It’s working…

What’s working? Our Dear Ruler’s threat to hold back Social Security checks for seniors if the Republicans don’t cave in to unneeded tax increases on a deal to raise the debt ceiling. Never mind that there will be plenty of revenue to send out those Social Security checks on schedule … plenty. Obama knows that millions of seniors depend on those checks and that these seniors can be easily frightened by any politician who wishes to exploit that dependency. Dear Ruler is just such a politician.

So now we’re starting to get the story that seniors are shaken up and starting to demand that the GOP give into the Democrat demands for tax hikes. Now that’s a no-brainer. I think it’s fair to say that just about 100% of seniors who are dependent on their Social Security checks won’t be the least bit affected by an tax increase on people and small businesses earning over $250,000 a year. So the tax hike doesn’t matter. The Social Security check does.

I heard one wizened citizen say that her payments to Social Security were mandatory … so why can they just decide not to pay her benefits? Well here’s your surprise. Yes, you have to pay your Social Security taxes; but NO, the government does not have to send you your SS checks. There is no law which guarantees to you the payment of Social Security benefits. Now there’s where the GOP should go with this .. they should introduce and pass with all deliberate speed legislation in the House which states that certain obligations of the Federal Government will be paid before others. Perhaps debt obligations should come first. After all … Article IV of the Constitution does guarantee the payment of our country’s debt obligations. But what should be next? Let’s put Social Security payments as number one. Payments to active duty military as number two, and payments to veterans to number three. This law would mean that Social Security payments would be made BEFORE congressional or executive branch salaries, and before Air Force One gets refueled.

This legislation might not make it through the Senate – the Democrats control the Senate – and would certainly be vetoed by Dear Ruler. Why? Well think about it. How could Obama had threatened seniors with their Social Security payments if those payments were guaranteed by law? That is a card the Democrats play often, and a card the Democrats will not give up. So the Republicans should get this legislation in motion. One of two things happens: Either the legislation becomes law and the progs lose this particular card to play, or they show they aren’t really all that interested in seniors getting their payments in the first place.

Win-Win for the good guys.

Holder bragged about Operation Gunrunner in 2009

Holder bragged about Operation Gunrunner in 2009.

By: Barbara Hollingsworth | Local Opinion Editor | 07/09/11 10:33 AM

On May 3, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder testified before House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa’s committee that he only learned about the government’s sale of weapons to Mexican drug cartels “in the last few weeks.”
But Big Government found a 2009 speech by Holder on the Department of Justice’s own website that proves the attorney general was well aware of Operation Gunrunner back in 2009:

The problem with Holder’s feigned ignorance is that he gave a speech in Cuernavaca, Mexico, on April 2, 2009, in which he boasted about Operation ‘Gunrunner” and told Mexican authorities of everything he was doing to insure its success.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

Attorney General Eric Holder at the Mexico/United States Arms Trafficking Conference
CUERNAVACA, MEXICO ~ Thursday, April 2, 2009

Remarks as prepared for delivery.

First, let me express my thanks to Attorney General Medina Mora and Secretary of Government Gomez Mont for making this conference possible.

 This is my first trip to another country as Attorney General.   I wanted to come to Mexico to deliver a single message: We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you in this fight against the narcotics cartels.  The United States shares responsibility for this problem and we will take responsibility by joining our Mexican counterparts in every step of this fight. 

 And, together, we will win – thanks in large part to the courage of my Mexican colleagues here today, who are on the front lines every day, and with whom I am proud to collaborate.

 The topic that has been addressed over the past two days could not be more important – the development of an arms trafficking prosecution and enforcement strategy on both sides of the border.  

 I would like to thank the Mexican and U.S. experts who have worked so hard on this issue.  On our side, Secretary Napolitano and I are committed to putting the resources in place to increase our attack on arms trafficking into Mexico. 

 Last week, our administration launched a major new effort to break the backs of the cartels.  My department is committing 100 new ATF personnel to the Southwest border in the next 100 days to supplement our ongoing Project Gunrunner, DEA is adding 16 new positions on the border, as well as mobile enforcement teams, and the FBI is creating a new intelligence group focusing on kidnapping and extortion.  DHS is making similar commitments, as Secretary Napolitano will detail.

 But as today’s conference has emphasized, the problem of arms trafficking will not be stopped at the border alone.  Rather, as our experts emphasized, this is a problem that must be met as part of a comprehensive attack against the cartels – an attack in depth, on both sides of the border, that focuses on the leadership and assets of the cartel.  This is the type of full-bore, prosecution-driven approach that the U.S. Department of Justice took to dismantle La Cosa Nostra – once the most powerful organized crime group operating in the United States.  
 With partners like those we have here today, I am confident that together, we will defeat these narcotics cartels in exactly the same way.  I am proud to stand with you, and to join you in this fight.  Thank you again for inviting me here.

Quiero que el pueblo Mexicano sepa que mi nación está con ustedes en la lucha contra los narcotraficantes.

