NPR once again slanders American Troops over-air…


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This morning about 6am, a veteran driving to work, listening to NPR’s WAMU, 88.5 Washington, DC heard Steve Inskeeps, host of NPR’s Morning Edition, announced over the airwaves, that American Servicemen are mercenaries, comparing U.S. Servicemen and women to pakistan terrorists…I don’t know about you, but to have our Troops compared to terrorists is uncalled for and untrue…
This is YOUR money paying for this propaganda…at mark 4:48 this “reporter” says many former U.S. soldiers who “become military contractors, some become mercinaries, others get involved it really strange activities”…

Graphic Vid Allegedly Shows Coptic Christian Girl Being Sexualy Assaulted in Order To ‘Islamize Her’

Warning: Graphic!

Obama Recovery

The ObamaMedia is beside itself right now .. it can’t seem to understand why or how Barack Obama’s economic policies aren’t translating into jobs and growth. This must be the case because they seem to be caught quite off-guard with all of these “unexpected” jobs figures. Unwilling to blame their savior, Barack Obama, they are now trying to come up with other ways to justify this lousy economy.

I know … let’s blame the Republicans!

Take a look at this headline: Are Republicans Intentionally Sabotaging Economy For Political Gain? Can you believe that? The headline doesn’t ask if Democrats are scaring the diapers off old ladies for political gain. Not, it’s the Republicans sabotaging the economy.

Even though the Democrats held the presidency and the Senate since 2009 (the Democrats have held both houses from 2007 until last year), somehow it is all the Republicans’ fault. The Democrats haven’t presented a budget in how many years now? And it’s the Republicans who are sabotaging the economy? I believe based on the decisions that Obama has made as president, that he has a fundamentally different idea of what makes this nation and our economy great. He is a man who believes in a centrally planned economy and bigger government. How is that working out for us?

If the rate of labor force participation in June 2011 were the same as it was in June 2009 (65.7%), the reported unemployment rate would be 11.2% rather than 9.1%. If June 2011 labor force participation were 66.2%, which is where it was when Obama promised that his “stimulus” program would prevent unemployment from exceeding 8.0%, the June 2011 unemployment rate would come in at 11.9%.

Being a leader means taking ownership of your triumphs and your failures, but with the ObamaMedia in tow, Obama isn’t really forced to do that.

People Seek Freedom

Some researchers at George Mason University have been studying the levels of freedom in each state in the United States. They base the level of freedom on the state’s fiscal policy and regulatory policy, as well as the economic freedom and personal freedom available to its citizens.

It shouldn’t shock you that New York ranks dead last as the “least free state in the Union.” Second to last: New Jersey. Any guesses for the most free states? According to this report, New Hampshire and South Dakota were pretty much tied for the most “free.” Georgia, the home-base for our radio show, ranked #15 in overall freedom, #11 in economic freedom and #31 in personal freedom. That low ranking in personal freedom might be blamed on the turbos.

But the report doesn’t end there. The level of freedom does correlate with economic freedom and therefore better economies. The first thing that is happening is that freer states are attracting more people .. people are seeking freedom. This obviously means that states with less freedom are losing citizens. William Ruger, political science professor at Texas State University-San Marcos, who co-authored the report says, “This is true for both economic freedom and personal freedom. People are voting with their feet and moving to open, tolerant, and economically free states and away from nanny-states.” The other thing that is happening according to this report is that states with more economic freedom are seeing growth in income. “The study results showed that a 0.25 unit increase in economic freedom increases the average annual growth rate in personal income by about 0.25 percentage points.”

Think about how this applies on a macro scale, the freedoms enjoyed by the United States versus other nations. Remember that under Barack Obama in n 2010, for the first time ever, the United States fell from the ranks of the economically “free” as measured by the Index of Economic Freedom to being classified as “mostly free.” People seek freedom … draw your own conclusions.