Paul Calls for End to Federal Student Loan Program

Republican presidential contender Ron Paul said Sunday he wants to end federal student loans, calling it a failed program that has put students $1 trillion in debt when there are no jobs and when the quality of education has deteriorated.

Paul unveiled a plan last week to cut $1 trillion from the federal budget that would eliminate five Cabinet departments, including education. He’s also wants young workers to be able to opt out of Social Security.

The student loan program is not part of those cuts, but Paul said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he’d kill the loan program eventually if he were president. That could put him at odds with some of his young followers, many of whom are college students.

Paul blamed government intervention in the economy for rising tuition.

“Just think of all this willingness to want to help every student get a college education,” said Paul, who graduated from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania before earning a medical degree at the Duke University School of Medicine. “I went to school when we had none of those. I could work my way through college and medical school because it wasn’t so expensive.”

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Occupy Wall Street Protesters Target Obama ‘Jobs Czar’ and GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt

Occupy Wall Street protesters vented their frustrations in front of General Electric CEO and White House “jobs czar” Jeffrey Immelt’s tony Connecticut home Saturday, the Connecticut Post reported.

Nearly 80 protesters gathered in front of Immelt’s front lawn to chant anti-corporate slogans, having been bussed in from Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park. They were joined by local labor unions and protesters from other nearby Occupy demonstrations.

“In the land of the free they tax me but not G.E.!” an invitation to the “field trip” read. “General Electric made billions last year; they paid no taxes, outsourced thousands of jobs, and got over $3 billion in tax refunds! Join us on a FREE bus-trip to G.E’s CEO’s front lawn to see how our friends in the 1% live.”

Earlier this week, The Blaze reported that Immelt said he sympathized with the Occupy protesters.

“Unemployment is 9.1 percent. Underemployment is much higher than that, particularly among young people that don’t have a college degree,” Immelt said. “It is natural to assume that people are angry, and I think we have to be empathetic and understand that people are not feeling great.”

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Occupy Dayton Protester: ‘F*** the Military, F*** Your Flag, F*** the Police’

Are incendiary threats made on Facebook protected by First Amendment?

Falsely shouting “fire” in a crowded theater is not protected by the First Amendment. But what about shouting “fire” on Facebook?

That in a nutshell is a case currently before a federal jury in Pennsylvania. The peers of a former theme park operations supervisor are charged with determining whether threats he posted on his Facebook page are protected by his First Amendment rights.

The case, which began last Monday, centers on the antics of Anthony D. Elonis, who in the space two months in 2010 lost his job and his marriage.

The Philadelphia Inquirer website reports:

Elonis took to venting his rage with threats on his Facebook page. His postings, often in the form of rap lyrics, do not make pleasant reading.

Among his postings are this one, directed at his wife, who sought a restraining order after walking out on him: “Fold up your PFA [protection-from-abuse order] and put it in your pocket. Is it thick enough to stop a bullet?”

Of his former employer, Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom, he wrote: “Someone once told me that I was a firecracker. Nah, I’m a nuclear bomb and Dorney park just [expletive] with the timer.”

And then there’s this gem:

That’s it, I’ve had about enough

I’m checking out and making a name for myself.

Enough elementary schools in a ten mile radius to initiate the most heinous school shooting ever imagined.

Since Elonis’ rants were posted on a public page, anyone could freely access them. Among those who did were the FBI, who dispatched an agent to his home.

The centerpiece of Elonis’ defense is context. His attorney, Benjamin B. Cooper, told the jury during opening remarks, “It’s a question of the circumstances. My client was under a lot of duress.” In addition, Elonis framed his postings as fictional, calling them “raps,” which Cooper argues is a “disclaimer” to readers.

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Brutal ‘Honor Killing’ Described in Canadian Trial for Muslim Father Accused of Murdering Three Daughters & Wife

A Canadian jury heard chilling details from prosecutors who accuse Afghan immigrant Mohammad Shafia of killing his three daughters and his first wife, whom he considered to be dishonoring the family. Prosecutors say his son and his second wife helped him commit and then cover up the crime.

On June 30, 2009, the bodies of 19-year-old Zainab Shafia, 17-year-old Sahar Shafia, 13-year-old Geeti Shafia and 50-year-old Rona Amir Mohammad were found inside a Nissan submerged in a canal in Kingston, Ontario. They were on their way home from a family trip to Niagara Falls.