México y los Estados Unidos comparten mas que una frontera—compartimos cultura, sangre e intereses comunes. Somos hermanos unidos contra una batalla que ganaremos.

Tenemos que aprender de uno a otro, trabajar juntos y luchar juntos.  Si hacemos estas cosas, si nos dedicamos juntos a esta lucha, no tengo duda que tendremos éxito.

(Translation: I want the Mexican people know that my nation is with you in the fight against drug traffickers.

Mexico and the United States share more than a border-we share a culture, blood and common interests. We are brothers and sisters united against a battle that we will win.

We need to learn from one another, work together and fight together. If we do these things, if we together in this struggle, i have no doubt that we will succeed.)

Civil Disobedience 2011; Standing up to the TSA

In 1848 Henry David Thoreau wrote “Civil Disobedience,” his words hold a special significance for those of us who embrace freedom in this new age of governmental tyranny.

Those who while they disapprove of the character and measures of a government, yield to it their allegiance and support are undoubtedly its most conscientious supporters, and so frequently the most serious obstacles to reform.

Over the years we have seen our freedoms restrained and curtailed by an increasingly oppressive central government and since the current administration came to power the process has been accelerating at break-neck speed. Barack Hussein Obama and his comrades are on an unholy quest to remake America in their own Marxist image and our elected leaders have as yet offered scant resistance.

Fear and intimidation have become the preferred means of controlling the people and forcing them to comply with an ever increasing encroachment on our personal liberties. In 1776 John Adams wrote his “Thoughts on Government” and issued a warning that Mr. Obama had best take note of.

Fear is the foundation of most governments; but it is so sordid and brutal a passion and renders men in whose breasts it predominates so stupid and miserable that Americans will not be likely to approve of any political institution which is founded on it.

Lately a growing number of our fellow Americans have found the courage to speak out and stand up for the cause of liberty. We are witnessing a great reawakening of our American spirit in these troubling times and we are discovering new heroes in the battle to preserve our national character and our sacred way of life.

The Tennessean reports:

A 41-year-old Clarksville woman was arrested after Nashville airport authorities say she was belligerent and verbally abusive to security officers, refusing for her daughter to be patted down at a security checkpoint.

Andrea Fornella Abbott yelled and swore at Transportation Security Administration agents Saturday afternoon at Nashville International Airport, saying she did not want her daughter to be “touched inappropriately or have her “crotch grabbed,” a police report states.

After the woman refused to calm down, airport police said, she was charged with disorderly conduct and taken to jail. She has been released on bond.


“(She) told me in a very stern voice with quite a bit of attitude that they were not going through that X-ray,” Sabrina Birge, an airport security officer, told police.

“No, it’s not an X-ray,” she told Abbott. “It is 10,000 times safer than your cell phone and uses the same type of radio waves as a sonogram.”

“I still don’t want someone to see our bodies naked,” Abbott said, according to the police report.

At one point, Abbott tried unsuccessfully to take a video with her cellphone.

Although it may not have been the wisest course of action for Ms. Abbott to yell and swear at the TSA agents and I would not condone the verbal abuse of anyone who is merely following orders and attempting to comply with the requirements of their job, the continual abuse of the public at the hands of government officials is bound to elicit such behavior. Grandmothers, children and people with disabilities are routinely subjected to highly intrusive procedures in our airports while individuals who would fit the terrorist profile are waived through the checkpoint as those charged with our public safety religiously follow the politically correct and dangerous doctrine of the TSA.

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free. – Ronald Reagan

They who give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. – Benjamin Franklin

We the People will determine through our actions or inaction whether we remain a free people.

Bad economy? Blame the youth!

Alan Greenspan has a theory as to why our economy is failing to recover at a reasonable pace: young workers. Here’s his theory …

“[Baby boomers] are being replaced by groups of young workers who have regrettably scored rather poorly in international educational match-ups over the last two decades.”

“The average income of U.S. households headed by 25-year-olds and younger has been declining relative to the average income of the baby boomer population. This is a reasonably good indication that the productivity of the younger part of our workforce is declining relative to the level of productivity achieved by the retiring baby boomers. This raises some major concerns about the productive skills of our future U.S. labor force.”

Not only is Alan Greenspan right, but it gets worse … this is by design. We may actually be witnessing the first generation who will fail to achieve a higher quality of live than their parents. This is because the failure of our government education system to adequately prepare students for the economic challenges of our time. We have young people who have been hammered with leftist dogma about the evils of capitalism. They’ve been taught that profits are evil. The term “for-profit” has become an epithet in many government schools. Students today are often taught that America’s greatness comes from government – not from people living free to pursue their goals as far as they will take them in an economy based on economic liberty.

