Active military and veterans hold less favorable view of Obama’s performance as president

Approval for Barack Obama’s job performance as president is lower among veterans and active US military than it is among non-military, according to a poll released Monday by Gallup.

The results, which came from data from Gallup’s daily tracking poll of Obama’s job approval, are based on interviews with over 238,000 respondents between January 2010 and April 2011.

On average, 48 percent of non-military personnel surveyed over that time period approved of the job Obama was doing, while just 37 percent of active military or veterans approved.

That trend persists among all age groups, the analysis found. The spread is most pronounced among 18 to 29 year olds, a group that tends to have a highly favorable view of this president’s performance. 58 percent of non-military in that age group approves of the job Obama is doing, but just 44 percent of veterans or active military felt that way.

The lowest spread is among those aged 80 to 99, where 43 percent of the general public approves of the job Obama is doing, compared to 37 percent of veterans or active military personnel – presumably mostly veterans in that age group.

Gallup notes that those currently serving active duty in the military have a noticeably higher likelihood of declining to state an opinion on Obama’s job performance. For instance, 21 percent of active duty military aged 18 to 29 did not express an opinion, compared to just 10 percent of non-military. A possible factor in this, Gallup Editor in Chief Frank Newport writes, is the military culture of nonpartisanship, especially when dealing with the Commander in Chief. Alternatively, “[t]hose on active duty may in general be less involved in current affairs and thus less likely to hold an opinion on Obama.”

Women are more likely to approve of Obama’s performance. However, in any given age group surveyed by Gallup, no more than 3 percent of military personnel or veterans were women. Older age groups are more likely to be active or former military – a fact that seems likely due to the existence of the draft before 1973.

Current or former members of the military are more likely to be Republicans, the poll notes.

The results come from analysis of polls conducted before President Obama ordered the successful killing of Osama Bin Laden. The president received a bump in his approval ratings from the general public after that, and it seems likely that the same would be true – potentially more so – among veterans or active military.

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On Memorial Day

In American military cemeteries all over the world, seemingly endless rows of whitened grave markers stand largely unvisited and in silence. The gardeners tend the lawns, one section at a time. Even at the famous sites, tourism is inconstant. Sunsets and dawns, winter nights, softly falling snow, and gorgeous summer mornings mainly find the graves and those who lie within them protected in eternal tranquility. Now and then a visitor linked by love, blood, or both will come to make that connection with the dead that only love can sustain.

Sometimes you see them, quiet in some neglected corner beneath the trees or on a field above the sea, but numbers and time make this the exception. If not completely forgotten, the vast ranks of Civil War dead are now primarily the object of genealogy and historians, as the fathers and mothers, women, children, and brothers who loved them are now long gone. As it is for everyone else it is for the dead of all the wars, and neither proclamations nor holidays nor children innocently placing flags can cure it.
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Nonetheless, a universal connection links every living American with those who have fallen or will fall in American wars and overrides the lapses in sustaining and honoring their memories. We are and shall be connected to them by debt and obligation. Though if by and large we ignore the debt we owe to those who fell at Saratoga, Antietam, the Marne, the Pointe du Hoc, and a thousand other places and more, our lives and everything we value are the ledger in which it is indelibly recorded. And even if we fail in the obligation, it is clear and it remains.

What do we owe soldiers on the battlefields of the present or—do not doubt it—the future? How does one honor the inexpressibly difficult decision to walk toward annihilation, in some instances guaranteed, for the sake of the imperfect strategies of war, their confused execution, and their uncertain result? What can we offer the soldiers who will not know the outcome of their struggle, or ever again see those left behind?

We owe them a decision to go to war ratified unambiguously by the American people through their constitutional and republican institutions. Except where instantaneous response is necessitated by a clear and present danger, this means a declaration of war issued by a Congress that will fully support its own carefully determined decision and those it sends to carry it out—nothing less, nothing hedged, nothing ducked.

This requires in turn the kind of extraordinary, penetrating debate that can occur only among those wise enough to understand mortality and weigh it against principles that cannot be left undefended. It requires a president who can argue for his decision not merely with eloquence but substantively and tenaciously—guided only by the long-term interests of the United States, not fatuous slogans, political imperatives, and easily impeachable ideological notions of the right, left, or center.

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Know your enemy

On this Memorial Day Weekend in the United States Americans should pause to honor the brave men and women of the Armed Forces who are fighting and dying to protect freedom and the American way of life in Afghanistan, Iraq and other places around the world. They should then reflect on what and who America’s real enemies are.

There are really only two principal answers to that…Islam and all those who enable it to further its raison d’etre of conquering the United States and the West, establishing a worldwide Islamic Caliphate and imposing Islamic Law, Sharia, on everyone. Among others, that includes Jihadists, so-called religious figures, businessmen, academics, ‘ordinary citizens’, leftists and Western politicians who are furthering its rise in their home countries and around the world, such as President Obama.

Don’t think Islam isn’t the mortal enemy of America and the West? Take some time and do some independent, honest, unbiased, objective, serious research into it and its 1400year history and you’ll come to a much different realization. Hell, just open your eyes and look around. The United States and the West are under attack in the name of Islam everywhere and Western freedom, democracy, values and institutions are being threatened wherever they exist, including the U.S. itself.

Don’t think President Obama is furthering the rise of Islam in America and around the world? Ignore the sycophants, apologists and ignoramuses who turned him into a media darling and examine his actual record since he came into office. Islam is in a much stronger position vis a’ vis the United States and the West since he was elected and is growing stronger day by day, in large part because he has fostered its spread in any number of ways and done nothing substantial to deter and prevent atrocities and potential calamities such as nuclear war in the Middle East. Talk about letting the genie out of the bottle…that’s exactly what he has done.

Pause and reflect. And then do everything you can to keep him from getting re-elected in 2012. That would be the best way to honor the men and women of the Armed Forces and protect our freedom and way of life at the same time.

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