Obama’s speech tonight to announce beginning troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

President Obama will address the nation tonight, and according to leaks in the press will announce the withdrawal of 5,000 or 10,000, or some other number of troops from Afghanistan. In doing so, he is reportedly ignoring the advice of his top military advisors.

Having argued that Afghanistan was the “good” war during the campaign (as opposed to Iraq which supposedly was the “bad” war), once elected Obama announced a surge of 30,000 troops, available because of the success of the surge in Iraq. Because this was not going to sit well with his leftist base, he also announced that withdrawal of the troops would begin by July 2011.

Well, here it is June 2011, and the war in Afghanistan has wearied the public, so here comes the withdrawal, wise or not. The odds of the Taliban waiting for the troops to go, and then launching a major offensive seem high. Obama certainly hopes that this happens after the November 2012 election, when he will then be free to swing hard left, should he be re-elected.

Meanwhile, his Libya adventure continues to go badly. Obama promised us “smart diplomacy,” but his foreign policy has been disastrous.

MD Schools Will Now Require ‘Environmental Literacy’ to Graduate High School

A state board of education in Maryland has bought into the green agenda. So much so that it just voted to require “environmental literacy” in order to graduate high school.

“This is a defining moment for education in Maryland,” Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley said. “By approving this environmental graduation requirement, the Board of Education is ensuring that our young people graduate with a keen understanding of and connection to the natural world. Only through exposure to nature and education about our fragile ecosystem can we create the next generation of stewards. ”

“This is a momentous day not only for Maryland but for educators across the country who are watching what Maryland does, and hoping to increase outdoor learning in their states,” Don Baugh, director of the environmental advocacy group No Child Left Inside Coalition (NCLI), which pushed for the vote, said in a release. “Governor O’Malley and Dr. Grasmick deserve our profound gratitude. For years they have put Maryland at the forefront of the environmental education movement.”

The Washington Post reports on what the requirement means: “Under the graduation requirement, public schools will be required to infuse core subjects with lessons on conservation, smart growth and other environmental topics. School systems will be able to shape their programs, but they must align with state standards.”

“With today’s vote school districts must now move beyond standard science courses that provide minimal focus on the environment,” NCLI added in its release. “The Maryland State Department of Education has established two workgroups to begin revising and aligning Maryland environmental literacy standards, and developing guidelines to provide school systems with guidance and support for implementation.”

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A big slobbering thank you to the unions

Here is yet another example why our economy is sputtering. Businesses don’t like unions. Unions have destroyed many American businesses. Look at Detroit. It’s a wreck. Unions did to Detroit what that tornado did to Tuscaloosa and what Hugo did to Homestead, Florida. Homestead was rebuilt, and Tuscaloosa will be. This because they know that there is little likelihood that these storms will return with this ferocity – and they will be rebuilt stronger. Businesses – particularly the auto industry – will not be so anxious to rebuild Detroit because these businesses know that the unions are still lurking in the shadows in Michigan ready to strike – ready to throw sand into the gears of any engine of economic recovery. Ready to destroy again.

Businessmen recognize that unions are a destructive force in our economy. And since businesses don’t particularly like unions, businesses aren’t going to be anxious to expand so long as there is a president in the white house who is determined to do all that he can to promote union growth, not only in the government but in the private sector.

And so … in his latest move to weaken the private sector … here comes The Community Organizer and his National Labor Relations Board is at it again. As if the current NLRB complaint about Boeing’s operations in South Carolina, a right-to-work state, isn’t enough .. it has now unveiled new rule changes to make unionizing easier. The proposed changes would speed up the voting process for unionization, giving employers little or no time to state their case.

As it currently stands, labor union elections typically take place anywhere from 45-60 days after a union files a petition. This isn’t good for union organizers. The organizers work behind the scenes for months on end talking to workers and getting their petition put together. While this process is going on the union lawyers are watching the target employer like a hawk … waiting for the employer to do something – to say something – that will allow the union to run screaming to the NLRB alleging some nature of unfair business practices. So here’s the plan —- the Obama administration would cut that 45 to 60 period down to days or even weeks. They say they will do this by “simplifying procedures, deferring litigation and setting shorter deadlines for hearings and filings.” Here, according to the AP, is what the proposed rule changes would do,

* Allow electronic filing of petitions and other documents to speed up processing.

* Set pre-election hearings to begin 7 days after a petition is filed.

* Defer litigation of eligibility issues involving less than 20 percent of the bargaining unit until after the election.

* Eliminate pre-election appeals of rulings by an NLRB regional director.

