Former CBC Chair: GOP ‘Turning the Clock Back to the Days of Jim Crow’(enacted by democrats) With Voter ID Laws

Ron Paul Ain’t the Tea Party

RUSH: This is Will in Amanda, Ohio, as we stay on the phones. Hi, Will. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hey, Rush? Hey, Rush, at best you don’t understand the Tea Party movement, and at worst you’re trying to co-opt the Tea Party — and I hate to say that because I’ve listened to you for a lot of years — but the Tea Party movement is about trust, justice, and constitutional leadership; and Newt Gingrich is the RINO’s RINO. He’s taken several hills from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, he plays both sides of the aisle, he’s well known for his progressivism. If his multiple wives don’t trust him, don’t expect me to trust him as a president for this country. The Tea Party’s not about Republican[s] and Democrats. The Tea Party is about, like I said — trust, justice, and constitutional leadership — and at this point we’re down to three candidates, in my opinion. We got Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Santorum — and I’m leaning towards Ron Paul because at least in Congress, for all his years, both sides call him Dr. No because he’ll at least stick to the Constitution, what it requires.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And we’ve gotten into this mess, Rush, because we’ve always chosen the worst of the two choices. And this is probably our last chance. This country is going down fast.

RUSH: Are you telling me … that the Tea Party … is gonna end up rallying around Ron Paul?

CALLER: One of the three. I think in the end, one of the three.

RUSH: Where is that reflected in the…?

CALLER: (crosstalk) chance for Iowa, and I hope he wins because —

RUSH: Where is it reflected….?

CALLER: — if he does I think you’re gonna see people rally to him.

RUSH: Where is it reflected in the polling data?

CALLER: (silence) Well… Right now he’s running second from what I understand in Iowa.

RUSH: He’s probably gonna win Iowa. I would be surprised if Ron Paul wins Iowa, by the way.

CALLER: I think you’re gonna see people break away from this two party madness. That’s how we got in this position, Rush.

RUSH: Well, we’ll see, we’ll see. But you misunderstand where I am in all this. But that’s okay. That’s okay. I am shaken, but not stirred.


RUSH: All right, once again, let me bring some reason and sanity to all this. We just heard that the Tea Party is gonna support Ron Paul, Santorum, Bachmann, or bust. And this guy is not a Tea Party caller. This guy’s a Ron Paul caller. I just went to the Gallup poll, dug deep inside the Gallup poll, the one I just told you that shows Gingrich over Romney 37-22. Ron Paul is at 7% among Tea Party supporters. But there’s more than that. The Tea Party is not the Ron Paul campaign. Ron Paul has nothing to do with the Tea Party, zilch, zero, nada. There is no way that you can back Ron Paul and also back Bachmann and Santorum. The reason is that Ron Paul’s foreign policy has nothing in common with Tea Party foreign policy, nothing in common with Bachmann or Santorum foreign policy. Ron Paul did not start the Tea Party. Ron Paul is not the Tea Party.

Now, that caller also said — and all this is so predictable, it happens every four years. “That two-party system, two party madness, we’re not gonna put up with anymore, Rush, and you’re part of it. You’re part of the two party establishment, we know you.” Let me tell you something. If two party madness is the issue, why did Ron Paul leave the Libertarian party to run as a Republican? Ron Paul’s not running as a third party; he’s not running as a Libertarian; he’s running as a Republican. He’s involved himself in the two-party system. And Ron Paul has led the way with tens of millions of dollars in earmarks. Ron Paul blames America for 9/11. That’s not what the Tea Party thinks. It’s not what conservatives think.

Now, there’s some Tea Party activists that support Ron Paul, but most don’t, as is evidenced by the Gallup polls at 7%. But Ron Paul’s foreign policy, there’s nobody, no other Republican running on that nomination dais up there in any of these debates that has a foreign policy that’s anywhere near Ron Paul’s. Bachmann, Santorum, Gingrich, Romney, none of them blame the United States for Iran nuking up. None of them blame the United States for 9/11. I love the way these Ron Paul supporters try to tell us who is or who isn’t conservative, when Paul is a Libertarian. Ron Paul’s a Libertarian, used to belong to that party but knows he can’t win as a Libertarian so he comes over and joins the Republican Party. He says he could relate to and understand the Occupiers. The Tea Party doesn’t think that.

“Boy, Rush, now you’ve really done it. Now you’ve run around and attacked Ron Paul.” I didn’t attack Ron Paul. I’m simply telling you what is. There’s a big difference here. I was the one who was attacked. My callers are gunning for me today, folks. I am a shaken host here. Not stirred, but shaken. Hanging tough. But none of the GOP, apart from Ron Paul, blames Wall Street for the recession. Ron Paul does. Where is this common ground between Ron Paul and Rick Santorum and Bachmann? Have you seen Santorum’s face when Ron Paul’s describing his foreign policy? Santorum’s waving his arms trying to get in there and respond to it. Who’s next? I can’t believe what Snerdley is finding out there today.


