Penn St. Coach May Have Been ‘Pimping’ Out Boys to Donors

* Local radio host says there are “rumors” the Penn St. coach at the center of child rape allegations may have been “pimping out” boys, affiliated with the charity he worked for, to donors.
* The host, Mark Madden, has been right before: he was the first person to break the news about the scandal seven months ago.
* Madden also says it could be revealed that the coach, Jerry Sandusky, was told “he had to retire in exchange for a cover-up.”

If you think the Penn St. University rape scandal involving a coach and several young boys is new news, think again. Back in April, a Pittsburgh radio host named Mark Madden wrote a story about coach Jerry Sandusky and the allegations, and alleged that the university could have had covered it up. Parts of his article were almost prophetic:

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Wrongly accused of murder in Iraq, a former Marine looks for redemption on the campaign trail

Ilario Pantano, a former Marine who was wrongly accused of murdering two Iraqis in 2004, is looking to become the first Republican to represent North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District since Reconstruction.

Pantano has what might be the most unusual resume of any candidate running in 2012. The son of an Italian immigrant, he was raised in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City, then a rough-and-tumble neighborhood that lived up to its name. He attended the prestigious Horace Mann prep school on a half-scholarship, and shocked classmates when he left for the Marine Corps after graduation.

“I would venture to say no one has ever enlisted in the Marines in the history of Horace Mann,” one classmate told New York magazine in 2005.

After serving in Operation Desert Storm, Pantano returned to New York and worked as a bartender as he made his way through New York University. He worked for a time at Goldman Sachs, but after his service in the Marines, he found the life of an investment banker boring.

“In 1998, I made a decision to walk away from Goldman and a lifestyle that wasn’t for me,” Pantano told The Daily Caller. “I didn’t want to be trading Enron and AIG. That’s not what I wanted to do with my life.”

Not yet 30 and already financially successful , he left to work for a technology company founded by Horace Mann classmates before launching his own media startup. He became engaged to his girlfriend, Jill, a former model, and prepared to settle down.

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Washington Nationals Catcher Ramos Reportedly Kidnapped in Venezuela

Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos has been kidnapped near his hometown of Valencia, northern Venezuela, his winter league team the Aragua Tigers announced Wednesday.

According to multiple reports from local outlets, four gunmen approached Ramos outside his mother’s home in Santa Ines, about 16 miles south of Valencia, and took him away.

“It’s true, Wilson Ramos was kidnapped,” Tigers spokeswoman Katherine Vilera said in a statement, adding that Venezuela’s judicial police, the CICPC, was investigating, The Washington Post reported.

She said the only other detail she had was that the four men took Ramos away in a four-by-four vehicle.

Ramos’ family were yet to establish contact with the kidnappers as of late Wednesday, and the Nationals were yet to confirm the incident had taken place.

Ramos, 24, had just completed his rookie season with the Nationals, hitting .267 with 15 home runs. He had planned to play about 10 games with the Tigers over the winter, starting Thursday.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen now,” said Enrique Brito, a longtime official in the Venezuelan winter league who is close with Ramos’ family, according to The Post.

“It’s going to be bad for the culture, for the league, for everything. Wilson is one of the best players that we had. It’s bad. It’s real bad, for all Venezuelan people and fans. We are all shocked.”

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Happy Birthday, Marines!

Today, Nov. 10, is the 236th birthday of the Marine Corps, one year older than the United States itself.

By the way, that’s “United States Marine Corps”, pronounced “core”, not “corpse” like Barack Obama pronounces it.

Some Marines will lightheartedly tell you that U.S.M.C. stands for “University of Science, Music and Culture” or “Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children”. Most Marines have a pretty good sense of humor, but when it comes to doing their job, which is to go in, when all diplomacy has failed, and kill people and break things, they are deadly serious, and they are good at it. And we are lucky to have them.

Please be sure to thank a Marine today and wish him (or her) Happy Birthday!

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