More Hope and Change

Eureka!! We now have Barack Obama’s official midterm election slogan: “Let’s reach for hope.” Got that? Look where that hopey-changey stuff has gotten us thus far. Let’s see what I can list in 60 seconds:

* A government takeover of the healthcare system,
* A government takeover of the auto industry,
* Unmatched federal spending and deficits,
* Ballooning entitlements,
* Demonization of the private sector
* The glorification of all things government
* Empowering our enemies and angering our friends
* Race-based civil rights enforcement
* More burdensome regulations on the private sector
* Higher taxes for everyone
* More tax increases to come
* Pandering to terrorists

… time’s up.

That .. plus the dawning realization that a bill is being incurred that your children and grandchildren might never be able to pay off. And we haven’t even touched the proposals for:

* Allowing unions to organize workplaces through intimidation;
* Further restraints and taxes on the free enterprise system through cap-and-tax;
* The promise of yet another amnesty for the illegal aliens who have invaded this country since the last amnesty in 1996.
* Studies on how to seize private retirement accounts and make them government property
* More government control of the press

“Reach for Hope”? Are you kidding me? The distressing fact is that there are many idiot, uneducated voters out there who couldn’t name their congressman or their state’s two Senators if their next pack of cigarettes depended on it … but they can sure react to a mindless phrase. “Hope! Yeah, that’s what I need! I need to reach for hope!

What do Obama supporters really want to reach for?

* More government entitlements
* More redistribution of the wealth
* More food stamps
* More government housing
* More restraints on free enterprise
* Higher taxes on the evil, disgusting filthy rich
* 99 more months of unemployment checks

Obama’s other tactic is to paint Republicans as fear-mongers. I’m sure the “hate speech” routine will be coming soon. Yesterday Obama said that Republicans want voters “to be afraid of the future.” No … actually, the Republicans want the voters to be aware of the future under your “rule,” and it seems that they are. Voters are already afraid of the future and your policies are largely to blame! Voters are afraid that our federal government has become so large that we will never be able to return it to even the slightest semblance of what our founding fathers had in mind. Voters are afraid that we expanded our entitlement benefits, creating a moocher society which expects to be taken care of by the government (and ultimately the taxpayers). Voters are afraid that there is nothing they can do to stop the pork-barrel projects, which have become a source of leverage for local politicians to be re-elected year-after-year. Voters are afraid that the powers of the federal government are no longer limited by the Constitution but are now virtually endless – case in point: the power to mandate that a person buy health insurance or the ability of the federal government to seize a private business (General Motors). Voters are afraid that their taxes are going to increase to compensate for the “shared sacrifice” that Obama has expressly supported. Voters are afraid of losing their jobs – jobs which are created by rich people, the same rich people who Obama wants to tax at a higher rate. Voters are afraid that their house will never be worth what it once was – a problem which stemmed directly from government policies of pushing people to own homes, knowing that they couldn’t afford it. Voters are afraid that millions of illegal criminals in this country will be afforded the incredible distinction of citizenship as a reward for their illegal behavior.

The Republicans have zero need to “scare” voters or make them afraid for their futures .. we are already there. At this point, the American people are looking for a leader who can implement policies which will thru the free-market loose to do what it does best and allow the people of this the country to enjoy the freedom and respect that they should expect as a citizen of the United States. For the federal government to assume that you can’t do it without their help should be an insult to you and to the founding principles of this nation – freedom, individualism and self-reliance.

Perhaps Barack Obama is right … some conservatives do want to “go backwards.” But backwards does not mean to George W. Bush. If that were the case, then we would still have massive increases in government spending, entitlements the growth of federal government. No .. we are talking about going back to George Washington, not George Bush. While we living in different times, the principles of Washington’s era still apply. That is the beauty of our Constitution. What is so wrong with “going back” to that?