Time to End Public Unions…..

Finally, he gravy train is over for public employee unions. Citizens are sick to death of their strikes, threats of strikes, whining, caterwauling, and incompetence.

It wouldn’t be this bad probably, if government, at any level, worked. But Americans look at the cluster fark that government has become and wonder why we are paying these bozos so much?


A new poll from the Washington-based Clarus Group asked:

Do you think government employees should be represented by labor unions that bargain for higher pay, benefits and pensions … or do you think government employees should not be represented by labor unions?

A full 64% of the respondents said “no.”

That includes 42% of Democrats, and an overwhelming majority of Republicans. Only 49% of Democrats think public workers should be in unions at all.

That’s on the fundamental right to organize, before you get to wages and benefits. And that puts Scott Walker in a pretty good political place.

The poll was conducted using 1001 registered voters.

Obamacare really is a Disparaging Term

“You would think he wants his name attached to his signature legislation.”

That’s a quote from Denny Rehberg (R-MT) who sponsored the bill that would defund ObamaCare. He has a great point – especially after loony liberal Deborah Wasserman-chultz suggested that all references to “ObamaCare” be banned from debate.

The Hill:

House Republicans and Democrats started Friday morning’s debate over whether to defund last year’s healthcare law, and as part of this debate sparred over whether members should be allowed to call that law “ObamaCare.”
After two House Republicans called it “ObamaCare,” Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) asked the chairman whether these “disparaging” remarks should be allowed on the House floor.

“That is a disparaging reference to the president of the United States; it is meant as a disparaging reference to the president of the United States, and it is clearly in violation of the House rules against that,” she said.

Because Wasserman Schultz only asked if it would be appropriate to curb the use of the term “ObamaCare,” the chairman said he would not rule on a hypothetical. But he did urge members to “refrain from engaging in personalities or descriptions about personalities in general.”

If Obama and the Democrats believe that health insurance reform is such a marvelous – “historic” they called it – achievement, how can it be “disparaging” to attach the president’s name to it? By their lights, it is the ultimate compliment.

Except, of course, the gargantuan monstrosity of a bill is wildly unpopular and the Dems don’t want the president’s name associated with it. Too bad. They made their legislative bed, now let them lie in it.

Arkansas cities feel unexplained surge in earthquakes

Several small earthquakes ranging in magnitude from 1.8 to 3.8 have rattled the north-central Arkansas cities of Greenbrier and Guy this week, and the cause is unknown.

The U.S. Geological Survey has reported more than 30 earthquakes in the area since Sunday, including a magnitude 3.8 quake Thursday morning and at least 16 others occurring Wednesday, two of which were magnitude 3.2 and 3.5. More than 700 quakes have occurred in the region over the past six months.

Here is what I think is happening there are links so you can go check it out yourself and draw your own ideas.
a little back ground:
The Pine Bluff Arsenal, which calls itself “America’s Arsenal”, is that it is one of the World’s most specialized munitions and chemical-biological defense products and services bases which Russia had previously accused of not fully reporting the chemical agents removed from Iraq, between 2003 and 2008, and taken to the US for testing and subsequent destruction.

According to this report, the US relocated from Iraq to the Pine Bluff Arsenal an estimated 63,000 metric tonnes of the poisonous gas Phosgene that is described as one of the most feared chemical weapons ever used due to its ability to literally cause the lungs and respiratory system to explode.

Nearly immediately after Russia accused the US this past summer of not fully destroying Iraq’s Phosgene poisonous gas stockpile the Pine Bluff Arsenal began an ‘accelerated’ disposal programme injecting it deep into the ground in central Arkansas, but which, unfortunately, since this past September, has caused over 500 minor earthquakes to occur raising the concerns of their local population.

Here is what happen in Ohio

Seismologists believe that millions of gallons of hazardous waste injected nine years ago into a 1.8 kilometer-deep well

Are leaking into the surrounding rock pores and causing local earthquakes

In Ashtabula Township, Ohio. The liquid waste was injected under high

Pressure into the well from 1986 to 1993. The fluid naturally found pores

And cracks to fill, but in this case seems to have given an ancient unknown

Fault the lubrication necessary to slip.

The industrial port city on Lake Erie experienced its first known

Earthquake swarm about a year after the well began receiving waste.

Before that time, no record existed of an earthquake ever striking within

30 kilometers of the township. Then a magnitude-3.8 quake with multiple

aftershocks struck on July 13, 1987. John Armbruster and Leonardo

Seeber, both of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia

University in Palisades, N.Y., immediately started investigating the

earthquakes and determined the epicenters were only 700 meters from the well.

Epicenter locations for earthquakes greater than magnitude 2.0 in Ashtabula, Ohio, from

1987 through 2001. Courtesy of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

They discovered a previously unknown strike-slip fault at a depth of about 2 kilometers. Now, they say, the injected

fluids have migrated further from the well and are triggering the slip of a second fault, about 4.5 kilometers away but

still around 2 kilometers deep.

“The injection well is of concern because it reaches the depth where earthquakes can occur,”

Seeber says.

Click to access 2002-03%20Geotimes%20-%20Triggering%20Quakes%20with%20Waste.pdf

other related information:

Christian D. Klose of Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades, New York, reports that over 200 quakes can be attributed to mankind’s activity in National Geographic. The most severe example was a quake of magnitude 5.6 in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, an area not prone to seismic activity. The quake hit on December 28, 1989, killing 13 people, injuring 160, and causing US$3.5 billion in damages–more than the entire value of the coal mined over the life of the Newcastle operation. Klose suggests that similar activity could be caused by CO2 sequestration, the process of pumping CO2 into deep underground reservoirs.

this is what happen in Colorado

Inject Liquid Into the Ground: In 1961, the Army decided that the best way to dispose of toxic waste from napalm production (among other things) was to drill a 12,000-foot-deep well in the Rocky Mountains and inject the bad stuff down it into the crust of the Earth. From 1962 to 1966, the Army deposited 165 million gallons of toxic waste into this hole in the Earth. Unfortunately, the injections probably triggered earthquakes in the region, and the Army shut the operation down. As seismologist Dave Wolny explained, “If you are doing deep well injection, you are altering the stress on the underlying rocks and at some point, the stress will be relieved by generating an earthquake.” http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2008/06/top-5-ways-that/

During mid- to late-1965, a series of earthquakes rocked the Denver area. According to the December 19, 1965, Denver Post, “Deep well pumping at Rocky Mountain Arsenal [may] be responsible for the Denver area earthquakes…” A theory supported by many of the nation’s geologists held that the fluids being pumped into the ground via the Pressure Injection Disposal Well since 1962 acted as a lubricant, allowing large blocks of stone beneath the earth to shift more easily.

Now just a thought ? could the earthquakes in Arkansas be caused by the Pressure Injection Disposal Well located in the area of the earth quakes? and The Pine Bluff Arsenal, which calls itself “America’s Arsenal” could this toxic gas be release by these earthquakes and could this be the reason for the fish and bird kills in Arkansas? remember the birds had breast trauma and this Phosgene that is described as one of the most feared chemical weapons ever used due to its ability to literally cause the lungs and respiratory system to explode. you decide…..

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