One Trashy Rally

The liberal “One Nation Working Together” rally in Washington Saturday was a trashy affair — much trashier than Fox News host Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally held at the end of August, at least according to one member of the clean-up crew who worked both events.

As the ralliers began to disperse from the “One Nation” rally around 4 p.m., one thing was immediately clear: the area around the Lincoln Memorial had become a landfill.

Fast food remnants littered the area below the Memorial. Empty water bottles were omnipresent as were discarded stick-mounted signs. The limited park-provided trash bins were almost works of art. The trashcan heaps bursting upwards looked like images of volcanoes caught mid-eruption, to say nothing of the areas surrounding the bins. Pompeii never had a chance.

Perhaps the biggest problem was the pamphleteering. With well over a hundred groups passing out buttons, sign-up sheets, newspapers, pamphlets, flyers, rants and manifestos, it should come as no surprise that a lot of the printed material became sidewalk graffiti.

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The Mexican invasion is getting worse. If it’s not clear to Americans, it is most certainly clear to Mexicans and other Latinos that the United States has absolutely no intention whatsoever of enforcing our immigration laws … at least not so long as Barack Obama is in the White House. The U.S. Border Patrol has actually abandoned sections of our border to Mexico … they packed up and left the border to Mexican drug gangs. In other areas … El Paso, for instance, our Border Patrol agents are being shot at from Mexico as they patrol the border. We do nothing.

Now, the latest. Pirates. That’s right, Mexican pirates. Click here for your map of Zapata County, Texas. Notice the lake? That’s the Falcon Reservoir. Zoom on in. See that white line down the middle of the lake? That’s the border with Mexico. Now this lake is very popular with tourists. You have fishing … water skiing … and jet skiing. And last week an American citizen was shot right off of his jet ski by Mexican pirates. David Hartly was set skiing with his wife, Tiffany. The Mexicans shot him in the back of the head. When Tiffany tried to circle back to save him the Mexicans kept shooting at her. She fled back to the U.S. shoreline. Last May officials warned people that Mexicans were robbing Americans at gunpoint on the lake.

Janet Nepolitano, our incredible Homeland Security Director, had a press conference last week … after the murder of this American citizen. Did she have anything so say about the Mexican pirates on Falcon lake? Nope …not a word. And as for Obama? All he is saying is that he wants to continue working on comprehensive immigration reform … ten syllables that translate to three … am-nes-ty.

I think that Sid Franes, a retired intelligence officer and police detective, pretty much nailed it with this statement:

“It’s old news that the Mexican government exports Mexico’s poorest citizens into the United States for a number of reasons: It relieves them of the responsibility of providing social and healthcare services for them; it provides their country’s economy with an influx of US cash when these illegal workers send money they earn in the US back home; and it defuses problems with far-left groups who are usually successful in using the poor to advance their political agenda. So the Mexican despots give the poor the ‘bum’s rush’ out of Mexico: Here’s your sombrero, here’s a map, here’s a bottle of water, now get out! And American political leaders such as President Barack Obama are too busy fiddling with the U.S. economy to do anything to protect American citizens,”

In the meantime, what are American taxpayers forking over to provide benefits for the participants in the Mexican invasion? You don’t want to know. In the meantime .. here’s hoping that some Americans start carrying firearms on their boats on Falcon Lake and manage to get in some target shooting.