Hey Ron Pagano: Dana Milbank says OWS is “Running on Empty”

The folk-rocker Jackson Browne showed up on Freedom Plaza to perform for the Occupy D.C. protesters. He played five political tunes but left out the one most relevant to the protest movement: “Running on Empty.”

Two months ago, there was hope that the Occupy Wall Street movement and its offshoots could be the start of political counterweight to the Tea Party. But that never happened, and any last chance of it ended when New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg closed the encampment in lower Manhattan.

Nationwide, the movement lost its idealistic roots amid reports of accidental deaths, drug overdoses and scattered violence. In Washington over the weekend, 31 demonstrators in McPherson Square, a previously peaceful encampment, were arrested in a standoff with police.

In nearby Freedom Plaza, there are fewer tents than there were earlier in fall — and it wasn’t exactly booming then. When Browne, the 63-year-old singer and activist, walked to the microphones, there were all of 125 people to listen to the performance, including a media pack of about 40.

“You are the 99 percent!” Browne, in leather jacket, blue jeans and Salomon athletic shoes, told the modest crowd. “This is what democracy looks like.”

But this is not what a mass movement looks like.

Browne, who gave the world “Somebody’s Baby” and “Take It Easy” in addition to “Running on Empty,” deserves credit for encouraging the demonstrators in New York and Washington. The demonstrators in Washington deserve credit for maintaining their dedication even as other encampments have shriveled or been disbanded.

But it looks more and more like a lost cause, as the masses fail to mobilize behind the Occupy activists.

After Browne’s performance on the plaza, I asked the singer about the failure of the movement to ignite. “I see this encampment lasting through the winter, and I see the movement playing a role in the coming election,” he said, predicting that the political parties would grapple “with a growing people’s movement.”

Is he surprised more people aren’t angry? “I think people are very angry,” he fired back. “How angry people are is not really carried by the mainstream media.”

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Library of Congress to receive entire Twitter archive

The Library of Congress and Twitter have signed an agreement that will see an archive of every public Tweet ever sent handed over to the library’s repository of historical documents.

“We have an agreement with Twitter where they have a bunch of servers with their historic archive of tweets, everything that was sent out and declared to be public,” said Bill Lefurgy, the digital initiatives program manager at the library’s national digital information infrastructure and preservation program. “The archives don’t contain tweets that users have protected, but everything else — billions and billions of tweets — are there.”

Lefurgy joined the Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Amy Morris Tuesday morning to talk about the library’s digital mission.

Using new technical processes it has developed, Twitter is moving a large quantity of electronic data from one electronic source to another. “They’ve had to do some pretty nifty experimentation and invention to develop the tools and a process to be able to move all of that data over to us,” Lefurgy said.

The Library of Congress has long been the repository of important, historical documents and the Twitter library, as a whole, is something historic in itself.

“We were excited to be involved with acquiring the Twitter archives because it’s a unique record of our time,” Lefurgy said. “It’s also a unique way of communication. It’s not so much that people are going to be interested in what you or I had for lunch, which some people like to say on Twitter.”

Researchers will be able to look at the Twitter archive as a complete set of data, which they could then data-mine for interesting information.

“There have been studies involved with what are the moods of the public at various times of the day in reaction to certain kinds of news events,” Lefurgy said. “There’s all these interesting kinds of mixing and matching that can be done using the tweets as a big set of data.”

One benefit for the Library of Congress in receiving this large data set is that it’s been forced to stretch itself technologically.

“It’s been difficult at times,” Lefurgy said. “But we firmly believe that we have to do this kind of thing because we anticipate that we’ll be bringing in large data sets again into the future. We don’t know specifically what, but certainly there’s no sign of data getting smaller or less complicated or less interesting.”

The library’s Twitter partnership comes amid a renewed push by the administration and the National Archives and Records Administration for federal agencies to better archive their own social media postings and emails as potential government records.

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NAACP(Fraudulently) Warns of ‘Massive…State-Sponsored Voter Suppression’ Against Blacks & Hispanics

Obama Administration Will Use Foreign Aid to Promote Gay Rights Abroad

The Obama administration is announcing wide-sweeping efforts to use U.S. foreign aid to promote rights for gays and lesbians abroad, including combating attempts by foreign governments to criminalize homosexuality.

In a memorandum issued Tuesday, President Barack Obama directed U.S. agencies working abroad to use foreign aid to help gays and lesbians who face human rights violations.

“I am deeply concerned by the violence and discrimination targeting L.G.B.T. persons around the world,” Mr. Obama said in the memorandum, referring to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, “whether it is passing laws that criminalize L.G.B.T. status, beating citizens simply for joining peaceful L.G.B.T. pride celebrations, or killing men, women and children for their perceived sexual orientation.”

He also ordered U.S. agencies to protect vulnerable gay and lesbian refugees and asylum seekers.

“The struggle to end discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons is a global challenge, and one that is central to the United States’ commitment to promoting human rights,” Obama said in a recent statement.

Speaking before the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton addressed the White House’s latest campaign-minded initiative.

“Some have suggested that gay rights and human rights are separate and distinct,” Mrs. Clinton said at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, according the New York Times, “but in fact they are one and the same.”

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