The New Vile and Disgusting Hippie Movement has Invaded Salisbury Maryland

If I did not laugh at these idiots, I would have exploded. I do understand idiots are running this country into the crapper, although, I had no idea that the bottom 50% who pay NO taxes, in fact, pay all the taxes. I am confused. The stupid people who vote those into office who make policies that cause the problems, are now demonstrating against those very policies from the people they put into office. Is this the twilight zone? The very people who cause the problems are now demonstrating against those from whom they get their benefits? WTF? Going Galt makes more sense now than ever.

My message to the liberal idiots ruining this country, Kiss My Azz! I am tired of YOU! I am tired of working to feed YOU. I am responsible for me and my family, not you and yours. get a job, get a life, and freaking learn some history. You should be ashamed your picture is on this post. You are pathetic, lazy and stupid people. God have mercy on your soul, because I am too worn out working to care what happens to you, AnyMore!

America was made great by people at polar opposite of your thinking. I must say, I am ashamed that these type of people call themselves Americans. Shame on Liberals. Shame on the lazy, arrogant and pathetic people who NEED government to take care of them. Shame on the violent, lazy, arrogant, ignorant and stupid communist of America and of the world.

At least they did not defecate all over downtown Salisbury like they have all over America and across the world.

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Author: AKA John Galt

A small business owner, a tea party organizer, a son, father and husband who is not willing to sell out the future lives of his children.

36 thoughts on “The New Vile and Disgusting Hippie Movement has Invaded Salisbury Maryland”

  1. I thought Salisbury had smarter people than this………. Guess not, there are useful idiots everywhere.
    Your post was absolutely correct.!!

  2. I see that intelligence runs rampant on your blog, my friend. (BTW, that’s a bit of sarcasm in case you didn’t pick that up.) As far as you comments and the “PJ” comment, I think they speak for themselves. You have no knowledge of who I or my colleagues are. I probably won’t be making too many comments on your blog, because, quite simply, you are a prejudiced, bigoted loud mouth without the understanding or intelligence to write anything that makes sense. Your writing is mostly made up of cliches of ideologic nonsense that provides no insight or support. Your lack of understanding is only surpassed by your high school attempts at insults. I guess the appropriate response…something you would understand, is “sticks & stones will hurt my bones, but words will never harm me!” Or, “I’m rubber, you’re glue, everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you!” Perhaps you especially are fond of, “Nani-nani booboo, you can’t get me!” Hey…enjoy your nonsense and have a great day!

  3. BTW…I resent your characterization of “vile and disgusting hippie movement.” I may be vile, and possibly disgusting…however, I am no hippie! LOL Although, 40 years ago, I was involved in the anti-war and disabled rights movements. Lest you forget, or if you didn’t bother being in school for that day, when they talked about the 60s and 70s…the anti-war movement ended the war in Vietnam. The most patriotic action anyone can take is to peacefully assemble and seek redress of their grievances. Why do you think the founding fathers included that in the US Constitution? By criticizing and belittling such actions, YOU are the anti-American who needs to be watched and criticized…you are one of the most dangerous individuals in regard to our freedom in America!

  4. These protesters wanted Harris to support the jobs bill. This bill contained tax cuts and relief for small businesses like yours. Seems to me you should have joined them.

  5. @miguel—don’t you realize that ideologues like…… don’t read anything? It doesn’t matter what the bill says, since ideology is more important than facts or statistics to them. GOP strategists even have a name for these people: “Limited Information Voters” – and the strategists (along with Faux News) absolutely loves them! Consider: here are folks that accept, without question, whatever their “leaders” tell them (Myrmidons, right “PJ”?) and don’t need any backup support! WOW! Makes the GOP’s/Tea Party’s job a lot easier…less expensive and less time-consuming!

  6. OK…so, let’s hear something intelligent from the expert! Of course, I need more than just your beguiling ability to belittle and demean. Up to this point, I haven’t seen anything from you that is supported by facts, statistics or reality. For instance, who do you support for the GOP nomination? Let’s start with that…

  7. I received an email that had the following statement from you, “PJ”: Read the cbo report. it is not my job to educate you on the truth.

    I think it was in reply to something Miguel posted, but I don’t see it here. In any event, my response is that you are holding yourself out as an authority on the Tea Party (Libertarians?) and it’s positions, so unless you’re just here to antagonize and insult people, I would think you’d be happy to “educate” the ignorant masses. Isn’t that how we enter into an “intelligent” conversation? Unless you’re not interested in that!