What most Americans don’t grasp is that this is all by design. This is exactly what our government schools were designed and created to do. The easily-documented purpose of government education in this country was to create good government subjects that could read manuals, follow orders and run machinery. Not that there is anything wrong with people who run machinery … but these government schools were not created in order to produce men of letters or scholars. And the teachers unions have sealed its fate by assuring that government education is more about providing paychecks for teachers and administrators than it is about actually teaching a darn thing to your children.

I would hate to believe that this generation will ensure that candidates like Barack Obama continue to be elected to the White House. But let me remind you of this fact: “Young voters preferred Obama over John McCain by 68 percent to 30 percent — the highest share of the youth vote obtained by any candidate since exit polls began reporting results by age in 1976.” Alan Greenspan is talking about the Barack Obama generation … a generation that believes they are owed everything because this is what they have been taught for years in their government schools and validated by mommies and daddies who sent them to soccer leagues where everyone got a trophy.

Just what we need .. more spending!

Earlier this week we had the tax cheat, Tim Geithner, tell us, “It’s going to feel very hard; harder than anything they’ve experienced in their lifetime now, for a long time to come.” Peachy! Then we get Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke telling us that the recovery “will likely remain moderate” for a while, with unemployment falling “only gradually.” Fantastic! Is it any wonder why 63% of Americans now believe that our country is headed on the wrong track?

But if you ask the Obama administration, this has nothing to do with their policies. Nope. Ben Bernanke managed to blame it on “temporary factors” including gas prices, increased food prices and the earthquake in Japan. Oh … and there’s Greece. While we are at it, why don’t we blame the lack of hiring by US businesses on our outdated patent process. Oh wait, we’ve already heard that one … from our Dear Ruler.

Why doesn’t Barack Obama acknowledge the fact that almost one-third of all corn that is grown in this country is now used to satisfy ethanol fuel subsidies? What kind of an effect is that having on food prices? Or why doesn’t Ben Bernanke acknowledge that his “quantitative easing” experiments have decreased the purchasing power of Americans? Federal Reserve Governor Alan Greenspan says that there is zero evidence that this giant inflow of money into the system has even worked .. unless you consider weakening the dollar a success. But now Ben Bernanke has told Congress that he plans on yet another round of “quantitative easing.” Oh joy!

Deficit cuts don’t matter unless we grow our economy

Under the esteemed leadership of Barack Obama, our federal deficit will break the $1 trillion mark for the third year in a row. At this point in the fiscal year, we’ve managed to acquire a $971 billion deficit. Just three years ago, this figure would have broken a record for the entire year of federal spending. Now we are spending that in just nine months.

So what if these clowns in Washington manage to come to a resolution on our debt ceiling, with $2 trillion in deficit reduction. None of it will even matter if we don’t grow our economy. The CBO estimates that the cumulative deficit over the next decade will be about $11 trillion. Keep in mind that the CBO analyzes these figures with a static view .. by law the CBO cannot allow for changes in economic behavior when tax rates go up or down. Nonetheless, let’s use this figure of $11 trillion over the next decade. If our economy continues to grow at just 2.25% of GDP, rather than the 3% that Obama predicts, our cumulative deficit will be closer to $13.7 trillion. For those of you who went to government schools, that is $2.7 trillion higher. So back to these deficit cuts … if we cut $2 trillion today but don’t get our economy moving again, it may all be for naught.

More numbers on the economy?

From the discussion in DC and in the media you would think that the only way to reduce our debt is either to raise taxes or to cut spending. How about growing the economy? That’s the way we balanced the budget the last time — the dot-com economy. I got out my ObamaCalculator – the calculator that goes up to $99,999,999,999,999 and started crunching numbers. In 2010 our economy was about $14.7 trillion. If we were to grow that economy by 5% this year, we would have $734 billion in economic growth. Historically our federal government consumes about 18% of the DBP through taxes. That would mean another $131 billion in tax revenues without tax increases.

Now … let’s use the magic of compounding. If we were to grow our economy by 5% per year for just 10 years it would yield $1.72 TRILLION in additional tax revenue … again, without raising rates or eliminating any deductions. Compare this to Dear Ruler’s increased taxes on corporate jet owners. That would yield $3 billion over the next ten years. That’s .17% of what we could get with a simple 5% increase in the GDP. If Brazil’s economy can grow that fast, so can ours — though perhaps not with a dedicated anti-capitalist in charge.

But wait! What about getting rid of the “Bush tax cuts” for the evil rich? Those hideous people earning over $250,000 a year? How much money would that bring in? Again — if the high-achievers don’t change their behavior with an increase in their taxes, it would bring in about $30 billion a year. That’s what, about $300 over ten years? Even if you use White House assumptions that this tax increase would cause our economy to actually grow, the total would get to $700 billion. Compare that to $1.72 trillion. You get the idea. The key here is economic growth .. but we clearly have a president who has no clue how to bring that about. After all, why does he want to grow the free enterprise economy that he so deeply despises?

Bottom line — if Obama would focus more on growing our economy and less on punishing people we rely on for economic growth we might get something done.