Sasha Grey Defends Reading to Elementary School Children

Sasha Grey, the porn star who outraged Los Angeles-area elementary school parents after she was invited to read to students last week, said Friday she will not stop reading to kids despite having “a past that some people may not agree with.”

Grey was participating in the National Education Association-sponsored “Read Across America” program at Emerson Elementary School in Compton, Calif., reading to first and third grade students. TMZ obtained photos of the actress — now retired from the adult film industry — interacting with children during the Nov. 2 event.

Parents reportedly complained about Grey’s involvement and her proximity to their children, but instead of acknowledging what happened, the school district denied she had been there at all. A representative from the district told TMZ, “We have several celebrities who read to our students each year. The actress you have indicated [Sasha] was not present.”

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Author: AKA John Galt

A small business owner, a tea party organizer, a son, father and husband who is not willing to sell out the future lives of his children.

5 thoughts on “Sasha Grey Defends Reading to Elementary School Children”

  1. This is evil! For many women/girls, pornography is about sexual abuse and exploitation, especially in the Third World where poor children are kidnapped and raped everyday for pornography and prostitution. But this most evil school is promoting it as if pornography is normal, to small children – imagine how confuse they must be and to corrupt their minds with such sexist-macho sexual perversion ! Even in Germany here, the Communist/Socialist/Islamic/Satanic thugs are normalizing it including on normal TV channels – and deceitfully on Sunday too; I think just to stuck their middle fingers up to us Christians. The TV stations even reported on pornographic clubs and events which look like they were controlled by Islamic Mafias as if these clubs and events are so normal, glamorous and exciting!

    1. yo bitch. Sasha Grey reading to Elementary schoolers, who have no idea who she even is isn’t promoting pornography. It’s a retired actress reading a book. shut the fuck up

  2. This is ridiculous. I’ve never been a fan of pornographic movies and have no desire to watch them, but to somehow think her FORMER profession is going to somehow affect your children is just ignorant! She was not a child molester, she raped nobody. She was a willing participant doing a job with other willing participants. Her personal choices aren’t any more infectious than anyone else’s. Too me it sounds like some careless parents were afraid their children were going to recognize her from their own private collection of films. Shame on those adults! Every sinner has a future and every saint has a past, get off your high horse and stop judging people. Unless of course, your perfect…. exactly

  3. I understand parents concerns that they do not want an ex porn actress reading to their kids/acting as a role model. This is sick. I would complain to and ask or heads to roll.

  4. Even Sasha Grey leaves the industry after a few years in it- not what any parent wants for the daughter, even if it opens doors to Hollywood it can lead to devastion, addition and serious STI’s

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