Obama 2012

David Axelrod says that it is still “cool” to be an Obama supporter. Thank you, Mr. Axelrod for your approval. I’m sure that there are millions of unemployed or underemployed Americans who would beg to differ. Coolness isn’t going to put food on their table, send their child to college or pay their medical bills. Look around lately … how many Obama bumper stickers do you see? Not many. And for those bumper stickers that are still remaining, one has to wonder: who ARE these people?

At this point, there are really only three groups left supporting Obama.

First is blacks. I understand why being able to vote for Barack Obama for president was a very big deal for a lot of people. I cannot fault them for this. But some things just defy logical explanation. Example? Why black voters would offer such undying support to the very political party that almost completely destroyed their once dedicated and strong black family structure in America. But at this point, the significance of voting a black man into the presidency is pretty much lost. It happened. Been there, done that.
Got the t-shirt. The question now is whether or not you want to compound the damage that has been done by giving this economic fascist a second term? Unemployment rates for blacks is at 16%. Unemployment rates for black teens has now hit 40%. Can you really argue that Barack Obama has done wonders to provide opportunities for the black community or the economy as a whole?

The second group is liberal ideologues. These are the people who will support a Democrat no matter how lousy they are at doing the job they were elected to do. Much of the ObamaMedia falls into this category. College professors and most college campuses might also fall into this category. This uncompromising willingness to support Barack Obama, no matter what he does with our economy or our foreign policy, shows that some people are completely incapable of rational thought in the face of being wrong … that their guy was not the best guy for the job. That they were duped.

The third group? Those who are completely dependent on government for their very existence. When they go to the polls there is only one thought going through their heads: “Which one of these candidates is going to take the most money away from the people who don’t really need it and give it to me?” These parasites have always been with us – always will be.

Unfortunately for the Obama administration, its key word for the 2008 campaign “change” no longer works. Time to round up the focus groups again! As of right now, the Obama campaign will focus on the message of hope, similar to 2008. Though, unless you hope for bigger government and a centrally planned economy, there doesn’t seem much to hope for those who love freedom.

Pensions in the News

We have two different government pension stories to highlight here. So let’s start in San Francisco, where the average city government retiree earns an annual pension of $46,272. If you worked 30 years in city government, that figure looks more like $76,981. Those retiring from the Police Department are looking at $95,016, while the Police Chief gets a $264,000 annual pension. Fire Department retirees: $108,552. Private sector employees? $41,136. Gotta love government. Is it any wonder high-achieving taxpayers and business owners are fleeing California (usually for Texas) for happier economic climes?

Then we have the teachers unions in Florida. The Florida Education Association is suing Governor Rick Scott over a new law that … wait for it … requires state employees to begin contributing to their own retirement plans. Can you imagine the horror? Contributing to your own retirement account .. that’s outrageous! The law requires that state employees begin investing 3% into their retirement funds, which teachers unions are saying is a breach of contract. Florida Education Association president Andy Ford says, “It is essentially an income tax levied only on workers belonging to the Florida Retirement System. It’s unfair — and it breaks promises made to these employees when they chose to work to improve our state.”

Now .. get this .. Florida teacher unions spokesmen are saying that this 3% payment to their pension plans is actually an income tax.

Never underestimate the damage that teachers unions can do to your state or our nation.