* Reduce from 7 to 2 days the time for an employer to provide an electronic list of eligible voters.

The NLRB’s only Republican, Brian Hayes, is adamant in his disapproval: “Make no mistake, the principal purpose for this radical manipulation of our election process is to minimize or, rather, to effectively eviscerate an employer’s legitimate opportunity to express its views about collective bargaining.”

The Chamber of Commerce’s chief labor official, Randy Johnson calls this Obama’s biggest gift yet to labor organizations. He says, “It is an attempt to, simply put, bully companies into relinquishing their free speech rights.”

All you have to remember that Barack Obama himself has referred to the private sector – the private sector he wishes to fully unionize – as “the enemy.” Isn’t a natural instinct to try to destroy your enemy? Can you look at Obama’s actions in any other light?

Woman Arrested For Recording Police From Her Front Yard

Can you be arrested for recording police from your front yard? If the video you’re about to see is for real, then yes.

A woman in Rochester, NY was allegedly arrested last month when she decided to film a traffic stop that happened in front of her house. With camera in hand, she reportedly stood in her front yard and filmed the events. But after recording for a little while, eventually an officer started addressing her, telling her that he didn’t feel “safe” with her recording him and telling her to go into her house. She refused, saying she had the right to record from her front lawn. He disagreed. That eventually led to her arrest:

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Gore promoting fewer children to curb pollution

The global warming debate has always been a touchy one for both sides, and when the world’s top global warming activist is talking about the size of population and how that contributes to the choices societies make, it might be worth taking note.

In an appearance Monday in New York City, former Vice President Al Gore, prominently known for his climate change activism, took on the subject of population size and the role of society in controlling it to reduce pollution.

He offered some ideas about what might be done for females in the name of stabilizing population growth. (h/t Chris Horner via wattsupwiththat.com)

“One of the things we could do about it is to change the technologies, to put out less of this pollution, to stabilize the population, and one of the principle ways of doing that is to empower and educate girls and women,” Gore said. “You have to have ubiquitous availability of fertility management so women can choose how many children have, the spacing of the children.

“You have to lift child survival rates so that parents feel comfortable having small families and most important — you have to educate girls and empower women,” he said. “And that’s the most powerful leveraging factor, and when that happens, then the population begins to stabilize and societies begin to make better choices and more balanced choices.”

We have to pass the law…

… to find out what is in it. Remember when Princess Pelosi utter that absurd line about ObamaCare? “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” Well …. lookie here! We have yet another ObamaCare “oops” that government bureaucrats have just uncovered.

It turns out that as ObamaCare is currently written, it would allow for millions of middle-class Americans to qualify for Medicaid. As many as 3 million retired Americans with an annual income of as much as $64,000 per married couple could qualify. This is apparently because under ObamaCare, Social Security benefits would no longer count as income.

Look, folks .. this is just another example of how this giant, pathetic excuse for healthcare reform is a boondoggle of epic proportions. The goal of this legislation was NOT to bring down healthcare costs but to get more people sucking off the government teat.

Atheists get their Godless panties in a wad

A group of atheists in New York City have their panties in a wad over a street sign dedicated to firefighters who died in 9/11. The sign, which reads “Seven in Heaven Way,” was dedicated in Brooklyn outside the firehouse where the firefighters once served. The atheists are upset because they say the word “Heaven ” is a violation of the separation of church and state.

Hey … atheists! Can you pull your heads out of your asses long enough to realize and then perhaps acknowledge that the phrase “separation of church and state” does not exist in our founding documents? Just tell me where in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution does it mention “the separation of church and state”? Answer: nowhere. The First Amendment states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” It does NOT say, “There should be no signage or displays of religious nature in the public domain.” That is something made up by Ken Bronstein, president of New York City Atheists. Ken Bronstein also says that the sign is really “insulting to us.”

Cry me a freaking river, Ken. Get the atheist chip off your shoulder and find someone who gives a damn about you being insulted by the word “Heaven.”

California Mom Arrested After Baby Dies in Microwave

Sacramento police have arrested a mother after an investigation found her baby likely died from burns suffered in a microwave oven.

Ka Yang, who is 29, is being held without bail in Sacramento County Jail. She was arrested Tuesday, three months after her 6-week-old daughter was found dead in the family home.

Police described the child as suffering “extensive thermal injuries.” Officer Laura Peck says investigators pinpointed what they believe is the cause of death by looking for other cases involving similar injuries.

They found three in the U.S., all after children were burned in a microwave: in Dayton, Ohio; Galveston, Texas; and New Kent County, Va.