Are Wisconson democrats and Graeme Zielinski Domestic Terrorists?

A Wisconsin Democratic Party spokesman has issued a hefty ultimatum to an independent state-level news outlet he thinks is biased: Admit your bias or feel the wrath of left-wing activists.

Wisconsin Democratic Party flack Graeme Zielinski told the Wisconsin Reporter’s bureau chief that the Party had a detailed plan for how to discredit the publication. Zielinski said the Democratic Party plans to contact editors and publishers of all news outlets that run the Wisconsin Reporter’s content and “let them know our deep concern about the obvious bias that permeates your entire operation.”

Zielinski said Democrats would also mobilize activists, including union members, to do the same. He added that the Democratic Party was also prepared to call the state Capitol’s press pool to request that the Wisconsin Reporter lose its press credentials.

“[W]e continue on until you actually admit to the truth of your operation,” he said.

Zielinski’s email indicates his threats are in response to his belief that a Wisconsin Reporter staffer quoted him from an “off the record” conversation. It’s unclear if the Wisconsin Reporter staffer agreed to keep that conversation off the record status, as it’s standard for both sides of a journalistic discussion to agree on whether or not an interview is fair game for publication. Wisconsin Reporter staffers have not returned The Daily Caller’s requests for comment.

When The Daily Caller reached out to Zielinski to ask him about specifics of his email, he declined to comment, instead saying he’s more focused on helping with recall elections in the state. “We’re in the final push for recall elections here,” Zielinski said in an email. “I’ll be happy to get back to you later this week or next.”

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Religious groups object to covering birth control

They defied the bishops to support President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul. Now Catholic hospitals are dismayed the law may force them to cover birth control free of charge to their employees.

A provision in the law expanded preventive health-care benefits for women, and the administration said last week that must include birth control with no copays. The Catholic Health Association says a proposed conscience exemption is so narrowly written it would apply only to houses of worship. Some other religious-based organizations agree.

“I call this the parish housekeeper exemption — that’s about all it covers,” said Sister Carol Keehan, president of the 600-member umbrella group for Catholic hospitals. “What we are trying to do is make workable the conscience protection the administration says it is willing to give.”

Most Catholic hospitals do not cover birth control for their employees, Keehan said, but in some cases they are required to by state law. Doctors caring for patients at the hospitals are not restricted from prescribing birth control.

The Health and Human Services Department is asking for public comment on its proposed conscience clause before making a final decision, expected later this year.

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Democrat Talking Points: Blame Regular Americans

It appears the new Democratic talking point on Friday’s S&P downgrade of the U.S. credit rating is to blame on the tea party, by referring to it as a “tea party downgrade.”

That phrase began to surface Sunday on morning talk shows, first with Democratic Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry and then with President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign adviser David Axelrod.

On CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Axelrod explained his interpretation of the downgrade. He argued it had more to do with the country’s politics and less to do with its finances.

“Well, first of all, let’s see how the markets react because I think there’s a broad consensus that this is still the safest place to put your money,” he said.

“You know, we can debate the strength of the analysis that they did, the history of S&P and so on. They made an egregious analytical error here but theirs was largely a political analysis. That’s what we should focus on because what they were saying is they want to see the political system work. They want to see a sense of compromise. They want to see the kind of solution that the president has been fighting for, a large solution that will team with the problem, that will be balance, that will include revenues, that will deal with some of our long-term issues. We still made some progress in the compromise that was struck on the debt. What they’re saying is we have to make more progress. In fact we do. That’s what the next few months is going to be all about.” (RELATED: Standard & Poor’s ratings head: U.S. could be downgraded even further)

During his appearance on “Face the Nation,” Axelrod also argued that in crafting a solution to America’s debt problem, lawmakers must address the problem “in a way that is fair to everyone” — by which he meant that he believed the wealthy had to put more skin in the game.

“First of all, there’s no doubt that the brinksmanship that we saw was atrocious and that contributed their analys,” Axelrod said.

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Liberals, Void of Ideas, Attack the Tea Party

Liberals are growing frustrated with President Obama’s soft response to the Tea Party after fractious negotiations over the debt limit led to the loss of nation’s AAA credit rating on Friday.

Republicans and Democrats have unleashed fusillades of attack against each other in the wake of the announcement but Obama has stayed quiet, frustrating his party’s base.

“It’s hard to see how we avoid a Tea-Party recession if the president who has the biggest megaphone in the country is not willing to speak clearly on the issue,” Justin Ruben, executive director of, told The Hill in a Saturday afternoon interview.

Ruben said Obama should never have allowed Tea-Party lawmakers in the House to treat a debt-limit extension as a concession to Democrats given the nation’s entire economy depended on it.

By accepting the threat of a national default as politically valid, Obama put himself at a major disadvantage in the talks, he said.

“It’s a terrible deal that will destroy jobs and big part of reason is because president accepted the premise that it was okay to hold economy hostage,” Ruben said. “Instead of saying, ‘this is outrageous’ and ‘You will not threaten the full faith and credit of the U.S.,’ and telling America what the Republicans are doing, he sat down and said, ‘let’s bargain’ and tried to show he was more reasonable.”

Ruben said a potential default should have never been within the parameters of the debate.

“That table should not have existed,” he said.

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Cartoonist Faces Jail-Time for Mocking Police in Animated Online Video

In a move that sounds frighteningly similar to what happens when someone speaks out against the powers-that-be in an authoritarian regime — police and city prosecutors in Renton, Washington are excercising what is being called an “extreme abuse of power.”

The town’s city prosecutor wants to actually send a cartoonist to jail for mocking the police department in a series of animated online videos.

According to KIRO7, the animations parody officers having sex while on duty and undue staff promotions among other things. And while the city is seeking to criminalize the cartoons, First Amendment rights advocates say the move is an “extreme abuse of power.”

KIRO Team 7 investigative reporter Chris Halsne reportedly uncovered a “key” document that reveals the city’s true intent:

The document was quietly filed in King County Superior Court last week. It’s a search warrant accusing an anonymous cartoon creator, going by the name of Mr. Fiddlesticks, of cyberstalking (RCW 9.61.260). The Renton Police Department and the local prosecutor got a judge to sign off as a way to uncover the name of whoever is behind the parodies. Halsne talked with three nationally respected legal experts who believe the use of the cyberstalking statute is likely stomping on the constitution.

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