Herman Cain: Media Scared ‘A Real Black Man Might Run Against Barack Obama’

Every day, with every soundbite, we seem to be inching closer and closer to an official Herman Cain 2012 presidential run. He’s sure talking like a candidate. Just listen to what he said this week about Barack Obama.

At a recent Tea-Party event in Florida, Cain explained that he‘s itching for a chance to prove that there can be a black president that isn’t a “dud.” To prove his firework capability, he delivered a theory as to why the liberal media is ignoring him:

“The liberal mainstream media, notice how they have tried to destroy Sarah Palin, notice how the more popular Michele Bachmann gets, the more they try to destroy her? You want to know why they go after those two ladies more viciously? Because they know that Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin is going to draw a lot of the women vote away from the Democrat party. They are scared to death of that if they were to run and get the nomination. They are doubly scared that a real black man might run against Barack Obama.”

Cain, you may remember, made headlines earlier this week when he vowed not to name Muslims as judges or cabinet members.

Nanny State Update – ‘Water Walking Balls’ Deemed Deadly (Despite Nobody Dying)

These giant plastic balls often seen at the beach or resort areas have been determined to be a threat to America and her people.

The AP reports that the Consumer Product Safety Commission views these innocent looking toys as potentially deadly;

WASHINGTON – The government is warning people to stay out of those giant see-through inflatable spheres known as “water walking balls” because of the risk of suffocation or drowning.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said Thursday that it “does not know of any safe way to use” the products, which are popular at amusement parks, resorts, malls and carnivals.

While the report states that no person has died from zorbing (that’s the term for using these water-walking balls), the Commission is aware of a number of injuries. OK, just two injuries and neither was serious. A quick web search while researching this story did not turn up a single death caused by the water-walking balls

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‘Cut it or Shut it!’: Tea Party Says No to Budget Compromise at DC Rally Today

Jenny Beth Martin looked out on the rain-dampened crowd along Constitution Avenue and pointed over her shoulder at the Capitol.

“They heard us, but they’re not listening!” Martin, a tea party leader, told members of the movement that helped put Republicans in charge of the House last November.

The crowd booed.

Four months after the historic election, the populist force that helped drive Republicans to power is finding that its clout on Capitol Hill isn’t automatic.

What brings you out today, one tea party member was asked. “Saving our country, obviously.”

Sensitive talks over how many billions of dollars to cut from this year‘s federal budget have strayed far below the Republicans’ campaign promise to slash $100 billion. Rather than standing firm and allowing parts of the government to shut down until enough lawmakers came around, House Speaker John Boehner was doing exactly what the tea partiers thought they had elected Republicans to avoid: negotiating with President Barack Obama and Senate Democrats over spending cuts.

“Cut it or shut it!” chanted the crowd outside the Capitol on Thursday.

“I’m not talking about $5 billion or $6 billion or $10 billion. I’m talking about $100 billion,” said one tea party activist (seen in the picture above), speaking of the budget cuts. According to the AP, $10 billion has been cut so far.

Among those not balking were some of the 87 freshmen Republicans, who more than anyone in the House owe their seats to the tea party juggernaut.

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Trump Claims Ayers Wrote Obama’s ‘Dreams’

Wednesday on the Laura Ingraham Show, presumed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump continued to rattle the media establishment.

As reported in the Daily Caller, Trump argued that former terrorist Bill Ayers was the real author of Barack Obama’s acclaimed 1995 memoir “Dreams from My Father.”

“They say ‘Dreams of My Father’ was genius, and they give [Obama] full credit, and now it’s coming out that Bill Ayers wrote it,” said Trump, getting everything right but the preposition in the book’s title. “That’s what started him on this road where he became president.”

Trump also correctly noted the difference between the writing quality of Dreams and that of Obama’s second book, The Audacity of Hope, published in 2006. A bit hyperbolically, Trump observed that Audacity “was written by a guy that’s like a sophomore in high school.” He was referring to likely author Jon Favreau, who, though an ardent video gamer, was actually in his early twenties when the book was written.

Although Trump dished Audacity much as Bill Ayers had in his videotaped remarks at Montclair State University on March 24, he did not get his information on Obama’s books, as the Daily Caller implied, from Ayers’s presentation. In fact, Trump’s observation were too detailed to have come from anyplace other than my own book, Deconstructing Obama.

If Trump is indeed a Republican presidential candidate, he is one impressive rogue elephant, happily trampling the media village.

Boy Suspended for Bringing Bible To School Files Suit

A San Diego-area teen suspended for bringing his Bible to school and talking about his faith has filed a lawsuit against the school district, the superintendent, an assistant principal, and a teacher.

In January 2010, 16-year-old Kenneth Dominguez was suspended for two days from Gateway East High School for violating a teacher’s order not to bring his Bible to school and not to discuss his faith with others. Dominguez’s Bible was even confiscated by that teacher, who said Dominguez’s actions violated “separation of church and state:”

“He didn’t give any sermons or yell or scream… just sharing his faith with other students. That was it,” Brad Dacus, Dominguez’s attorney, told KGTV, adding that we don’t live in communist China.

Even the ACLU is calling the case a “clear” free-speech violation.

But a spokeswoman for the Grossmont Union High School District — the district named in the suit — contends there’s much more to the story.

Obama Cried, Kids Died

“Humanitarian” seems to be the Democrats’ new word for “absolutely no national interest.”

The Democrats were not so interested in a “humanitarian” intervention against a much more brutal dictator in Iraq. But, of course, taking out Saddam Hussein, a state sponsor of terrorism who harbored one of the perpetrators of the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center, would make Americans safer.

Democrats are furious whenever American boys (girls and gays) are put in harm’s way — unless the troops are on a mission that has nothing whatsoever to do with defending the United States.

Obama ignored the murder, imprisonment and torture of peaceful Iranian protesters demonstrating against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s theft of an election in 2009. But he was hopping mad about Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak getting rough with a mob in Tahrir Square with less distinct objectives.

We knew what the Iranian students wanted: a stolen election overturned.

What did the Egyptians want? At the time, liberals angrily cited the high unemployment rate in Egypt as proof that Mubarak was a beast who must step down.

Have they, by any chance, seen the recent employment numbers for the U.S.? The only employment sectors showing any growth are Hollywood sober-living coaches and medical marijuana dispensaries. Are we one jobs report away from liberals rioting in the streets?

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The Focus on Energy

I’ll give it to him … the Community Organizer deserves some props on this line. It’s funny because it is true. During a speech yesterday about energy, Obama dropped the line: “[Energy Secretary Steven] Chu’s the right guy to do this, he’s got a Nobel prize in physics — he actually deserved his Nobel prize.” That’s pretty good. But what’s not pretty good is Energy Secretary Steven Chu and his views on energy in America. Did you know that during an interview with the Wall Street Journal in September of 2008, Steven Chu said that gas taxes should slowly be increased over the next 15 years in order to force people to turn to alternative energy sources. He says, “Somehow, we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to levels in Europe.”

Looking around at our current gas prices, one can’t help but wonder if Steven Chu is getting exactly what he hoped for. Don’t forget that “energy” is one of the last pillars of Obama’s plan as president, rounding out healthcare, education and financial reform.

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