Florida HOA Evicts Owner’s Tenant, Changes Locks and Rents It Out

Joanne McCarn’s home in Wesley Chapel, Fla., is not foreclosed. She owns it and had rented it to a single mother of five children. According to the Tampa Bay Tribune, though, the homeowners association has been walking a “tricky legal path” that led it to evict the tenant after the mother would not pay her rent to the HOA instead of McCarn. The association then moved in their own tenant and has been collecting the rent itself.

“This is not a foreclosed house,” McCarn said. “This is still my house.”

The Tribune reports it all started when the Bridgewater Community Association imposed a lien on McCarn in 2009, which she had not paid. McCarn said she did miss one HOA payment of $225 after her mother died, which she is willing to pay, but the lien is for more than $2,000. The Tribune states the lien amount includes “special assessments” and other fees that include legal costs and a $500 rental fee. McCarn states she and her husband tried to remedy the situation with the HOA President Mark Spector but were thrown off his property.

The original renter was later given 24 hours to leave the property. McCarn was then informed by a neighbor when a U-Haul pulled up and a new renter moved in. Watch the local news report for more, including background on other issues homeowners have had with this specific HOA before:

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Occupy San Fran Seizes UC Berkeley Farm

The UC Berkely approach to sustainable, organic farming is apparently not good enough for Occupy San Francisco.

A contingent of Bay Area Occupiers has essentially seized a communal farm — to turn it into a communal farm. This negation of property rights and common sense, it appears, “is what democracy looks like.”

Criminal Try To Rob Marines, End Up Dead

I just love this one. Damn .. I wish there had been security cameras to record this for prosperity.

The locale is Jacksonville, North Carolina. Now if you know Jacksonville, NC, you will know that this is not the place you want to screw around with people you aren’t all that familiar with. They train throat slitters there. Not the bad kind … the good kind. The kind that wear the uniforms of the U.S. Marine Corps (or, as Obama would pronounce it, “corpse”) and the U.S. Army.

So here we have these two pretty perps, Maurice and Diego — all decked out in their long flowing black braids and all. Really stylish, know what I’m sayin? We know just how pretty they were because we have mug shots. Seems they weren’t exactly the pillars of society in those parts.

Anyway, our pretty perps decided it would be a good idea to burglarize a home while the occupants were away. The perps may have been pretty — but they weren’t all that smart. Seems the house they chose was home to two Marines – and the Marines came home with another male while the perps were still trying to figure out how to get the flat screen disconnected. Well, as you might suspect, a certain amount of mayhem ensued in the home – and when the smoke cleared the Braided Boys were both DRT — and for those of you who don’t know, that means Dead Right There. The Marines? “Treated and released,” as they say.

I know it’s not nice, but I just LOVE it when things turn out this way. The taxpayers are saved the cost of a trial and incarceration, and the Marines get some additional training under their belts. Plus … Maurice and Diego will never bother another law-abiding person again. Stick ‘em in a glad bag and set them on a curb somewhere. Do they have gators that far north? Gators gotta eat too, you know.

Newest weapon in war on women: Global warming?

A bizarre row has broken out among EU politicians over whether climate change is a feminist issue.

Members of the European Parliament will vote today on a report by a French Green party MEP who claims global warming ‘is not gender neutral’.

Women, claims Nicole Kiil-Nielsen, ‘consume more sustainably than men and show greater willingness to act to preserve the environment’ as they tend to organise household consumption and childcare.

She said that discrimination against women could be made worse in the developing world if climate policies do not take gender discrimination into account.

She was yesterday subjected to a withering attack from Marina Yannakoudakis, a Tory MEP for London, who called her motion ‘bonkers, baseless and bad for women’.

The report – Women and Climate Change – calls for a 40 per cent female quota on all EU delegations in climate negotiations and on the committees that allocate climate aid from member states. Funding is set to reach £62billion a year by 2020.

The report also calls for new EU-funded initiatives to help women’s groups get involved in climate policies, and for the EU to start gathering data on the ‘gender sensitive’ effects of climate change on women.

Mrs Yannakoudakis said: ‘This is the kind of thing that gets the EU in general – and its Women’s Rights Committee in particular – a bad name.

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Media Matters Facts

Media Matters is a left-wing political operation created to censor conservative media through blacklisting and intimidation of advertisers.

Their model is to create and distribute untrue statements about conservative media, and then use threats of boycotts and business interference to demand that advertisers repudiate programs they target.

Founded by David Brock, Media Matters is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, amidst a growing recognition that its true purpose is political, and increasing demands for it to be treated as a taxable entity in accordance with that.

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Woman to police: ‘You can’t tell me what to do. Obama owns this MF’

The title of this post is a redacted version of a comment that an enraged Florida woman made to police when they responded to a public disturbance call.

According to The Smoking Gun, which features the unedited version of the headline, the woman, 20-year-old Tamaria Epps, was spewing profanities at a Fort Pierce school bus stop when patrolmen arrived on the scene. They had been dispatched to break up an altercation between two minors when they encountered Epps and told her take it down a notch. Her response: “F**k you. This is a free country.”

The police report reveals that after Epps shared her view that she is “owned” by the president and that the police “can’t do sh*t to me,” one of the two officers attempted to handcuff the woman only to be doused with liquid from a plastic cup she was holding. Asked what was in the cup, Epps replied, “Budweiser.”

She was arrested, then later released on $375 bond. She is scheduled to be arraigned on May 24 on a count of disturbing the peace, which is a misdemeanor.

Although Epps told the authorities she was at the bus stop to prevent the fight, three witnesses claimed she was actually there to join the brawl. There is no word on whether “her owner” has weighed in.

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 4

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