U.S. Veteran Faces Legal Action for Flying American Flag

A retired U.S. Army chaplain is being threatened with legal action for flying the American flag in his front yard, the Daily Mail reports.

Fred Quigley, 77, of Macedonia, Ohio, a minister who served active duty during the Vietnam War, has been told by the homeowners’ association that his flag violates the property rules.

The association has offered to fly the flag at the entrance of the building development, but Quigley refused the offer.

“If they can dictate to me that I cannot fly an American flag in America, then, to me, the country is lost,” Mr. Quigley told the paper.

Quigley’s lawyer Gerald Patronite said the association has no right to stop his client.

According to the Mail, Joseph Migliorini, the representative for the homeowners’ association and former mayor of Macedonia, which is between Cleveland and Akron, said he plans to take Quigley to court if the flagpole is not removed.

Migliorini said: “We just want the rules and regulations followed. “

Members of the local American Legion post joined Quigley last week in a flag-raising ceremony in protest at the association’s policy.

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State Election Board OK With casa de maryland Taking The Petition Signatures to Kinkos to Copy!

By Delegate Smigiel

It never ceases to amaze me what kind of events occur under the heading of ”You can’t make this stuff up!”

Delegate Parrott called to tell me of a new problem he was having with the State Election Board wanting to allow the illegal immigrant support group, CASA de Maryland, (CASA) to take possession of the 67,000 petition signatures so they could be copied at a local copy center. Neil said that he was told our side would not be able to have anyone present while CASA was making its copies of our petitions.

At first I thought, poor Neil, the pressure has gotten to him and he is now imagining outrageous impossible scenarios which could materialize to destroy all the hard work that thousands of volunteers across the State had put in to fulfill the constitutional requirement of taking a question to referendum. Fortunately, Neil is still sane, unfortunately, I think the election board has lost its collective mind.
When I called to inquire as to whether what Neil had told me was correct I was greeted with a certain amount of incredulity. It appeared the election board personnel were just as shocked that I would be questioning their proposed plan as I was at hearing of their plan.

I explained that in my 22 years as an attorney who often sued governments and thus needed to obtain documents, it had always been the practice of government agencies, in my experience, to request so much per page, usually 25 cents. The agency would copy the requested documents and I would sometimes also be billed for the employees cost of copying the documents if it were a particularly large copy request. The election board explained they did not have the personnel to copy all these documents. It was explained to me that allowing the party requesting copies of petitions to take them to be copied elsewhere is the way that the requests had been handled in the past. The ACLU in particular had been allowed to do this in the past.

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Muslim extremists ‘surround church and threaten to kill priest’

Hundreds of Muslim extremists surrounded a church in central Egypt and threatened to kill the local priest, the Assyrian International News Agency reported. The extremists began targeting the church in a village 7 kilometres south of the city of Minya in March after renovation work began, threatening to demolish the church.

AINA Friday cited eyewitnesses as saying that the Muslim mob, dressed in white robes and long beards, chanted: “We will kill the priest, we will kill him and no one will prevent us.”

One of their leaders was cited as saying they would “…cut him to pieces,” AINA reported.

The priest Father George Thabet, who was holding morning mass and was locked in the church with several parishioners. Security forces arrived five hours later and escorted the priest away in a police car to the Coptic Diocese in Minya.

Coptic youths who were attending mass remained inside St George’s church to defend it from Muslim attacks.

No police or security of any kind was present during the standoff, according to reports.

The archdiocese of Minya issued a statement deploring the incident and the “return of the Salafists to besiege St. George’s church again, some carrying weapons, threatening to kill the priest unless he leaves the village.”

The statement called on government officials and security authorities uphold rule of law and maintaining security in the country.

On 23 March, hardline Muslims had surrounded the 100-year old church, which was granted a renovation licence, and ordered the church officials to stop construction immediately and undo what they had completed, threatening to demolish the church if their demands were not met.

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Tim Howard calls all Spanish Gold Cup Ceremony a “Disgrace”

Goalkeeper Tim Howard was still upset after the U.S. lost the Gold Cup final, but his strongest reaction had nothing to do with the four goals Mexico slotted in his net.

After El Tri’s 4-2 victory at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif., Howard blasted CONCACAF officials for conducting the title ceremony in Spanish.

“CONCACAF should be ashamed of themselves,” Howard said. “I think it was a [expletive] disgrace that the entire postmatch ceremony was in Spanish. You can bet your ass that if we were in Mexico City, it wouldn’t be all in English.

“But that’s not why we lost the game. They’ve got some special players who put us in some bad situations.”

In addition to crediting Mexico’s talented playmakers for the victory, Howard was complimentary about the largely pro-Mexico crowd.

“It was a good crowd today,” Howard said. “They were up for it, doing the wave, it was what we expected. We know it’s going to be like this.”

Nonetheless, Howard seemed visibly upset when officials tried to line the U.S. up for a team photo after the ceremony was conducted in Spanish.

Asked about it afterward, he said: “It never ceases to amaze me all that stuff.”

Ben Spencer, a spokesman for CONCACAF, declined to comment about the situation.

