Ryan’s Plan: A Beginning, not an End

Who said that Paul Ryan’s spending and tax overhaul plan is etched in stone? Some critics are treating the Ryan proposal as a take it or leave it proposition. Criticism of the plan has begun on the right. John Stossel offered on Fox and Friends that Ryan wasn’t going far enough in redefining programs. Vasko Kohlmayer on American Thinker’s pages today gives a critique, too.

The criticisms are fair. The Ryan plan applies the brakes to Uncle Sam’s runaway train but doesn’t stop it. More needs to be done than just slowing Washington’s race toward the fiscal cliffs. The federal government needs to be reformed to avoid future financial debacles. But some context helps in appreciating what Congressman Ryan is attempting.

Among House Republicans, Paul Ryan has consistently led on the call to rein in government spending. Washington, D.C., isn’t known as a city where courage abounds. Suggesting any changes to Medicare, for instance, usually starts Washington politicians’ legs wobbling. Ryan deserves credit for going where most of his colleagues fear to tread.

Ryan’s proposal is best considered a point of departure. Plans are, after all, plans; they can be negotiated and improved. Certainly, there’s time to do so. The Ryan Plan may pass the House largely intact but is sure to die in the Senate. President Obama would never sign the Ryan proposal into law anyway. Ryan’s proposal won’t win serious consideration until January 2013, provided there’s a Republican president and GOP control of the House and, likely, the Senate.

In the meantime, conservatives – and their libertarian brethren – need to bring on the criticism. Nothing wrong with wanting a better budget plan. Ryan should be encouraged by grassroots conservatives to reach out to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, whose budget proposal is more ambitious than the Congressman’s proposal. Likewise, Paul should sit down with Ryan. The aim should be to develop a common cause, a broad front, whereby conservatives can move together on budget aims through the 2012 elections.

Of course, there’s nothing pretty about making sausage – policy and legislative sausage, that is. Paul Ryan’s a big boy; he can take being ground up a little in the process. Ditto Rand Paul. But at the end of the day, Ryan, Paul, and conservatives need to unite to push a comprehensive and ambitious plan to not just budget-cut, but to transform the relationship between the federal government and citizens.

Rest assured, liberals and Democrats would like nothing better than to see conservatives divided over the budget issue heading into the 2012 elections.

Glenn Beck To Transition Off Daily Fox Program

Fox News Channel and Glenn Beck said the conservative radio and television host plans to transition off his daily program later this year, but will also develop and produce projects to be aired across TV and digital platforms.

The projects are expected to air on the Fox News Channel, as well as content for other platforms including Fox News’ digital properties. Fox News is a unit of News Corp. (NWS, NWSA), which also owns The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Newswires.

There had been wide speculation Beck would leave the cable channel at the end of his contract, which expires in December. The project, which was announced with Beck’s production company Mercury Radio Arts, highlights the parties’ plan to continue to work together beyond that date.

Beck’s program has averaged more than 2.2 million total viewers and 563,000 viewers between the ages of 25 to 54, according to Fox News. And while his ratings remain strong for his 5 p.m. time slot, the show has been losing viewers recently.

Muslims don’t need excuses for killing

Muslims don’t need excuses for routinely bombing churches or synagogues or temples, often with people in them, killing those who are not Muslims or forcibly converting them, practicing apartheid by expelling those they haven’t murdered or confining them to certain jobs, certain neighborhoods, extra taxes, persecuted as lowly dhimmis (low lifes, non Muslims). And all without retaliation by their fellow Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus in other parts of the world as Benny Morris, writing in the National Interest , explains.

Yet the burning of Bibles around the Islamic world – in Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iraq – is an almost daily occurrence and goes unremarked, and is often accompanied by the arson of churches and the murder of parishioners.

And these acts never trigger murderous responses by Christians thousands of miles away.


Surely, it is common knowledge that the world Islam conquered in the seventh and eighth centuries, largely inhabited by Christians, is today almost bereft of Christians, they having over the centuries been massacred, expelled or forcibly converted to Islam (processes still ongoing in places like Iraq, Egypt, the Gaza Strip, and Pakistan)? Surely the editors of The Times know that since the seventh century, non-Muslims have not been allowed to enter the holiest cities of Islam, Mecca and Medina, whereas Muslims have freely accessed and lived in, and still live in, the holy sites of Christendom (and Judaism)? Which religion really has been more intolerant through the ages? (Which is infinitely more intolerant today is not, I think, seriously in dispute.) It is true that the Holocaust occurred in the lands of Christendom (though it was not carried out in the name of Christianity)-and that no Holocaust has (yet) overtaken the lands of Islam (though all in effect in the twentieth century expelled their Jewish communities). But anti-Semitism is rampant, and growing, and state-sponsored in many Muslim countries.

Sacrificing our First Amendments rights by succumbing to Muslim extortion terror demands through appeasement may bring some immediate relief. Indeed, in some cases in may be necessary temporarily. But extortionists are never satisfied; seeing weakness they demand more.

So let’s honor our country’s freedoms and let the Joneses burn books if they must. But more importantly place the blame for the horrific massacres on those who committed them. And on their religious philosophy.

SU Blog Declares War on Joe Albero


Albero seems to be laboring under the impression that the SAPOA President’s daughter created this blog. Well seeing as I have a dick and am the original founder of this site, I’m nobody’s little girl. Try checking your facts again Joe. Oh wait. You don’t have them do you? What’s that? You don’t know shit about whose running this blog? Yea, that’s because there are 5 of us dumbass. Feel free to start running Joey. We’ll give you a head start. You’re gonna need it.

We noticed you waited until after the election to go after students. Smart move but it won’t save you. You spread lies like it’s your job….oh wait, it is. Contrary to your false claims, we have never made any attempt to post a link to our blog on your site. STUPID! As our blog grows, your readership will get smaller and smaller until *poof* -No more SBY News.


No worries. We will not be going anywhere. We are here for the sole purpose of providing you with quality information so that you can be better informed about the community. We aren’t about to let some cigar smoking hobbit with a superiority complex get in the way of that. We are the new gavel of Delmarva.

Albero- You brought this on yourself. Prepare to get served little man- cause it’s on.

Read more here.

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