  8. Before Occupy Wall Street: Obama Hasn’t Created Any Jobs
    Now: (And I Quote) “get a job, get a life, and freaking learn some history.”.

    Some continuity would be wonderful.

    Also the lowest 50% of the population only has about 10% of the wealth in this country. If we taxed them EVERYTHING THEY HAD, it would not match the $700 billion we would gain in revenues from raising taxes 4% on people making over $250,000 annually.

    And America was made great by liberals who were looking for change, not be conservatives who fear it. Otherwise we would still be under British rule.

      1. You’re kidding, right?? “Conservatives created this country?” What planet are you from? Oh…you must be reading the Texas textbook on American History. Ask King George if HE thinks that the Americans were Conservatives! HAH! They were revolutionaries, and the most liberal thinkers of the day!!

        PLEASE do some research before you post some more ludicrous and incorrect bullshit! You never know when a mindless bumpkin will read it and believe you! LOLOL!

      2. You are confusing the dictionary definition of liberal with what liberals are today. I expect a basic level of understanding from comments. You are really
        letting me down. I will not allow you and your friends to dumb down this blog.

      3. I have no idea who you mean by “your friends”, number one. And, number two, you’re too late…everyone I’ve asked about you said you and your blog are already about as “dumbed-down” as they can get!

        As a matter of discussion, we could actually say that our Founding Fathers, depending upon who you are referring to, and what issue, were both, “liberal” and “conservative.” Libertarian (“classical liberal) concepts can be found in writings, as well as what modern day liberals would term “liberal.” It’s almost impossible to classify the Founding Fathers under one umbrella. Some wanted a strong centrist government (i.e. Adams), while some wanted to be as far away from a “monarchal-type government” as possible. They wanted checks and balances, so no ONE individual could control, as in the King of England (although he was going through a revolution, of sorts, in his own country, with a Parliament that wanted more power for themselves).

      4. Conservatives, by definition, want things to remain the same or change things only moderately. That is why Fox news talks about the way things used to be so often. Liberals want things to change. No why that does not always mean for the better, it does mean different. If you were conservative in 1770’s, odds are you would have dressed up as an Indian, trespassed onto a ship and preformed the most celebrated act of vandalism/grand larceny in American history.

        And as for your ill-informed “class warfare” comment, the poor aren’t the won who started it, so don’t get upset when we fight back.

  9. I apologize, the actual figure for the bottom 50% of the country is actually on 2.5% according to business insider while the top 1% have 33%.

    1. Excellent point, Mike!! These fellows like to think themselves great Constitutionalists…unfortunately, they, hypocritically, think that the Constitution only applies to them. I have respect for people who truly believe what they say they do, and practice it; but, these guys have no hint about what America is, was or should be.

      As I’m sure you know…and “THEY” should know…it’s not the President’s role to “create jobs”…that’s supposed to be the role of Congress, however, the GOP/Tea Party Congress wants to ignore the plight of the millions of unemployed and focus, instead, on wasting time with anti-abortion legislation that seeks to let women die in their own pools of blood!

      I wouldn’t call these fellows Constitutionalists…more like Constipationists!! 😉

  10. “the liberal idiots ruining this country”

    Gee whiz.. I thought it was the conservative idiots who have been running this country for the last 30 years! I stand corrected! I think the definition of an idiot was a person who continues to try the same thing over and over expecting a different result was an idiot. Again I stand corrected.

    Here’s what these “liberal idiots” have been doing:
    * Free markets to outsource all our jobs to China
    * Deregulation of the banks to make a buck foreclosing on all the people who were sold mortgages they could never afford. Who cares if the housing market collapses.
    * Small government to see to it that the deregulation continues.

    Yep.. We need more of this. It is certain to fix the problems it created!

    I’m converted.. Now stand officially corrected.

    A liberal idiot!

  11. BTW…I think I’ve been your biggest commenter on your blog, so what’s your problem?? Don’t really believe in the 1st amendment?? You’re welcome to comment on my blog…

  12. Beyond the fact that your blog is filled with only unsubstantiated rants which have no more substance than a grade school bully— you’re so steeped in whatever talking points you have memorized that you can’t even unite your brain with what your eyes are seeing.

    What is more than laughable here is that you are calling the well-dressed, pleasant looking people here “vile and disgusting” and part of a “hippie movement”? I hate to inform you but the 60’s are long gone.

