Watch Woman Cry Tears of Disgust Over Receiving Ron Paul Book for Christmas

Charlie Brown Converts to Islam?

Comedian Denis Leary‘s production company, Apostle, posted a Charlie Brown spoof that is sure to cause some laughter, anger and — confusion.

Perhaps Gothamist describes it best as a “very uncomfortable jihadist joke.” The premise of the short clip is that Charlie Brown converts from Christianity to Islam. As the video progresses, its themes become increasingly controversial.

What starts with Charlie saying, ”I’m so depressed. I think I’m losing my faith in Christianity,” ends with the beloved character in hell awaiting 72 virgins. Leary, who’s been known for his controversial work and commentary in the past, tackles other issues as well: praying facing mecca and Islamic garb, among other elements.

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Rick Santorum Plays Superman?

With 45 percent of Iowa Republican voters undecided and a roller-coaster ride about to come to a screeching stop next Tuesday with the GOP caucuses, it may be Rick Santorum’s turn to take the final ascent and surprise the political class by … doing better than expected?

Santorum, the former Pennsylvania senator, has been touted as the sleeper candidate by none other than 2008 Iowa caucuses winner Mike Huckabee. He has relentlessly campaigned in the state, hitting all 99 counties and moving his family out there. He has held 350 campaign events in the past year.

He has received key endorsements from well-known social conservatives in the state, and has had solid performances at each of the debates. And he’s running an old-school style campaign that Iowa voters expect in the retail-style politics of the Hawkeye State.

The man whose at the back of the polling pack — despite recent buzz giving him a late boost — is taking nothing for granted but has nothing to lose.

“My feeling is when you’re sitting last, if you can do better than that, that’s good,” he told Fox News.

Santorum said he’s got 1,000 caucus representatives in a contest with about 1,700 caucus locations. He acknowledges that means no official representative to make his case at each of the locations, but at “almost all of them, and no other campaign is going to have someone there who’s going to get up and speak on our behalf.”

Santorum, who claims organization and message will make the difference, is also banking on a divide and conquer strategy.

“There’s really three primaries going on here,” Santorum said. “Ron Paul has his own primary, the libertarian primary. And (Newt) Gingrich and (Mitt) Romney are sort of the establishment primary. And I think there are three who are vying for the conservative mantle to go up against the Gingrich-Romney duo. And I think that I’m going to be the one coming out Iowa with that mantle.

“And if we can do that, then we’re off to the races here, and conservatives around the country, just like they’re doing here in Iowa, are going to start rallying around our campaign,” he said.

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