So .. how did that “Independence Day” work out for you? Hopefully you were giving a great time with friends and family … but did you stop for a minute just to consider the fact that under The Community Organizer dependence, not independence, is increasing? In 2009 .. the first Year of Obama … dependence on government increased by 13.6%. That’s the largest increase since 1976. Trust me when I say that you couldn’t find one out of every 100 people waving flags this past Sunday who had any awareness of this increase in government dependency.

OK .. so July 4th has come and gone. Would you like to make next year’s Fourth of July a true celebration of independence? About 234 years ago men were pledging their lives and their sacred honor. All you have to do is pledge to vote on November 2nd. The men who signed the Declaration of Independence knew that the enemy would come to try and take their lives. The worst you might face on November 2nd would be some Black Panther standing at the entrance to a voting location in para-military gear slapping a baton against his palm. But then that only seems to happen in Philly … and Philly will go solidly Democrat anyway, so what the hell?

Seriously, my friends. The men who signed the Declaration would be horrified at the degree to which Americans have surrendered their birthright for modicums of government-provided security. I think, though, there is time to turn this around. Maybe the American voters have had enough of the Obama brand of Democrat socialism. Maybe some American voters actually believe that our economy is better served by people spending the money they earn as they see fit rather than politicians seizing those funds and distributing them for votes. Maybe some American voters have figured out that it was freedom – not government – that it was the dynamic of a free people living and interacting with each other in a system based on economic liberty and the rule of law that brought us our standard of living; not politicians selling votes to the highest bidder.

Author: AKA John Galt

A small business owner, a tea party organizer, a son, father and husband who is not willing to sell out the future lives of his children.

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