Obamas Has Psychiatric Problems…

Obamas Has Psychiatric Problems….


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     He is more than just an imposter and a fraud. Basically he is full out nuts. He is also a lot more dangerous than one would think. Many of the cruel leaders in history have suffered from the same disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Like who? Well Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong and others. The reason I am pointing this out to you is to make you aware of how dangerous Obama really is.
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Unions At It Again

Gotta love the ignorance of union goons who believe that their jobs belong to them and not to their employer. If a company takes measures to cut costs, when it is currently looking at a $5 million deficit, that is the company’s prerogative. That is until the unions get their panties in a wad. Here’s what’s currently happen in union-haven New York City:

A union has filed a federal complaint against the troubled New York City Opera, saying the company’s plans to move out of Lincoln Center after 45 years undermines the labor rights of the singers, dancers and stage crew members who work for the company.

The American Guild of Musical Artists says the opera’s move to a smaller venue and a shorter schedule will mean less work for union members, who are usually guaranteed a certain number of work weeks per year. It filed a complaint on Thursday with the National Labor Relations Board saying the opera should have negotiated any move with the union.

“They have a legal obligation to bargain and give us all their information,” Gordon said. “They can’t just decide, `I’m going into business somewhere else, find me if you can.’”

The union represents about 200 workers at the opera, including about 50 choristers and 10 production workers.

The union’s complaint says the planned move will have the effect of “chilling the union and its members in the exercise of their rights.”

South Beach Miami Memorial Day War Zone

An apartment dweller in South Beach Miami posted a shocking video online (video is now removed) just hours after violence erupted outside his window early Monday morning. The streets were filled with the annual Urban Beach Week partiers who have descended on the town since 2001.

The event, which draws hundreds of thousands of people including famous performers like Ludacris and Busta Rhymes, usually drives locals out of town for the weekend. Miami Beach Commissioner Ed Tobin told a Miami Herald reporter just two days ago:

I would not want anyone that I know, a friend or visitor, to be outside on South Beach after 11 p.m. on this weekend because it is dangerous despite what seemed like thousands of police officers at every corner.

The Memorial day shootouts left one man dead, and three police officers injured along with a few bystanders.

Herb Sosa, a gay activist and president of Unity Coalition, Miami’s largest Hispanic gay rights group penned an open letter to the mayor, the commissioner and “concerned citizens.” Mr. Sosa first urges the recipients to watch the early morning video now posted “for the world to see about Memorial/Urban Weekend in 2011 in Miami Beach.”

When did perceived political or social correctness override the safety & well-being of a community? This is not a race, economic or ethnic issue, it is an issue of visitors who have a total lack of respect for our community, its property & citizens. I know hotel rooms are filled, but at what price and for how long? How many events, meetings, conventions & vacations have been CANCEELLED because of this nightmare we endure each Memorial Day?

Almost everyone who lives her that I know, get out of Miami Beach for Memorial Day – including many of you – because of this unruly & dangerous mob that we seem to invite back every year and turn a blind eye to the irreparable damage they leave behind.

If this was PRIDE weekend, The Boat Show, Fashion Week or Art Deco Weekend – would we allow this to go on each year? I am certain that if the real numbers of cost & crime are compared with like events we host throughout the year – Memorial/Urban Weekend is tenfold the headache, cost & damage of any of them. IS IT ALL WORTH IT FOR OUR CITY MANAGEMENT?

I am not willing to wait another year to see how many more people will be killed; how many more hotel rooms will be trashed; how many more cars & homes will be broken into;

how much more police, fire rescue, sanitation & additional security dollars need to be spent to try & keep our city safe & livable for all each Memorial Weekend? – a Hell of a way for Miami Beach to honor our soldiers.

The left’s PC scare tactic is costing lives. Kudos to Mr. Sosa for speaking out.

Iran cleric: Killing Israeli children OK

Iranian Ayatollah endorses evil: Radical religious cleric known as President Ahmadinejad’s spiritual mentor says attacks on Israeli civilians permissible, suicide bombings a Muslim duty.

Evil words in Islamic Republic: A senior Iranian cleric, who is known as President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s spiritual mentor, urged followers to continue suicide attacks against Israelis, including children.

Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah, considered one of the Islamic Republic’s most radical clerics, issued a religious edict on his website whereby suicide attacks are not only legitimate but are a must for every Muslim, a special paper by the Middle East Media Research Institute shows.

The senior cleric was responding to a question from a follower regarding the difference between “martyr’s death” and “suicide.” The man, who wrote anonymously, noted that “some people say that martyrdom operations are considered suicide and that they are haram (forbidden) because they contradict Islam.”

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