Delmar resident and blogger attacks Muir Boda and others with so-called questions…

Joseph Albero said…

Muir, I have a few questions to ask you.

1. Where are YOU going to come up with the funding to properly support the Police Department?

2. You’re in management and employted with WalMart. This is a company in which has DESTROYED the small businesses you claim YOU want to see come here to Salisbury. You seem to point fingers at the Council. While one finger may be pointed at them, three more are pointing at you/WalMart.

3. Be a man and give us names. WHICH Council Members, “an assault on property rights which is fueled by name calling, personal vendettas and an outright refusal of elected officials willing to address the issues that this city faces. Leadership and responsibility have been sucked up into the black hole of gridlock, making our government ineffective on major issues.”

Muir, it has been VERY clear over the years that you are tied with the hateful Jonathan Taylor and have even been a contributor to his hateful Blog. Therefore you have participated in hatred towards numerous women and personal attacks against them, including my Wife. Jonathan called my Grandson a bastard child, my Wife a whore and has even stated she masterbates with shower heads. You know there’s a lot worse, I’m just not going to publish it here. Jonathan is your close friend and quite frankly he’s a scumbag who will do anything to be Joe Albero, including growing facial hair.

So please, do tell everyone why they should pass their vote to you. You have been close with Barrie Tilghman, Chief Webster, Mike Dunn, Gary Comegys, Louise Smith and others.

If you want to run for office, (like you did the last time) you will face these challenges and we expect answers.

it’s easy to write things with “sound bites” and feel good words but quite frankly I go by a man’s past and the people he hangs with. You may be out of the gate early but quite frankly you’ll probably lose once again because NO ONE wants to go back to the way things were and or have been.

In fact, many will probably say you’re the next louise Smith.

I’ll await your reply.

It is easy to sit behind a computer and attack those trying to take our country back.

Wal-Mart has helped thousands of small businesses stay in business and keep their prices in check.

Lastly, just who is Joe Albero to question Muir on these issue’s, especially since J.A. does not reside in Maryland or the Salisbury City Limits?

Author: AKA John Galt

A small business owner, a tea party organizer, a son, father and husband who is not willing to sell out the future lives of his children.

5 thoughts on “Delmar resident and blogger attacks Muir Boda and others with so-called questions…”

  1. As a reader of of both blogs in question here pertaining to joe albero’s and JT’s blogs over the past year. I think it’s easy to see who the scum bag is here. most of us find it funny at best when joe goes on rants like this trying his best to call people out on the very same things he him self has been convicted of. One only has to do a Maryland case search on both parties in question here to see who has really been convicted of perjury and beating on women. enough said!

  2. Tell that to Julie Brewington, Chuckie. In fact, tell that to Frankie Kratovil too. Muir Boda will lose this race because he full of crap. As to the author of this Site, my Blog is called Salisbury News. Just because I live less than a mile outside Salisbury doesn’t mean I cannot write about Salisbury. I’m also a vested owner in the City of Salisbury and I pay taxes in the City as well. WalMart has not helped thousands of RETAIL buisinesses stay in business. They have helped thousands of DISTRIBUTORS and MANUFACTURING businesses stay in business. I’m not stupid Muir, nor are the rest of us. As for the comment, I have never been convicted of any crime in my life. Clearly you’re not man enough to use your real name in fear of a lawsuit for lying about such matters but wussy’s like you are a dime a dozen. Credibility is where its at. You have none.

  3. This comment alone proves that you are liar Joboy. You live more than 7 miles out of the city of Salisbury and your vested interest is one run down building you have not been able to lease space with, though you have tried. Your city taxes on this ONE 2 story building of not much more than 5000 to 6000 square feet does not make you a “major tax payer” by any means. Convicted? no you were not but you folded and gave in with an Alford plea which states you clearly admit that the State has enough evidence to convict you. In other words you admitted to the crime in return for the State slapping your wrist and saying No-No Joey rather than standing up to them (as you claim to do) and risk heavy fines and or jail time. The charge was perjury as I remember brought on by the Comptroller of the State of Maryland.

    Seems to mean the definition of perjury is LIAR!

  4. Joey, you really need to stop obsessing over Julie Brewington, your wife is getting upset over at the medical center.

  5. I’m going to remember to tell that to Eric Wargotz Jim Rutledge, Dustin Mills, John Cannon, John Phoebus, Bob Ehrlich, Brian Murphy, and GA Harrison and all the other looser candidate you supported Joe.

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