After Michael Bradley and Landon Donovan scored to help the United States build a 2-0 lead, Mexico rallied behind two goals from Pablo Barrera to win its second straight Gold Cup title and sixth overall, qualifying El Tri for the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup, a preview of the 2014 World Cup.

“It’s a great crowd and it’s a great atmosphere,” U.S. coach Bob Bradley said. “Obviously, the support that Mexico has on a night like tonight makes it a home game for them. But it’s in the Rose Bowl, and we’re proud to be here, certainly we have some fans, but the overwhelming amount of support [for Mexico] is something that we expected and as a team we understand it’s part of what we’ve got to deal with tonight.

“It still makes for a great atmosphere.”

‘One dead, 10 injured in overnight shootings’ – Chicago or Baghdad?

Violence on Chicago’s south and west side claimed the life of one victim and wounded at least 10 others (an earlier headline had the number of wounded at 13).

For a few hours on Saturday night, the south side of Chicago resembled the streets of Baghdad with a hail of bullets gunning down at least 6 people in several incidents:

The one fatality occurred at 10:40 p.m. Saturday in the Englewood neighborhood, one of five shootings that occurred within 30 minutes Saturday night on the South Side. A man identified as Kent Richardson, 55, was fatally shot in the 6200 block of South Laflin Avenue, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office and police. He lived in the 1500 block of West 77th Street. He was pronounced dead at 12:43 a.m. at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn.

The string of South Side shootings began at 10:39 p.m. in the Back of the Yards neighborhood when two males were shot near the intersection of West 47th and South Ada streets, according to police News Affairs Officer Ron Gaines. They were taken to John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County. Their ages and conditions were not immediately known.

At 10:50 p.m. in the Back of the Yards neighborhood, a male suffered a gunshot wound to his abdomen near the intersection of West 44th Street and South Marshfield Avenue. He was listed in stable conditon at John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County.

Finally at 11:01 p.m. in the Back of the Yards neighborhood, a 24-year-old man was shot in the adbomen in the 4400 block of South Honore Street. He was listed in serious conditon at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Another South Side shooting occurred hours later, at 1:40 a.m. in the South Shore neighborhood. A 45-year-old man was driving when he suffered a gunshot wound to his shoulder near the intersection of East 76th Street and South Coles Avenue, according to police News Affairs Officer Ron Gaines.

On the west side, one incident resulted in 5 casualties.

The city’s recently hired police superintendent Garry McCarthy blames the violence on “government sponsored racism – or, the lack of gun control – which to his mind, is the same thing.

“So here’s what I want to tell you. See, let’s see if we can make a connection here. Slavery. Segregation. Black codes. Jim Crow. What did they all have in common? Anybody getting’ scared? Government sponsored racism. I told you I wasn’t afraid [of race]. I told you I wasn’t afraid.

“Now I want you to connect one more dot on that chain of the African American history in this country, and tell me if I’m crazy: Federal gun laws that facilitate the flow of illegal firearms into our urban centers across this country, that are killing our black and brown children.”

Actually, McCarthy is right – for the wrong reasons. As Howard Nemerov has pointed out on numerous occassions, gun control laws have historically been used to deny African Americans the right to bear arms to protect themselves. Black homicide rates in cities with the strictest gun control – like Chicago – prove his point.

A Liberal Tea Party?

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then perhaps Tea Partiers should be flattered that the likes of Van Jones, former–or perhaps still–September 11 “truther” and former “green” czar or environmental official in President Barack Obama’s (D) cabinet, is partnering with moveon.org to form a liberal tea party. To be called the American Dream Movement, so that

Americans can find jobs, afford to go to college, retire with dignity, and secure a future for their children and their communities.

Oh really? Well diligent, hard working Americans have been doing that for quite awhile but things have gotten worse under Jones’ former boss.

However, as Jones explained to Rachel Weiner of the Washington Post

We think we can do what the tea party did,” Jones said in an interview with The Fix. “They stepped forward under a common banner, and everybody took them seriously. Polls suggest there are more people out there who have a different view of the economy, but who have not stepped forward yet under a common banner.

Wrong. The Tea Party was a rather spontaneous movement galvanized, many think, by CNBC reporter Rick Santelli’s famous unscripted rant in February, 2009 video protesting the Obama mortgage bailout plan, complaining he didn’t think he should pay his neighbor’s mortgage. Santelli struck a chord with Americans tired of big, bigger government taxing them and then redistributing their money as distant government officials saw fit; penalizing hard workers’ and savers’ careful and responsible behavior, rewarding irresponsible behavior.

And as for “everybody” taking the Tea Party and its followers seriously; they were mocked, snidely tagged as teabaggers, a derogatory term, referred to as simple folk and of course the liberals’ favorite all around term against their opponents–racists. Tea Party favorites such as Sarah Palin was and is brutally savaged. It was only until Tea Party candidates scored some major upsets in last November’s elections that some took them seriously–by increasing the mockery.

Unlike Jones’ plans for his American Dream (sic) Movement, the Tea Party is rather amorphous and unorganized. But its message resonates.

But this is America and Jones and friends are free to organize. So do it.

But I don’t wish him success.