Anti-Biblical, Fraudulent and Fake Wicomico County Quakers stand behind Violent Occupiers: Update.

Editors note: We do not stand behind the Occupy Wall Street Movement here at U.S. Constitutional Free Press. How can anyone stand behind such a violent, lazy, unethical movement where numerous drug overdoses, murders, rapes, sexual assault are occurring. Not to mention people masturbating in front of children and defecating in the streets.


An editorial in the Daily Times:

Recently, Quakers — the Religious Society of Friends — in Salisbury approved the following minute:

“Wicomico River Friends Meeting unites with the intentions of the Occupy movement to bring attention to the inequalities in our society and urge economic justice through nonviolent means.”

The Occupy movement calls attention to the failures of our government. Unceasing electioneering and an often corrupting influence of special interests are preventing our officials from doing the jobs we have hired them to do. This has led to ineffective regulations and poor enforcement that allowed a near collapse of our economy which we have not fully recovered from.

It seems appropriate to make this statement during this season of Thanksgiving. Despite a poor economy, we are grateful for the freedoms and bounty we enjoy. Even those among us who have the least have it better than many other places in the world.

That doesn’t mean some of our neighbors here aren’t suffering. A new shelter for the homeless just opened in Salisbury, a blessing to ease some of the need — but not all of it. We pray for a time when shelters are closing from a lack of need.

Social movements begin when society reaches a breaking point, forcing people into the streets with their anger and pain. The Occupy movement is young. It will take time for its leadership to evolve and coherent solutions to emerge to compete in the market place of ideas.

During this process we will be with them, praying for the success of the underlying goal which unites us: a more just and responsive government that better serves everyone.

We wish for all of our neighbors peace, prosperity and a happy Thanksgiving.

Dana Kester-McCabe


Kester-McCabe is clerk for the Wicomico River Friends Meeting. — Editor


After reading this letter, one can only assume the Wicomico County Quakers stand for the kind of violent, sick, twisted and criminal behavior that the Occupy Wall Street Movement stands for. One then has to question, how can this group actually be part of the Quakers? Or in fact, are they part of the Quakers at all?

This is the type of behavior this fake religious organization backs………….

Author: AKA John Galt

A small business owner, a tea party organizer, a son, father and husband who is not willing to sell out the future lives of his children.

4 thoughts on “Anti-Biblical, Fraudulent and Fake Wicomico County Quakers stand behind Violent Occupiers: Update.”

  1. It is shameful these Quakers support violence, rape, drug overdoses, murder, sexual assault and masturbating in front of children. I would expect more of religious organizations, but I do not believe these Wicomico County Quakers are actually religious in any sense of the word.

  2. My interpretation is more along the lines they are trying to sympathize, to empathize because there does exist an element in our nation today that works hard, but does not get ahead. It’s not for lack of education, experience, ability, or personality … there are simply not enough GOOD paying jobs to go around. I happen to be among them! lol I have a MA in ED but because I refuse to join the union, I can only sub. However, we all recognize that as the exception, rather than the rule! Those with enough time on their hands to protest, … well, obviously don’t have enough work by choice.

  3. Yes, the Wicomico River Friends are very much like the modern Quakers in the UK, more accurately known as Britain Yearly Meeting. Both groups are extremely liberal and cannot be accurately described as “Christ-centered.” The early Friends (or Quakers as they’re also known) described Quakerism as “primitive Christianity revived.” If they were still alive today, the early Friends would not recognize Wicomico River Friends or the majority of meetings in Britain Yearly Meeting as true Quakers. True Quakerism is grounded in Christ, who is our savior, our high priest, our pastor and our teacher. I know for a fact that there are members of Wicomico River Friends Meeting who do not accept Jesus as the Christ, our savior. They may look at him as a great teacher, but they do not accept him as the Son of God who died for our sins. Wicomico River Friends are not unique in this regard. There has been a great apostasy in Quakerism, with many of the Quaker meetings on the East Coast having gone liberal and anti-Biblical. Those meetings are part of Friends General Conference, the most liberal of all Quaker organizations. It’s very similar to Britain Yearly Meeting, which is kind of like FGC’s equivalent group.

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