Transgendered Student Living as a Man Files Complaint After Being Banned From Working in All-Male Dorm

There’s a potentially flammable situation unfolding at Miami University in Ohio after a transgender student living as a man was denied a position working in an all-male dorm. Kaeden Kass, a junior who was hoping to work with men a resident assistant was, instead, placed in a female building. Now, Kass is fighting against this alleged injustice.

Kass, who was born a female, is claiming that Miami University violated its own non-discrimination policy by not granting him his request to work with male students. In an interview with WLWT-TV, Kass explained, “The problem is, I’m a male-identified person, and as soon as I’m in a space that is all female, my identity gets erased.”

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Muslims Burn Christian Family’s Businesses & Kick Them Out of Egyptian Town

Nabil Gergis, a Coptic Christian, lived for nearly two decades in the Egyptian town of Amriya, raising his children and managing a modest business. Those ties couldn’t protect him after a sex video purportedly showing his brother with a Muslim woman began to circulate.

Angry residents in the conservative, Muslim-majority town held protests and set fire to the Gergis family businesses. None of the attackers was prosecuted. Instead, a committee of tribal elders, local lawmakers and security officials ordered the 11 members of the Gergis family — the brother, Nabil and others — to leave town.

The story of Amriya demonstrates one of the reasons Egypt’s Coptic Christian minority and even some in the Muslim majority feel the situation is precarious, particularly since the ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak a year ago. The rule of law, they and human rights groups say, is being eclipsed by such “reconciliation councils,” trying to fill the security vacuum left by Mubarak’s fall.

“There is no law that would have found me responsible for anything, and under the law I would have never been kicked out of my home,” said Nabil Gergis. He said he, his wife and their two children do not know who to turn to protect their rights and that he feels the government has turned its back on them.

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