Quacks will be Quacks

Obama is so bad, the nut jobs are coming out of the woodwork……

Presidential Candidate Tom Miller Appoints Blogger Joe Albero As National Press Secretary…..

Laughter erupts…

I am pleased to announce that Mr. Joe Albero from Delmar, DE. has officially joined the staff of Reduce Government Miller for President. Mr. Albero will be contributing to the campaign as our National Press Secretary. Mr. Albero has a successful business track record and is a leader in the communications industry.
From this point forward, when the mainstream media tries to deny our message from reaching the American people, Joe will be driving the bulldozer through their roadblocks. As far as patriotism goes, his can only be described in one word, tenacious.
My staff and I look forward to working with Mr. Albero over the next 5 1/2 years as we reduce government and re-empower the American people with the freedoms that they need to rebuild our economy and to restore the American dream.
May God continue to bless the United States of America,
Thomas J. Miller
Registered Candidate R., President of the United States of America 2012
Federal Election Commission ID: P20001947
Principal Campaign Committee:
Reduce Government w Miller for President ID: C00462010

What a joke!

French burqa ban goes into effect

And there already have been two arrests. The Telegraph:

Two Muslim women wearing full face veils have been arrested within hours of France’s burka ban becoming a law, as they were taking part in a demonstration against the new measure in front of Notre Dame Cathedral in central Paris.

Technically, the women should now face fines of 150 euros (£133), as well as citizenship lessons, but officers involved in the arrest said they were likely to be released “shortly’ after being questioned about an “illegal gathering.”

“They should not be here demonstrating against anything, least of all the face veil ban,” said one officer, who was wearing full riot gear as he stood outside Notre Dame.

“Women officers will be dealing with the offenders, and the matter will be dealt with as sensitively as possible.”

Alexis Marsan, a public order official who also attended the scene, confirmed that the rally in front of the cathedral was unauthorised, and that others taking part had also been arrested.

Rachid Nekkaz, a Muslim activist who organised the demonstration, said the rally had been called to protest the ban, which is the first of its kind to be enforced in Europe.

What the ban says about France and the assimilation of Muslims is simple: we will accommodate your religious beliefs only as far as they do not conflict with western values. That’s a fine attitude to have – especially if Europe is to maintain any kind of western identity.

Boston mayor bans soda from city property

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino has decided that Bostonians are too fat and the way to address that problem is to ban sugary drinks from city grounds.

Fox News:

In an attempt to reduce the city’s rising obesity rates, Menino has banned all sugary drinks from city vending machines, cafeterias and concession stands, just one day after reaching an agreement with the Boston Red Sox that allows the team to sell mixed drinks at its ballpark.

“I want to create a civic environment that makes the healthier choice the easier choice in people’s lives, whether it’s schools, work sites, or other places in the community,” said Menino in the press release issued last week about the soda ban.

According to the release, city buildings and departments have a six-month grace period before they’ll be required to phase out the sale of beverages loaded with sugar, such as non-diet sodas, pre-sweetened ice teas, refrigerated coffee drinks, energy drinks, juice drinks with added sugar and sports drinks. The order allows for the sale of beverages such as diet sodas, diet iced teas, 100 percent juices, low-calorie sports drinks, low-sugar sweetened beverages, sweetened soy milk and flavored, sweetened milk. Beverages such as bottled water, flavored and unflavored seltzer water, low-fat milk, and unsweetened soy milk can continue to be sold.

Meanwhile, Menino has signed off on a proposal that will allow Fenway Park to sell mixed drinks during baseball games, according to The Boston Globe.

Allowing the selling mixed drinks – or even just beer – at a ballgame gives the lie to Menino’s efforts to get Bostonians to slim down. A 12 oz Budweiser has 145 calories while 12 oz of Coke has 142. A Rum and Coke has a whopping 314 calories while a Scotch and Soda has 135.

But try and take a beer away from a Red Sox fan and you would probably lose the next election.

Grandstanding politicians narrowing choices for people based on the idea that they know what’s best for the rest of us. Kind of gives the saying “Banned in Boston” a whole new meaning.

How Did It All Begin?

Well from many years of being involved in the blogging world and being public enemy number 1 in his book, I have gotten to talk to lots of people who have told me the story of Joe and how he became the monster we all know now.

