This Is the Video of Princeton Students Interrupting a J.P. Morgan Info Session With an Occupy Chant

The Chant:

“Mic Check
Princeton’s motto is:
In the nation’s service and service of all nations
JP Morgan-Chase, your actions violate our motto
Your predatory lending practices helped crash our economy
We‘ve bailed out your executives’ bonuses
You’ve evicted struggling homeowners while taking their tax money
You support mountaintop removal mining in Appalachia
which destroys our ecological future
In light of these actions,
we protest the campus culture
that whitewashes the crooked dealings of Wall Street
as a prestigious career path.
We are here today
as a voice for the 99%
shut out by a system that punishes them
just for being born without privilege.
What we need is not a university for the 1%,
but a university “In the Nation’s Service,
and in the Service of All Nations.”

Ignorance Among Us

Letter to the editor in the Daily Times:

How am I not like the Worcester County TEA Party? Let me count the ways.

» My lifelong philosophy is to work for the greater good and care for the least of my brothers and sisters. The writings of Ayn Rand, which disavow ethical altruism, never appealed to me.

» The TEA Party approves layoffs for public employees in the name of fiscal health. This leaves us vulnerable to future social problems, which does not seem wise.

» Government, formed from ancient Greek and Roman ideals familiar to our founders, protects and uplifts citizens. Differing opinions lead to compromises and the greater good is served. Often imperfect, this system served us well more than 200 years. The TEA Party seems to feel compromise is a filthy word.

» Elected officials take an oath to uphold our Constitution, for the good of the people. I am not like tea partiers who evidently approve of their representatives signing an oath to a lobbyist that they will never raise taxes, ever. It’s different, however, when confronted with a need to cut taxes for the working class. Fortunately, reason prevailed — or was it because Christmas was coming fast and party pragmatists put their feet down?

» In 2009, when the tea party movement hit our consciousness, the sight of citizens shouting down other citizens at public meetings made me uneasy and disgusted. I could not have participated in that because I am not like TEA Party members.

As much as I would like to play Kumbayah this holiday season, I am not like Carol Frazier. Our worldviews are poles apart.

Barbara Doyle Schmid

Ocean Pines

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