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Source: Managing Editor – (1/18/11)
Wanting your country back is not the same thing as working to take it back. One is a wish, the other, a viable plan in action.
Years ago, when asked if anyone was ever going to stop the insanity in this country, I’d answer, I sure hope so! Now, my answer is – I don’t know, what are you doing to stop it? Because if it isn’t you and me, the answer is nobody!
As patriotic Americans wait to see if the new Republican House majority is truly going to repeal ObamaCare, or shrink into some inside the beltway capitulation and collusion effort under the guise of repeal, I have to ask – what if they don’t repeal… then what?
For years now, patriotic Americans have protested, petitioned, rallied, faxed, emailed, called and even confronted their so-called representatives face-to-face in town hall meetings that most elected officials dare not even attempt today.
Still, their government has marched against the people and their states, shoving anti-American policies and laws down the throats of Americans, a majority of whom stand wholly opposed. Now that the people have put Republicans back in control of the people’s House, what if they fail to force the nation in a new pro-American and pro-freedom direction?
House Republicans have to be willing to run over Democrat opposition, just like Democrats ran over them for the last six years. Then they have to find support in the Senate, or what they accomplish in the House is moot.
Last, if they have the backbone to get past the House and Senate, they have to get the White House to sign off on what they pass. This is what the people elected Republicans to do, but can they do it? The repeal of ObamaCare is only the first test.
The list of anti-American policies in need of repeal is almost without end, thanks in large part to Democratic Socialist control of all branches of government. I understand—Rome wasn’t built in a day. But it sure didn’t take Rome long to collapse under ill-advised policy decisions and America is on the ropes.
Wanting your country back is one thing—Taking it back is quite another. Allow me to point out that the other folks won’t just give it back without a fight. In fact, there is NO limit to what they are willing to do to retain control. Unlike the political right, the political left has no rules of engagement!
All Politics is Local
Before we can take our country back, we must take our local communities back and position our states to do battle with and liberate themselves from the over-reaching federal government.
It’s almost a hundred years now, that the false assumption of supreme federal powers has been the lay of the land in all three branches of the federal government. How dare the people challenge that false assumption at this late date.
The people’s catch-all amendment, the Tenth, states unequivocally – “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
In short, any powers not specifically delegated to the federal government in the US Constitution, are powers that belong to the states and/or the people. Therefore, any executive orders, legislation or judicial precedents from the federal government that are not powers delegated to the federal government, are by definition, unconstitutional.
Most of what the federal government intrudes into today is by this definition unconstitutional, and neither the people nor the states have any legal, moral or ethical obligation to accept or adhere to those intrusions, according to the Tenth Amendment.
It’s Called Nullification
In accordance with the Tenth Amendment, the states have the right to nullify any federal statute, executive order or judicial opinion which is wholly at odds with the US Constitution or beyond the scope and authority delegated to the federal government therein.
Several organizations have put forth issue oriented nullification bills at the state level, like the nullification bills designed to nullify ObamaCare or federal gun laws at the state line. However, the political left is attacking on a thousand fronts daily, not one or two policy initiatives.
For this reason, state nullification powers must be broad enough to nullify any and all unconstitutional acts by the federal government, it must be able to reach back to nullify previous unconstitutional acts, it must itself be constitutional and it must put the power squarely in the hands of the states and the people, in compliance with the Tenth.
Conservative patriot organization The United States Patriots Union, through its Constitutional Justice Division, drafted and released a broad-based state nullification bill last week. Partnered with Stand Up America, the two organizations have early support for the measure from legislators in twenty-six states, as we await support from the Tenth Amendment Center and new media publishers.
The Model Legislation includes;
• Reclaims and reasserts both Ninth and Tenth Amendment Rights
• Provides the Constitutional grounds for state nullification power
• Defines “constitutional” as the powers delegated and enumerated in the Constitution
• Rejects all “unconstitutional” acts by the federal government
• Addresses abuses via the commerce clause, necessary and proper clause, and general welfare clause
• Requires that all federal actions pass US and State Constitutional muster
• Rejects abusive judicial law making practices via precedent and procedure as without authority
• Establishes a state Constitutional Review commission to recommend case-by-case nullification
• Establishes rules and time limits in which the state must nullify upon determination of unconstitutionality
• Reaffirms that the U.S. Supreme Court has “original jurisdiction” in all matters between the Federal and State
governments, in accordance with Article III – Section II
• Reaffirms state referendum authority as the final word of the people, in the event of improper adjudication
• Positions each state legislature to protect and preserve for the people of their state, freedom from federal executive,
legislative or judicial tyranny
For those serious about taking their country back, this is how it can be done, not by elected politicians in Washington DC, most of whom will oppose this measure even though they campaigned on these principles and values.
This is how the people take their country back, via their state elected officials, who must force the federal government to live within the confines of the Constitution.
Patriots, Tea Partiers, conservative pundits, true constitutionalists and conservative new media outlets can and should support the concept of constitutional government a number of ways.
Those who want to directly engage taking their country back can join in the unification of American patriots at The United States Patriots Union and strategic partner Stand Up America.
Those who want to support this initiative can do so by donating to the organizations and spreading the word to other patriots, especially in their state legislatures.
People serious about taking their country back are serious about developing clear and constitutional strategies for accomplishing that goal.
Dreaming about taking your country back is not the same and setting the goal of taking it back. A goal requires a coherent strategy for achieving that goal. Without a working strategy, it’s just a dream that will end in a nightmare.
JB Williams