to be exorcised.

After independence, Jefferson explained that the Declaration was “an expression of the American mind” intended to “give to that expression the proper tone and spirit called for by the occasion.” The result is a timeless document the spirit of which is as applicable today as it was then. The people have the means at their disposal to take back our country and the government from the disconnected oligarchy in Washington. However, this only works if Americans actually step up. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, the country will only be a republic if the people are strong enough to keep it.

Author: AKA John Galt

A small business owner, a tea party organizer, a son, father and husband who is not willing to sell out the future lives of his children.

6 thoughts on “Americans have a duty to resist tyrannical government”

  1. What a boneheaded view. Turn off your TV and do some REAL reading. “Our Founding Fathers” my ass. They were ALL fat cats doing everything in their power to get fatter.
    “All men are created equal” Right! Except for slaves, women, natives and anyone who cannot protect what I WANT to take… is what the truth was.
    Nobody HAS to vote buddy and just because YOU don’t like the way things are going does NOT give you the right to turn the table over. Grow up!

  2. Just LOOK at your last two posts. Two minutes apart. Neither one addresses anything. Both contain either spelling or grammatical errors.
    Talk about making a fool of yourself!

  3. Since when has being an illiterate bonehead been considered a “profession”?

    Our “Founding Fathers” as you so quaintly refer to them stood on the edge on a soon to be depopulated continent overflowing with natural resources to be exploited. They practiced genocide fully condoned by their Christian god. First blacks and then wave after wave of despised immigrants were exploited as meat machines to keep the cost of labor down and profits up. That business plan still holds sway. If we didn’t have illegal and legal immigrants someone would have to invent them to keep business rolling. Or, are you interested in picking vegetables at less than minimum wage, with no overtime and no workmen’s compensation or health insurance?
    What you so fail to understand it that there has ALWAYS been a “predatory, permanent governing class” in America. THEY ALL choose illegal immigrants over the alternative, UNIONS. If you possessed even a rudimentary knowledge of American history you would know that illegal Mexican workers began, in California, as an answer to red blooded Americans, after the Dust Bowl, who flooded the far west and demanded a living wage to pick crops. While Woody Guthrie was singing, “This Land is Your Land”… the land owners were hiring goons, calling unionists communists and bringing Mexicans over the boarder by the truckload. The formula worked… still does. It could be stopped with one simple law that fines the person who hires an illegal $1000 a day.
    That will NEVER happen! If it did our economy and the fat cats who control it would disappear beneath a wave of unionism. Unless, of course, boneheads like you are interested in that job of picking vegetables 12 hours a day at less than minimum wage, or perhaps processing meat….
    They play you and uneducated people like yourself for the fools that you are. If God didn’t intend them to do so… I suppose He wouldn’t have made you.

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