Warren Buffett’s taxing the rich won’t solve deficit, says Tax Foundation

Taxing millionaires and billionaires more – a position advocated by billionaire Warren Buffett and President Barack Obama – won’t make much of a dent in the national debt or the record federal budget deficits, a new study finds.

“Even taking every last penny from every individual making more than $10 million per year would only reduce the nation’s deficit by 12 percent and the debt by 2 percent,” the non-partisan Tax Foundation’s David Logan writes.

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Capitol Police arrest Lemonade Freedom Day protesters

They set out to sell ice-cold lemonade, but now three Washington, D.C. protesters might need some legal aid.

Capitol police arrested three people Saturday afternoon for selling lemonade on the West Lawn of the Capitol Building. They were participating in “Lemonade Freedom Day” — a national demonstration against a spate of recent lemonade stand shutdowns by police and health inspectors.

According to the D.C. group’s Facebook event page, three lemonistas — Meg Mclain, K.n. Dill and Will Duffield — were taken into custody by Capitol Police. A spokesperson for the Capitol Police said they were each charged with failure to obey a police officer, unlawful conduct and vending without a permit.

The protesters were selling lemonade on the Capitol lawn, rather than the sidewalk. The selling of any item on Capitol grounds is prohibited. A video of the protest can be seen here.

Forbes counted at least nine recent examples of children’s lemonade stands being shut down for not having permits. (RELATED: Jefferson Memorial closed by police over free speech ‘dance party’)

Georgia police, for example, shut down a lemonade stand run by three girls who were saving money to go to a water park. Police told the girls they needed a business license, a peddler’s permit and a food permit to operate the stand, which each cost $50 per day or $180 per year.

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Maxine Waters: The Tea Party can go Straight To Hell

Leave Me Alone!!!!

The last two years have seen the battle for America’s future heat up exponentially. With the election of Barack Obama we have seen the socialist agenda shoved forward at a pace unimaginable a few years ago and the negative consequences of big government intervention are becoming obvious to all but the most mindless kool-aid drinkers. The TEA party movement, of which I have been a proud participant since the beginning, is a bold and wide reaching reaction of average Americans who have coalesced against big government intrusion and its consequences.

One of the problems we face as we attack the destructive monster that is our government is that it is involved in so many things; it is like a hydra with a thousand heads. As one attack on our liberty arises and we focus on it, ten more appear at the same time. It is impossible to keep up with it all. To know the minutia of all the legislation, the statistics and numbers involved in the arguments, the regulations and the people concerned is nearly impossible for the average America on even one issue, much less the hundreds that come at us at every level of government, all desiring to tear away a little more of our flesh.

The battle for the future and soul of America will be concluded by the end of this decade. We will either restore the vision of the founders and recapture the essence of liberty or we will complete our descent into the totalitarian nightmare, following Europe into chaos, violence, cultural and financial bankruptcy. For those of us who want to see our children inherit a free country, we must do more than fight a defensive holding action. We cannot be defined only by what we are against, we need to know and understand what we are for. We need to know, and be able to articulate, why freedom is better than slavery, why government is the problem and not the solution, why liberty and prosperity are two sides of the same coin. Instead of so many individuals swiping at a multitude of heads that only grow back, we need to develop a weapon of mass destruction, a set of core principles, that will be effective not only against the multitude of devouring heads but drive straight into the heart of the beast.

I believe that there are three crucial areas of action if we are to save our country for ourselves and our posterity. We must restore the moral foundations of our country by embracing capitalism unequivocally. To ensure our economic health and prosperity we need to terminate the Federal Reserve and return to sound money. To secure our future liberty we must confront, defeat and transform the totalitarian menace of our time, Islam. To detail this plan I have written “Leave Me Alone: A Patriot’s Plan for Restoring Pride and Prosperity in America.”

Ayn Rand said that capitalism is the only moral social system ever devised by man. I agree. The essence of what makes us human is our ability to make choices and own the consequences, positive or negative. Government intervention through the theft of the positive results and insulation from the negative through redistribution and regulation is immoral and results in all the detrimental consequences we see-destruction of the family, the rise of rude and immoral behavior, isolation, moral and financial bankruptcy. If government is restricted only to the protection of fundamental rights, as the Declaration of Independence states, we will not devolve into a Hobbsian nightmare of each man against his fellow. Without the inefficient, suffocating straightjacket of government intervention we will reconstruct the web of support that once defined our society-family, friends, community, church. We will unleash the innovative, entrepreneurial spirit that made American prosperity and opportunity the envy of the world.

Sound money is the foundation of prosperity. We need to understand how money works for most Americans are woefully ignorant of basic economics and have no idea how a central bank and fiat currency destroy the wealth of the average person for the benefit of the central bank and government. The Fed was supposed to protect the monetary system from inflation, smooth out the business cycle and end bank failures, among other things. The problem is, fractional banking is inflationary by definition, the Fed is destroying the dollar, the highs and lows of the business cycle have become much more intense and banks are still failing, only the taxpayers, you and I, back them up. A central bank is designed for only one purpose-to allow banks to reap private profits and socialize any losses. That is immoral. Real, lasting prosperity will return only when our economic direction is determined by three hundred million Americas and not by the oligarchs in the Fed or government who have shown themselves totally incompetent to perform a task, ensuring national prosperity, that is impossible for them by definition.

The third section of the book deals with the totalitarian menace of our time-Islam. Islam’s war against America, the West and the rest of the world did not begin with 9/11, the establishment of the state of Israel or European colonization. It began with Mohammed himself. For fourteen hundred years Islam has believed a good Muslim has a Koran in one hand and a sword in the other. Every time Islam has perceived weakness it has gone on the attack. We have weakened ourselves through our embrace of political correctness and multiculturalism, an absurd immigration and energy policy and a hamstrung military. While terrorism is the flashiest tactic in this war, the struggle is one of culture, western culture and Islamic culture, a culture of freedom and life and a culture of submission and death. To win the struggle we must confront Saudi Arabia’s export of Whabbism and Iran’s overt military tactics. We must defeat those who embrace terrorism. And if the future is to be secured, we need to encourage the American Muslims who have transformed Islam by relegating it to a matter of conscience, isolate it from foreign radicals so it can grow, and then export it as a viable competitor to the Saudi and Iranian versions.

Within each section are policy suggestions; ways for dealing with entitlements, education, energy, immigration, regulation, drugs and others, based on libertarian principles. We are seeing the failure of the socialist system in the West take place before our eyes. Europe is falling apart. America is broke. We can no longer lie to ourselves, we cannot make excuses. Our government is out of control and it is because we have either allowed it or asked for it. We must change as we expect our government to change. “Leave Me Alone” is my contribution to the struggle for liberty and the restoration of the American soul.

For lots of quotes, excerpts and ordering information, go to http://www.leavemealonenow.webs.com

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