Eric Cartman Saves Salisbury, MD from the occupy wall street hippies…….

The difference between the lazy occupy wall street people and the Tea Party

the occupy wall strett people keep asking the government for everything(i.e. the taxpayers) while the Tea party asks the government to get out of our way. Occupy wall street wants someone else to pay for their debts,, the tea party want to be able to live and not have the government suck the life out of everyone.

Let the lazy ignorant and stupid feed off of themselves. If they do not believe in God and believe in survival of the fittest, well then, the world will be a better place……………


The people who work for themselves and have a mind.

I Occupied Wall Street and All I Got Was This Lousy T Shirt

While the Illegal White Occupiers of Wall Street and Other Places in One Thousand Countries and Every Continent but Antarctica (thank you Diane Sawyer for that latter bit of misinformation) continue to whine and complain and spread garbage while denouncing the evils of capitalism, capitalism and the free market are profiting from Occupy Wall Street.

Get your Occupy Wall Street mementos–t shirts, bumper stickers, mugs and more. In 2021 they might be worth a lot of money as proof of the silliness and desperation in 2011 under the reign of President Barack Obama (D).

Use your money to hire someone .. or else?

In a column saying that the GOP solution is to “do nothing” Liberal E.J. Dionne bemoans the “failure of companies and individuals to invest and create jobs.” I’ve been hearing a lot of this from the left. Apparently there is something wrong with a business making a decision on whether or not to hire additional workers based on economic and business factors. The decisions should be made, I guess, based on social need.

Here’s the deal according to the left: A businessman has enough cash reserves to hire an additional worker, but there’s not enough business to warrant the extra payroll. Not only that, but the businessman is hesitant to hire right now because he’s concerned about the affects of ObamaCare and the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill on his ability to grow his business profitably. So he decides to sit and wait. Along comes a Democrat who tells him that he should be hiring someone because people need jobs, not because it makes economic and business sense.

Such is the essence of a command vs. a free market economy

Christian Girl Allegedly Raped & Beaten for Months By Men Tied to Militant Islamic Org

Reports indicate that a 12-year-old Christian girl was kidnapped and repeatedly raped for months on end by a radical Islamic group in Pakistan. The girl, whose name has been withheld (she is referred to as “Miss Anna” by at least one human rights group) to protect her privacy, was apparently abducted after a friend lured her onto a shopping trip.

But what originally started as a fun day out with her friend quickly turned ugly. Instead of going on a shopping spree, the young girl was driven 120 miles and was subsequently raped by the friend’s uncle back in January 2011. This was the beginning of what would become a tragic nightmare that has yet to conclude.

Two days later, the girl was purportedly forced to sign marriage papers, thus officially tying her to her captor. Then, she was purportedly beaten for refusing to convert from Christianity to Islam. What followed was an eight-month “prison” sentence during which she was held against her will.

Read more here.

Jobs bill spin

* Discerning Americans know just what Obama was up to with his so-called “jobs bill.” Here’s your Cliff Notes version:

* Your mantra is tax increases. As you have said on many occasions, you want tax increases not so much to raise revenue as to take money away from people you think don’t deserve it and give it to people who do.

* You engage in rhetoric over the course of a few years telling your followers that the rich “need to pay” their fair share of taxes.

* You change that rhetoric in recent months to the rich “are not paying” their fair share of taxes.

* You then read the polls which show that the majority of Americans have bought your rhetoric and believe taxes should be raised on the rich. Your class warfare campaign is working.

* You realize that the majority of Americans supporting tax increases on the hated rich gives you a grand political opportunity, so you create a tax increase bill to play to the envies of your voting base. You know the bill won’t pass … but that’s not the point. You’re looking for campaign points.

* You realize that if you couch the bill as a “tax increase” on the edge of a double-dip recession people will resurrect your statement that you “don’t raise taxes in a recession” and beat you about the head and shoulders with it.

* So you decide to take your tax bill and plug in some infrastructure work projects and give some money to local governments to pay teachers. Now you can call it a “jobs bill.”

* You travel the country spouting your “pass this bill now” catch phrase sprinkled with touches of your “the rich aren’t paying their fair share” class warfare rhetoric.

* Senate Republicans call for an immediate vote on the bill. This isn’t part of your plan, so you instruct your Senate majority leader to make sure the bill isn’t voted on … just yet.

* The bill finally dies in the senate when Republicans, along with a few Democrats, refuse to allow debate on the bill to proceed. The GOP is playing right into your hands.

* Now you have your class warfare campaign theme set to go. You proposed a plan to create jobs – though it was really just a tax hike bill – the GOP killed it. Now you can say that the Republicans killed a jobs bill to protect the rich from having to pay their fair share.

* You sit back and wait for the ObamaMedia to carry the message to the people.

So .. is the plan working out? Let’s take a look at what is now happening in the ObamaMedia:

Despite defeat, Obama’s jobs bill is popular. OK, so a great many of the uninformed dumb masses like Obama’s jobs bill and want it to be passed, right? Wrong. Once you actually read the article, it turns out that 30% of respondents said Congress should pass the legislation, 22% said “no it shouldn’t” and … 44% have no opinion. The plurality of people have either given up caring or are too busy watching Entertainment Tonight to have a clue what this jobs legislation is even about. Everyone keeps reminding us that jobs are top of mind, jobs jobs jobs! But when it comes to the president’s jobs plan, most Americans have no opinion on the matter?

What they do have an opinion on is tax increases, and the ObamaMedia will make sure that everyone knows that the people didn’t get the tax increase on the rich that they wanted. According to this NBC/WSJ poll, 64% of respondents agree that it is a “good idea to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations, because they should pay their fair share and can afford to pay more to help fund programs and government operations.” I would bet that 100% of this 64% couldn’t tell you what is considered “fair share.” Nor could they tell you that the top 1% earns about 19% of the income and pays about 38% of all federal income taxes. Nor could they tell you that our tax system is already the most progressive system when compared to the top OECD countries. Nor could they tell you that those evil corporations are paying the highest corporate tax rates in the world. Looks like these 64% of respondents are about as intelligent as the Occutards occupying Wall Street.

Don’t you just love it when a class warfare plan comes together?