Muslim Students Association Extremists Exposed


Washington Post carries the water for al-Qaeda

With news that information leaks are threatening to reveal the identities the Navy SEALs who served up some just desserts for Osama bin Laden, it’s understandable that the top-secret warriors are on edge. What isn’t understandable, however, is how the Washington Post seems to be as eager to uncover their identities as our vengeful terrorist enemies in al-Qaeda.

In the Post’s latest coverage of the fall of bin Laden, Post writer Fredrick Kunkle traverses Virginia Beach in search of the silent heroes’ favorite hangouts, SEALs-spotting hotspots and toils around town looking for clues as to who the mystery men might be.

The Post lists a number of local bars, eateries and even individuals who claim to know tidbits of information on the SEAL team bread crumb trail — right down to what street they’re located on.

Why should al-Qaeda worry about tracking down bin Laden’s asssassins when the American media seems all too eager to? It‘s bad enough that there seem to be members of the current administration’s inner circle willing to betray these hardened heroes. Can‘t we ask for a little more respect for these SEALs’ secretive service from the press?

2012 and What Democrats Believe

Democrats believe that you are legally permitted to break into an empty home if you need a place to stay.

Democrats believe that stealing furniture from someone’s home — if it’s in the best interest of your family — is a legally acceptable practice.

Democrats believe that you are within your rights to crash a rich man’s party if you’re hungry, because he’s got plenty of extra food.

Democrats believe that any person, should they require access to clean facilities like showers, toilets, and towels, must be legally permitted to break into a health club.

And because Internet access is a human right, Democrats believe that those without it are legally allowed to break into office buildings to obtain web access.

I know all this to be true.

Because Democrat politicians believe that millions of foreigners have every right to enter our home — our sovereign republic — to use our schools, our health care system, our roads, and our infrastructure. Democrats believe that immigration laws aren’t laws at all; for, in fact, they are suing states for enforcing the very immigration laws that Congress passed!

These temporary politicians — these useless Democrats hacks — no longer represent the people. They represent illegal aliens, who are trespassing in our country; who are entering our land without any background checks or vetting procedures; who are driving up unemployment among citizens; who often come for free health care services or schooling or more nefarious reasons; who do not understand the history or traditions of this country; and whose presence here will ultimately Balkanize this country in ways no one can possibly foresee.

For Democrats, clinging to political power trumps the Constitution; it trumps the laws they have passed; it trumps the concerns of the citizenry; it trumps every moral and ethical tenet of this country. But their appetite for raw power is so insatiable, and it is so naked and malevolent, that they are willing to sacrifice future generations so they can climax on their unchecked power.

Therefore I urge you, America’s citizens, to remember the permanent damage these temporary politicians are doing to this country. I urge you to remember in 2012 and to obliterate the Democrat Party politically — at every level of government.

Unions vs. Boeing – Yet Another Obama Regime Assault On The Constitution!

United Methodist Board Features Anti-Israel Message in Newsletter

“It’s time for Palestine.”

That’s the title of a recent article featured in the newsletter of the General Board of Church and Society, the advocacy wing of the United Methodist Church. And as the title insinuates, the article is very anti-Israel.

For example, just two paragraphs in, author Rev. John Calhoun talks about the recent wave of democracy sweeping the Middle East. “Unfortunately,” he writes, “one state’s undemocratic, militaristic rule over millions of civilians suffering under its administration looks likely to continue unchallenged. That state is Israel, and those living under its illegitimate control are the Palestinians of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.” [Emphasis added]

He continues: “As the world applauds heroic freedom fighters standing up to dictators and fraudulent presidents across the Middle East, widespread support for the Palestinian people’s aspirations to live free from Israeli occupation is faint.”

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