Issa: If Eric Holder is not ‘doomed,’ the Obama administration is

House oversight committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa told The Daily Caller that if Attorney General Eric Holder isn’t “doomed” because of his handling of Operation Fast and Furious, the entire Obama administration is.

“If the [Obama] administration continues to have full confidence in a failed administration by Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer, then ultimately the administration is going to be doomed,” Issa told TheDC during an interview in San Diego on Saturday. “Eric Holder seems to have the full confidence of the president, and I can’t understand why.”

Issa chairs the powerful House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, putting him in charge of the principal vehicle House Republicans use to investigate the Obama administration. The California Republican has developed a reputation inside the beltway as “Mr. Subpoena” — a bulldog investigator who forces results.

Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, the ranking minority member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is also driving the congressional investigation into Operation Fast and Furious.

Issa’s comments about Holder’s fate, and President Barack Obama’s continued willingness to protect his scandal-plagued attorney general, come as 52 members of Congress are demanding Holder’s immediate resignation. One of those lawmakers is 2012 presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, a congresswoman from Minnesota. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has also demanded Holder step down, as has National Rifle Association president David Keene.

Those calling for Holder’s resignation believe Holder is either incompetent or dishonest. His controversial appearances on Capitol Hill have led to speculation that he misled Congress about his knowledge of Fast and Furious, and about when he first learned of the failed gun-walking program.

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Berkeley woman assaulted for NOT joining OWS protest

A man threw an aluminum water bottle at a UC Berkeley student Thursday evening on campus, causing minor injuries to the victim’s face.

At about 5:09 p.m., the female student was approached by a man at “the northeast exterior of the Haas Pavilion,” according to a UCPD crime alert. The man asked the student if she was going to the protest on Sproul Plaza, and when the victim answered “no,” the suspect yelled at her.

“People like you are the reason that California is in debt,” he said, according to the crime alert.

The suspect then threw a full aluminum water bottle at the victim’s face. The victim then called UCPD and refused medical treatment for the bruise on her cheek. UCPD officers responded to the scene and checked the area, but could not locate the suspect.

The suspect was described as a white or Hispanic male in his early 20s, wearing a brown and green knit cap with earflaps and strings, a black coat and dark pants.

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A few additional details not spelled out explicitly in the article:

• Thursday at 5pm was the moment at which the Occupy Cal rally was happening in Sproul Plaza, so the “protest” mentioned in the article was the Occupy protest.
• The incident happened just 200 yards from the site of the protest, within earshot.
• The suspect description matched the appearance of the typical OWS protester.

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Bunk in $700-a-Night NYC Hotel

Two Occupy Wall Street protesters, one a key leader of the movement, stayed at a swanky, $700-per-night New York City hotel while their fellow protesters camped out in Zuccotti Park, the New York Post reported.

Peter Dutro, a member of Occupy Wall Street’s finance committee, and Brad Spitzer, a California-based analyst who attended demonstrations during a business trip, both stayed in the W New York Downtown Hotel last week, with Spitzer reportedly opening his room up to other protesters as well.

According to its website, the W calls itself “the ultimate urban extravagance” with a state-of the-art entertainment system and 350-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, goose-down comforters and pillows. It even invites guests to unleash their “inner Gordon Gekko” in the fitness center, a reference to Michael Douglas’ character in “Wall Street.”

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Retired Police Officer Reportedly Told to Remove Flag Honoring Victims of 9/11

A retired New York City police officer living in Florida has been ordered to take down his flag commemorating September 11 by his homeowners’ association, WPLG reports.

Richard Wentz, who helped victims out of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, has been told he has just days to take down his flag or face possible legal action.

“That flag means the world to me. Other than my children, that flag means the world to me,” said Wentz.

A letter from the Fairways at Heron Bay association said the flag detracts from the aesthetic harmony of the surrounding properties. Wentz said he was confronted by Patricia Favata, president of the property’s board of directors, according to the station.

No one was at Favata’s home when WPLG Local 10 tried to talk to her.

Wentz said he ran into Tower 1 and started pulling out people before the building collapsed. He said he lost 43 friends and colleagues that day.

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Hazmat Crew Called in to Remove 200lbs of Human Feces Near Occupy Santa Cruz

The city of Santa Cruz put together a list of 93 complaints about behavior at Occupy Santa Cruz. This was just one of them:

At least one incident on the county list wasn’t noted by the Sheriff’s Office: the discovery of an estimated 200 pounds of human feces near the county Veterans Memorial Building, just across the Water Street bridge from the camp.

The county called in a hazardous materials team to clean up the mess, and installed a security fence around the building, which is closed for renovations. There is no evidence that linked the excrement to the camp.

Who would dump feces on a Veterans building? It didn’t make sense to me. But the story isn’t that specific. It says “near” the building. Guess what happens to be near the Veterans building:

Is this proof that the Occupiers dumped 200lbs of poop near some banks? Definitely not. It’s not proof.

Did I mention that the camp has a history of sanitation complaints from the city?

So, just speculating here, who would have 200lbs of human feces on hand to dump anywhere? Maybe somebody camping with inadequate bathroom facilities. But that’s a lot of poop so it would have to be pretty close. Let’s say within 1/4 mile.

Hmmm…could be anybody I guess.

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Did Michelle Obama and Jill Biden Get Booed at a NASCAR Race Sunday?

First Lady Michelle Obama and Second Lady Jill Biden visited NASCAR’s season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway Sunday to honor military troops and families, as well as to recognize new commitments by companies planning to hire and train veterans and military spouses.

While there for a good cause, it sounds like the crowd booed the introduction of Obama and Biden over the loudspeaker before the two, with a veteran and his family, delivered the most famous words in NASCAR……..

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