GM Sponsors Chi Cons CCP film of 90th Anniversary

GM Sponsors Chi Cons CCP film of 90th Anniversary.

Let us give credit where credit is due. This June, General Motors will sponsor a Chi Cons CCP film.   Remember, the American Government taxpayer bailed out the auto giant at 27 billion and has yet to regain the money.

Maybe Government Motors could have used the bailout to stimulate the US economy instead with the Communist Chinese government. But the China’s Communist Party expects its new propaganda film will be a blockbuster. “Beginning of the Great Revival” celebrating the Communist Party’s 90th anniversary.

In the promotion of this movie event the AP and others failed to acknowledge that Cadillac was the “chief business partner” in making the film.

Here is the link to the banner of the event outside for the film. The Cadillac emblem is at the lower right hand corner.
A Preview of Cadillac’s New Role in China.