Any discussion of this must begin at the Salisbury Zoo where it all originated from. Jennifer Albero worked there and had some issues regarding Jim Rapp then Zoo Director. Jennifer ends up losing her court case against the zoo and her job which in turn sets the animal off within Joe. He decides he will document the zoo every inch of it looking for illegal activities to get back at them for dare messing with his wife. This began in 2003 click here for Jennifer’s Issues

His In-laws live next door to of all people Debbie Campbell so he gets to know Debbie very well on the trips to the Goetz household. Debbie of course has issue with many people in the City so a common bond forms. Debbie shares her tales of woe regarding Mike Dunn, Barrie Tilghman, Lynn Cathcart and many more actually too numerous to mention..open a phonebook with Joe. Albero of course likes to be made to feel important so this figures prominently in his defense of Debbie Campbell.

Well in the mean time issues at the zoo intensify so Joe sets up a meeting with Barrie Tilghman regarding them, when Barrie Tilghman doesn’t nod her head and agree to Joes demands she becomes public enemy #2 behind Jim Rapp. Debbie has huge issues with Barrie so she sees an ally in Joe, someone that can go about attacking for her but give her the plausible deniability so she looks innocent of any misdeeds, and Joe has no problem with said arrangement.

He already has a criminal record including battery on Sharon Gravel which he was put on probation for in 1991. In 2003 as stated a temporary peace order was given to Jim Rapp to keep Joe from harassing him, also Mary Seamann. Karen Jones not only filed a temporary peace order but was granted a full one to keep Joe away from her for 6 months. Those listed above are all zoo employees.

While in this war with the zoo other enemies now make his radar. He starts coming to Salisbury City Council meetings to annoy Barrie Tilghman and others such as Mike Dunn and Lynn Cathcart.Why do you ask, well it’s simple in Joes world. Debbie dislikes the victims and in Joes minuscule mind because Barrie Tilghman is on his shit list anyone that is friendly toward her is also an enemy. This includes the Chief Of Police Allan Webster. This is in the same days as Joes famous ” waste of sperm” email to Barrie Tilghman.

Read more here.

Return America to Main Street

Although my organization’s home office is in Washington, I log some 150,000 miles a year flying around the country.

Traveling back and forth from the nation’s capital provides good perspective on the bold contrast between the realities there and the rest of America.

Washington is booming today, while working Americans in cities across the rest of our nation struggle to see the economic light of day.

The Washington Business Journal reports that, based on its latest annual job growth data from February 2010 to February 2011, D.C. is the No. 1 job market in the nation. Compared to a national unemployment rate that just dropped below 9 percent, the Journal reports unemployment in the D.C. area at 5.9 percent.

According to the S&P/Case-Shiller Index, a leading index of home prices in the U.S., the latest composite of home prices from 20 cities from around the country shows an annual decline of 3.1 percent.

Of the 20 cities in the composite, only two showed annual home price increases. San Diego — barely — at 0.1 percent, and Washington, with a solid increase of 3.6 percent.

Yes, D.C. is booming, its malls are filled and the wine flows in our capital city’s fancy, expensive restaurants. The Democrat regime has been good to Washington.

Although our president famously campaigned about purging Washington of “special interests,” I wrote then that this was ridiculous. The business of Washington is special interests. So anyone with an agenda to grow the federal government by definition grows these many special interests. And the data bear this out.

Combined lobbying expenditures in our nation’s capital for 2009 and 2010, the first two years of the current administration, were at an all-time high of $7 billion.

Over the course of eight years under President George W. Bush, when federal spending increased at the highest rate since the Johnson administration in the 1960s, a little more than a trillion dollars was added to annual federal spending. The Obama administration has managed to add another $1 trillion in less than three years.

Read more here.

Rumors of Beck’s Demise are Greatly Exaggerated

By now, everyone has heard of Glenn Beck’s impending departure from Fox. Many, including myself, felt a profound sense of sorrow at the announcement. He has become a bastion of sanity in an ever increasing media whirlwind of lies, deception and propaganda. Beck brought facts, hope, morality and grounding to the American people, who welcomed him for the most part with open arms as one of their own. He connected with many of us on a gut level where we sensed the rightness of his insights. We learned to question everything and those, like myself, have literally morphed into professional researchers and hunters, exposing progressives and Marxists anywhere and everywhere we can find them.

