2 thoughts on “Allen West: Ron Paul ‘Not the Kind of Guy You Need to Be Sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave’”

  1. This Guy is an Idiot, the only one qualified to lead this country is Ron Paul, he’s has more experience than anyone running, more experience then Obama, he has served his country, which I think is an important attribute in any president that is suppose to be commander and chief of our military. Ron Paul all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ron Paul means well but he is just a little too flaky. He says there is no reason why Iran shouldn’t have a nuclear weapon. Well, I can think of ONE good reason why not: Because they will have NO conscience about using it. And the “Potheads For Paul” parade at the 2007 Iowa Straw Poll didn’t impress me none, either. Ron Paul? No thanks.

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