Positive intensity score

After the release of the latest Gallup polls, can you guess who has the highest positive intensity score in the GOP field of candidates? That is – people who know this person, like this person. The person with the highest positive intensity score out of all of the GOP candidates and potential candidates is Herman Cain.

With about 50% of respondents actually knowing who Herman Cain is, he has the strongest positive intensity score with about a 25 .. that’s four points higher than the next two candidates, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry. Rick Perry? Yup, Rick Perry. Even though he is not a declared candidate, Rick Perry has a pretty high positive intensity score, though his name recognition is relatively low compared to Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, etc. Some not so good news for Tim Pawlenty, who scored barely above a 10 on the scale.

To young voters…

This is for you young voters out there who are toying with the idea of voting for Barack Obama in 2012. For many of you, this will be your first election, and if the last election was any indication, voting for Barack Obama is going to be the “cool” thing to do on campus. Just ask your slightly older peers – the ones who DID vote in the last election for Barack Obama by a margin of 68% to 30% compared to John McCain. Why don’t you ask them how that worked out for them? Some of them may have already gone on to graduate and find a job … but many of them haven’t. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate among 20- to 24-year-olds has gone from 8.2% in 2007 to 15.5% in 2010. And while some may be finding jobs, only 65% of those employed say their job actually requires a college degree. Those of you getting your degrees in engineering, health, business and computer science may have a better chance. For those of you who are majoring in Women’s Studies or LGBTQ, you may want to make sure your parents don’t turn your bedroom into an office or something when you leave for school. You’ll be back. In a job market under Barack Obama, you can bet that a degree in Women’s Studies isn’t going to get you far at a time when employers are hunkering down and sitting on their thumbs. You need to make sure that you are useful. While you are practicing your speaking skills for your Russian major, you may also want to practice the phrase “do you want fries with that?”

So as you contemplate the next election, I want you to consider a few things.

1. Would you rather earn a paycheck then a welfare check? If the answer is “Yes,” then move on to question #2.
2. How much of that paycheck would you like to keep? Never thought about that, did you? You might say, “Well I want to keep the whole thing!” Would be nice, but that’s not reality. The government has all sorts of plans for your money.
3. The harder you work and sacrifice to earn more money, do you think that the government should be able to take more of that money and redistribute it to those who aren’t working as hard or at all for that money?
4. How long do you think you will have to work just to fund the federal government?

If Barack Obama and big-government politicians in Washington get their way, we increase the numbers in the moocher class – those dependent on government for their very existence – and fewer in the achiever class – those who manage to work an pay their own way. The more those productive people earn, the more the government will seize to fund its redistribution efforts. Why? Because that’s where votes come from – and votes create and preserve political power. The more people we have relying on the government, the more powerful politicians are in Washington. In order to keep that power, they must do one thing: spend more. But who is going to pay for all of this government spending? That’s an excellent question … you are! You will figure that out soon enough.

Americans between the ages of five and 30 have been dubbed the Debt-Paying Generation. YOU are the ones who are going to pay for big-government schemes, like those promoted by Barack Obama. You haven’t even started earning a living yet, and you are already $31,871 in debt. For those of you getting your degree in Women’s Studies, you will be lucky if you earn that in an entire year — make that two!

It’s even worse for your younger siblings; those around 5 years old right now. By the time they are 45 years old they will be responsible for $279,738 of federal debt. Over the next ten years of your life, as you enter the workforce and perhaps start a family, our federal debt will double from $9.1 trillion to $20.4 trillion. You can thank big government and the failed leadership of Barack Obama. In fact, right now the economy is creeping along at a snail’s growth rate of just 1.5%. Recently, the projections for future growth have been downgraded to about 2.25% for upcoming quarters. If the US keeps this up and averages a 2.5% growth rate over your lifetime, “you will end up in U.S. history as the generation that improved the least from the time you started to work to the time you retire” according to this analysis from the Heritage Foundation. Let me repeat that …

You young people — the Debt-Paying Generation between the ages of five and 30 – will end up as the least improved generation in US history if we keep this up.

What does this mean? It means that “you will marry later, have fewer children, poorer health, and lower incomes because you must pay the trillions in debt from excessive spending today and from the tsunami of debt coming from unfunded liabilities in Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid.” In America, generation after generation has worked to become better than the last in terms of quality of life. Your generation may single-handedly turn the tide. Your parents may have it better off than you ever will … unless you do something about it. Unless you get serious about tackling big government. Unless you get serious about electing politicians who value the private sector and its ability to help our country grow. Unless you get real about these unfunded entitlements. You can start by re-considering your vote for Barack Obama … a man who considers the private sector to be the enemy, has astronomically grown the size and scope of government and believes that earned wealth exists for the purposes of government redistribution.