CTV reports on the opening day of the trial:

Crown prosecutors began framing the deaths of three teenage girls and their father’s first wife as an “honour killing” in an Ontario courtroom on Thursday, more than two years after the victims were found submerged in the Rideau Canal near Kingston, Ont.

It‘s expected that the honour killing narrative will be key to the prosecution’s case against the accused family members: Tooba Mohammad Yahya, 41, husband Mohammad Shafia, 58, and son, Hamed Mohammad Shafia.

All three face four counts each of first-degree murder, and all three have pleaded not guilty to those charges.

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The United States of Mexico?

American students now pledge allegiance to Mexico. They sing its national anthem. And it is sanctioned by the state of Texas. Sound absurd? It is. Last month in a Spanish class at Achieve Early College High School in McAllen, Texas, students recited the Mexican pledge of allegiance and were instructed to memorize the Mexican anthem. Moreover, they had to wear red, white and green – the colors of the Mexican flag – as they fulfilled their class assignment. Public high schools no longer promote American patriotism, but they are doing a superb job of cultivating loyalty to Mexico.

Sophomore Brenda Brinsdon refused to participate. “I just thought it was out of hand; I didn’t think it was right,” she told the Blaze, which first reported the story. “Reciting pledges to Mexico and being loyal to it has nothing to do with learning Spanish.”

She’s right. When she complained, however, to the school’s principal, Yvette Cavazo, Miss Brinsdon was told it was part of the curriculum. According to Texas’ state education standards, students must acquire “knowledge” of foreign cultures and use language to enhance their “understanding.”

“The students came away with a better understanding of the culture, heritage and customs of a neighboring country where Spanish is the primary language,” school district spokesman Mark May said.

This is treasonous; American students are being indoctrinated to revere and pledge their loyalty to a foreign government. Such is the logical consequence of multiculturalism and modern liberalism.

For decades, spending on public education has soared. America spends more per capita than almost any other country in the West. The results: On international test scores, U.S. students continually lag behind their European and Asian counterparts, especially on math and science. Many students who graduate from high school are barely literate. They know next to nothing about the Constitution, American history or basic civics. U.S. public schools are not properly teaching writing and reading in English. Why do schools promote the learning of Spanish and a foreign culture when many U.S. students are deficient in understanding their own language and civilization? Santa Anna trumps George Washington.

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OWS ‘are basically white kids’

Columnists and reporters have been falling over themselves trying to analyze how the Occupy Wall Street protests compares to the tea party movement. But they’ve failed, says the Rev. C.L. Bryant, to treat both movements fairly.

In a compelling interview with The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas, Rev. Bryant laid out the differences he sees between the two movements and how the media is treating them.

“It’s amazing to see that the ‘occupiers’ of Wall Street are basically white kids, and they’re dressed fairly well — there are some out there who are kinda scruffy — but I don’t see the media bringing up the fact that there are no black folks in it,” he said.

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Occupy Wall Street Spreads to…Tehran? OWS Wants Death to America?

Islam and Terrorism Rising

Tunisian voters poured into polling stations to vote on Sunday in their country’s first free election, 10 months after a vegetable seller set fire to himself in an act of protest that started the Arab Spring uprisings.

The leader of an Islamist party predicted to win the biggest share of the vote was heckled outside a polling station by people shouting “terrorist” — highlighting tensions between Islamists and secularists that are also being felt in other countries touched by the Arab Spring.

Mohamed Bouazizi’s self-immolation, prompted by his despair at poverty and government repression, provoked mass protests which forced President Zine al-Abidine to flee Tunisia. This in turn inspired revolts in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria.

Rachid Ghannouchi, leader of the moderately Islamist Ennahda party, took his place in the queue outside a polling station in the El Menzah 6 district of the capital.

“This is an historic day,” he said, accompanied by his wife and daughter, who were both wearing hijabs, or Islamic headscarves. “Tunisia was born today. The Arab Spring was born today.”

But as he emerged from the polling station, about a dozen people shouted at him: “Degage” French for “Go away,” and “You are a terrorist and an assassin! Go back to London!”

Ghannouchi, who spent 22 years in exile in Britain, has associated his party with the moderate Islamism of Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan. He has said he will not try to impose Muslim values on society.

But the party’s rise is worrying Tunisia’s secularists who believe their country’s liberal, modernist traditions are now under threat.

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