Seattle’s Masked Superhero Loses Job Working With Autistic Kids After Arrest

Seattle’s self-styled superhero Phoenix Jones lost his job working with autistic children after his arrest on an assault charge last month for allegedly pepper-spraying a crowd.

Jones-real name-Benjamin John Francis Fodor — was released on bond after the Oct. 9 incident. He said he was trying to break up a fight and later attacked. He hasn’t been formally charged, though his case remains before a city attorney.

Despite the lack of formal charges, Washington‘s Department of Social and Health Services contacted Fodor’s employer after his arrest and asked he be removed from working with any vulnerable children while his case is pending, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported.

“The provider was asked to remove him from any cases that we had,” DSHS spokeswoman Sherry Hill told the newspaper.

As a result, Fodor lost his job working with autistic kids, ranging from age 4 to 18.

“I had to leave work in the middle of the day,” he told Publicola. “It was embarrassing.”

Hill said Fodor is not permanently barred from working with children, but the department wanted to “err on the side of caution” by alerting his employer about the assault investigation.

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Control of the Occutards

In Oakland … unions have exerted strong control. Result? Bombs being thrown at police. I told you at the beginning that Obama’s Children at these various occupy sites would be viewed by experienced leftists as what Lenin called “useful idiots,” ready to be used to promote certain causes. Looks like labor unions have an edge here……

Oakland Liberation Front Leaflet Slams Pacifists as Wimpy ‘Unpaid Soldiers’ of the Banksters

A pamphlet from a group calling itself the “Oakland Liberation Front” has surfaced that mocks any pacifists in the Occupy Oakland movement and calls for violence to achieve the “complete annihilation of capitalism.”

Given the past 24 hours in Oakland, which has seen destructive, violent riots and general chaos at the hands of the Occupiers, the underlying sentiments of the frightening flyer below seem completely in line with the goals of Occupy Oakland.

The pamphlet makes a series of statements about non-violent resistance, then lists a number of accusations about pacifists in the movement, including: “You are the subject that divides under the guise of unity and the people,“ and ”you are their unpaid soldiers.”

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Government schools don’t need more money

It’s been a little too long since I have harped on government schools. I only do it in hopes that at least one responsible parent will take their child out of the hands of the government to be educated. This is absolutely a reason why 40% of young Americans do not believe that they can make a better life for themselves than their parents. With a government education, they may be right.

So what is the solution? According to Democrats, spend more money to hire more government school teachers and build better schools. There’s only one, minor, teeny, tiny little problem with this theory. Throwing more money hasn’t been the solution to improving government education for decades, what makes us think it will be different this time around?

The truth is that spending on government education has increased 375% over the last four decades. Per pupil spending has gone from $5,671 in 1970 to $12,922 in 2007-2008. That’s a 128% increase in per pupil spending. And when it comes to hiring more people to staff government schools, employment has increased at 10 times the rate compared to student enrollment. The number of school administrators per pupil has doubled.

Yet Barack Obama and the Democrats say that it is imperative we pass a $35 billion jobs bill to put teachers back into the classrooms. Guess what else he won’t tell you about these teachers? They are being compensated at a 50% greater rate than private sector employees. That’s right. A new study by the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute has run the numbers on teacher compensation. They found that contrary to popular belief, “public-school teachers receive total compensation more than 50 percent greater than that of private sector employees – if you take into account benefits, job security, summer vacations and other factors. This means that the taxpayers are being charged $120 billion ever year over market value for these government school teachers. The study found that “teachers who switch to teaching from other jobs get a 9 percent pay rise, while people who leave teaching typically take a 3 percent pay cut.”

Why we need the Republican Party

I was amused to read The Daily Times editorial, “Tax hikes would hurt” on Nov. 1. The description of our “lame duck” governor’s proposals to triple the Flush Tax, add 15 cents to the gas tax and increase car registration and emission fees by 50 percent is typical for a politician on the way out.

One wonders if our esteemed leader would be so thus inclined if he were running for re-election.

On the same page of the newspaper, butted up to the tax hike opinion article, appeared Donald G. Griffin’s view that “Republicans and George Bush have caused our problems.” His solution is to eliminate the GOP — “they have been around for too long.”

Mr. Griffin’s shortsighted view is lopsided, to say the least.

May I be so bold as to describe what the country would look like if we got rid of the GOP. It would look like Maryland on a grander scale.

Ralph Cordrey


Swiss Muslim Activists Sport Nazi-Style Yellow Stars to Protest Discrimination

Swiss Muslim activists took to the streets of Bern over the weekend to protest policies they characterize as discriminatory. But it wasn’t their demonstration that got the attention, rather their wearing yellow stars on their clothing resembling the symbol Jews were forced to wear during the Nazi era.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) reports some 2,000 showed up to Saturday’s rally sponsored by the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (ICCS):

Protesters wore a yellow star sticker printed with the word “Muslim” reminiscent of the one that the Nazis forced Jews to wear during the Third Reich. Some protesters constructed a plastic model of a mosque with minarets, which are banned in Switzerland.

Edith Bino, president of the Jewish community in Bern, told the Basler Times that she found the use of the yellow star “so obviously wrong that it could not be taken seriously.”

And Yves Kugelmann, editor in chief of the Jewish newspaper Tachles, said he found the choice of symbols “simply idiotic.”

“It is regrettable when legitimate concerns are raised using false comparisons,” Kugelmann told the Basler Times. He said that discrimination against Muslims is a theme that must be taken seriously in Switzerland, “but not in this cheap way.”

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