It’s hard to gauge what is brewing at Fox these days, or to decipher the business logic they are employing. But, I for one, am not a loyal Fox fan. I’m a loyal Beck fan. It is strange that this would happen, considering Beck had the third highest rated show on all networks, attracting 2.2 million viewers a night. The left never had a prayer of even coming close to his viewership. I can’t imagine how this won’t hurt Fox, but their loss will be our gain, of that I am sure. Beck’s company has doubled in size this year alone and he will keep growing, using all available media and blazing trails the left will come to fear and dread.

Before Media Matters and the other leftists out there get overly giddy with their perceived victory, I have a few words of caution for you. Beck has not departed the national scene – far from it and his dance card is full. All of us – not just Beck – are gearing up to come after you ten times more than we have previously. We are not financed as you are, but we have something you don’t have – a love of country; a devotion to what is right and honest. Our research and our fight has just begun. When Beck says you will long for the days that he was on Fox, he means it. He will be reaching out to more and more to spread the truth to those who will listen. He is connecting with all those who will fight the bottom up, top down, inside out strategy of Obama’s goon squads. Soros’ victory over Beck is a false one – you have only encouraged him to follow his conscience and take the fight to a new level.

Read more here.

Government Schools: Eat our food or go hungry

No doubt, children will bring all sorts of stuff from home for lunch that fails to meet Michelle Obama’s standards for “healthy” eating.

But what the hell business is it of school authorities to play mommy and prevent kids from bringing a meal from home?

Chicago Tribune:

Fernando Dominguez cut the figure of a young revolutionary leader during a recent lunch period at his elementary school.

“Who thinks the lunch is not good enough?” the seventh-grader shouted to his lunch mates in Spanish and English.

Dozens of hands flew in the air and fellow students shouted along: “We should bring our own lunch! We should bring our own lunch! We should bring our own lunch!”

Fernando waved his hand over the crowd and asked a visiting reporter: “Do you see the situation?”

At his public school, Little Village Academy on Chicago’s West Side, students are not allowed to pack lunches from home. Unless they have a medical excuse, they must eat the food served in the cafeteria.

And that food is universally believed to be awful:

At Little Village, most students must take the meals served in the cafeteria or go hungry or both. During a recent visit to the school, dozens of students took the lunch but threw most of it in the garbage uneaten. Though CPS has improved the nutritional quality of its meals this year, it also has seen a drop-off in meal participation among students, many of whom say the food tastes bad.

“Some of the kids don’t like the food they give at our school for lunch or breakfast,” said Little Village parent Erica Martinez. “So it would be a good idea if they could bring their lunch so they could at least eat something.”

Sorry, nanny has other ideas:

“Nutrition wise, it is better for the children to eat at the school,” Carmona said. “It’s about the nutrition and the excellent quality food that they are able to serve (in the lunchroom). It’s milk versus a Coke. But with allergies and any medical issue, of course, we would make an exception.”

Carmona said she created the policy six years ago after watching students bring “bottles of soda and flaming hot chips” on field trips for their lunch. Although she would not name any other schools that employ such practices, she said it was fairly common.

A couple of kids bring soda and chips on a field trip – not to school – and she institutes this authoritarian policy? Why?

Any school that bans homemade lunches also puts more money in the pockets of the district’s food provider, Chartwells-Thompson. The federal government pays the district for each free or reduced-price lunch taken, and the caterer receives a set fee from the district per lunch.

A school system spokesperson said she didn’t know how many other schools have adopted this draconian policy. Given that we almost certainly would have heard about it elsewhere, it is likely that Little Village is the only school that employs it.

Eat what the government tells you to eat or go hungry. Some choice, eh?

Obama Wants to be a Nobody

President Barack Obama wants you to know that he is not a golf addict.

He spends so much time unwinding on the links because security restrictions mean he can’t go out for long walks or go to the carwash or the grocery store.

The president’s comments came during a session with editors and publishers from Hearst Magazines in which he described life behind the scenes in the White House.

The president said he loves his life in the White House but doesn’t enjoy some of the ways of Washington, such as the “kabuki dance” among political partisans before serious policy discussions begin. He also regrets his loss of personal privacy.

“I just miss – I miss being anonymous,” he said at the meeting in the White House. “I miss Saturday morning, rolling out of bed, not shaving, getting into my car with my girls, driving to the supermarket, squeezing the fruit, getting my car washed, taking walks. I can’t take a walk.”

He says he enjoys golf but is not the fanatic that some have portrayed.

“It’s the only excuse I have to get outside for four hours at a stretch,” he said.

His impossible dream: “I just want to go through Central Park (in New York) and watch folks passing by … spend the day watching people. I miss that.”

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