    Let’s look at a few of your comments:
    “America was made great by people at polar opposite of your thinking.”
    Where is your proof of that statement. The fact is that patriots of both conservative and liberal views both created this nation. The debate started even before we had a nation as documented by even most school textbooks. But yet we were able to create a nation albeit imperfect, but with the ability to grow and evolve through intelligent debate and discussion. Granted all too often from the start there was much heated rhetoric as we have here now, but there was also reasoned debate that has ebbed and flowed over the years.

    It would be great if instead of hurling insults and epithets at random to these protestors– that you could state intelligently your points of opposition to what you think they are protesting about. Why not for a change try to start an honest discussion and debate about issues between one another than this childish exchange of who is the worst or as you say the most “vile and disgusting”.

    It’s too easy, too sad and too childish to resort to this nonsense. Be the bigger person here. Start a real discussion.

    “Shame on Liberals. Shame on the lazy, arrogant and pathetic people who NEED government to take care of them. Shame on the violent, lazy, arrogant, ignorant and stupid communist of America and of the world.”

    Where is your proof of such shameful thoughts? If what you say is true than I guess you would at least lump one of our greatest Presidents, Theodore Roosevelt, a Republican in with these “pathetic people” who used his power as President to stop the devastating impact of corporate monopolies that were as they are now costing American’s their jobs and ability to provide for their families. There are times where government is indeed NEEDED to stop the greedy from destroying the lives of our nation’s citizens. T.R. himself was the first Presidential candidate to propose universal health care. Was he the poster-boy for the take charge American can-do spirit, ” lazy, arrogant and pathetic” or a “stupid communist”? The same for Richard Nixon who proposed a plan for healthcare coverage faaaaar more comprehensive than President Obama’s. So, I guess that Republican President Nixon too was “vile”, “disgusting” and most laughable of all a “communist”!!?

    “At least they did not defecate all over downtown Salisbury like they have all over America and across the world.”

    You do realize of course that this awful and bizarre rant against fellow citizens who are merely exercising their rights as Americans to dissent has far more in common with the extreme tactics of slander and innuendo of the Nazis. Joseph Goebbels knew how to spew and spread hatred among the people who too willingly accepted it and took it for truth. He portrayed all he wanted to destroy as rats and vermin. A clever image not to unlike the one you use here. The Nazis used these hateful images too well as we know in turning their people against one another hence the murder of millions of Jews, Catholics, Homosexuals, anyone who disagreed with their beliefs and later millions from all over the world. Never was it more clearly displayed amongst their own people than in the sham trials that took place when the conspirators of the Valkyrie plot were caught and “tried”.

    In the end this type of rhetoric goes nowhere. I’m sadly feeling that if you read this, all I’m likely to read is more of the same. I sure wish that you or anyone else who disagrees with me or anyone from a different pov, could at least take the time to do so reasonably. We are all entitled to our opinions. We all have the right to speak our minds, discuss, debate and dissent. It is a sacred right in this country. Why can’t we do that here, right now on this blog? The other style of who can shout down the other or who can come up with the greater insult leads nowhere but an endless cycle of hatred and accomplishes nothing. It rather only benefits those in power who in many cases if you read history are politically on neither side of the aisle, but rather use the two party system and the media to create an ideological hatred between the people to divide and distract. The irony for example about how many liberals believe in a right-wing media and the conservatives a left-wing media is very telling. My belief is that it is controlled by those who just use the rhetoric and the two-party system to their own ends. And then we fall right into it as we soak up those hateful talking points and spew them at one another instead of trying to have an intelligent debate.

    Why not here? Why not now?

    My own personal feeling is that those in charge of the media which I feel includes people on both sides of the political spectrum (or really they are people who use both sides of the political spectrum) do all they can to keep people in this nation divided and separate

  13. @Delmarva Progressive………..After reading your posts, it seems you are a typical, bitter, liberal. What IS your problem? Facts and statistics getting in the way of your BS? You WERE a lawyer? You had Orthopod issues? Whoop-Whoop………….. So do many people. You seem to have a problem with PJ, and a Mike Staf, and others who post here? Don’t meet your superior intelligence??? What has been done to you? They are making a statement, clearly YOU disagree with, that’s it.

    ………Are you GOD? I think not

    Quite the smart ass, aren’t you? Feel better, NOW? Liberals appear to me, to be quite shallow people………..myopic at best.
    Shut up and go take your medicine.
    These blogs are too strange for ME……………..YUK!

    1. @NotALemming…Your name is obviously a misnomer, right? Regarding the rest of your post, I rest my case…you attack me, personally, because you cannot discuss the issues intelligently. THAT’S always the way of the right-wing. You’ve come up with wonderfully funny epithets…now, I challenge you to provide such ability in the issues that plague this country!

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