Things Get Worse and Obama Keeps Playing Golf

It is an unseasonably warm 65 degrees in the Washington area, and President Obama has bolted out of the White House to go golfing.

It’s his 30th time golfing this year and the 88th golf outing of his presidency.

He’s at the Andrews Air Force base course with one of his usual crew, White House trip director Martin Nicholson, as well as Marvin’s brother Walter and Reggie Love.

Love, who is Obama’s personal assistant – or “body man” – is not usually a golfing companion. So the outing may be a farewell gift to Reggie, who is leaving by the end of the year.

The Criminal Organization that Is Occupy Wall Street is Nearing 5000 Arrests.

The legacy media won’t bother keeping count, but as of Friday, 4,752 people had been arrested nationwide in connection with the Occupy demonstrations. A spreadsheet breaking down these arrests by location an date can be found here. Arrest number 5000 should be a milestone reported in major media.

Don’t hold your breath.

‘Targeted identification’ isn’t profiling

Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain said Sunday that “targeted identification” of terror suspects is not the same as racial profiling.

“I’m not trying to identify a particular religion, a particular color, a particular ethnicity. I’m simply saying we should not be afraid to identify those characteristics that have been consistent in people who have tried to hurt this country,” Mr. Cain, a former Godfather’s Pizza CEO, told CNN’s Candy Crowley.

At last week’s GOP debate, Mr. Cain suggested that “targeted identification” would improve security on airlines, but he pushed back at the notion that such a policy could be misused.

“You are trying to pull me into the rhetoric that gets people in trouble, and what I’m trying to do is not be drawn into that,” Mr. Cain said. “I don’t see it as racial profiling … it’s a deliberate approach to figure out patterns associated with people who have tried to kill us.”

Mr. Cain, from Georgia, dismissed the debate in Washington over extending unemployment benefits or the payroll tax cut as “nibbling around the ediges.”

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Holy Rudolph?

Atheists must be the most fragile peaches in the basket. They’re always getting bruised by the slightest exposure to public displays that remind them of Christmas, God, the Ten Commandments or, worst of all, Jesus.

Just as pathetic are the atheist enablers who are complicit in doing away with any reminders of America’s Christian heritage, even secular symbols. For example, the Hollings Cancer Center in Charleston, S.C., recently decided that a visit by Santa Claus might upset nonbelievers. Perhaps they feared it could lead to heart attacks or perhaps even inspire local militant imams to issue a ruling that may include a fatwa . You can never be sure what kind of chaos a visit by Santa could unleash.

After the public rebelled, the center said Santa can squeeze down its chimney, but we’ll have none of that overtly religious stuff such as creches, angels, Christmas greetings – anything that brings joy to the world.

On Nov. 18, the Christian legal group Liberty Counsel sent a letter reminding center director Andrew S. Kraft about how freedom of religion works in America under the Constitution and how his actions constitute viewpoint discrimination. Let’s hope Dr. Kraft will grow a big heart like the Grinch did in Whoville.

The secular virus has been spreading for years in public and private zones. Shopping malls, which would go broke without Christmas, try their best to attract Christmas shoppers without mentioning Christmas. Hence, we get generic “happy holidays” and color schemes with blue and silver snowflakes cold enough to freeze the socks off Grandfather Frost. He’s the former Soviet Union’s made-up patron saint, who took over giving gifts to children after the commissars bumped off St. Nicholas. It’s rumored (I’m just starting it now) that the Christmas-phobic American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) tacks up portraits of Grandfather Frost in back offices for inspiration during that darned holiday season that Dare Not Tell Its Name.

Driving the whole mess is the growing fear Not to Offend. The war on Christmas, part of the ongoing trend to eradicate anything Christian in the public square, is also driven by a profound misreading of the First Amendment, which says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

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