Maryland needs to become more business-friendly

Maryland is becoming one of the most business-unfriendly states in America.

Our children would stay if there was good work. In order to have that, we need good government offering incentives for businesses to locate here.

Those incentives are low — if not no — corporate taxes; low property taxes; reasonable environmental laws (presently, because of the oppressive regulations and lawsuits resulting from them, some chicken companies are poised to pull out of Maryland); low fuel taxes; low tolls; and lowering the general cost of living here.

Presently, because of Gov. Martin O’Malley and his liberal legislature in Annapolis, businesses will never come here.

Consider the new Plan Maryland initiative. This is an offshoot to the international “Agenda 21.”

Why would any business locate here? Keep O’Malley and his liberal Democrats in Annapolis and we will keep our children away from the Eastern Shore.

It is just that simple.

If you don’t believe me, check with Delegates Michael McDermott and Patrick McDonough. They will give you a factual earful.

Dennis Evans


Bill Clinton, President Obama and Liberal Stupidity

Where is reality?

According to ABC:

Clinton believes President Obama will win re-election “handily”, saying the 2010 midterm elections in his mind assured victory for Obama in November. As for the argument of whether voters are better off now than they were when Obama took office? Clinton believes most Americans will be able to say just that come Election Day, adding “we have begun to dig our way out. With the financial reform bill, we have taken steps to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. And we’re moving in the right direction and have a better plan for the future than the other guys do.”

Top Obama campaign donor accused of fraud

A major donor to President Barack Obama has been accused of defrauding a businessman and impersonating a bank official, creating new headaches for Obama’s re-election campaign as it deals with the questionable history of another top supporter.

The New York donor, Abake Assongba, and her husband contributed more than $50,000 to Obama’s re-election effort this year, federal records show. But Assongba is also fending off a civil court case in Florida, where she’s accused of thieving more than $650,000 to help build a multimillion-dollar home in the state — a charge her husband denies.

Obama is the only presidential contender this year who released his list of “bundlers,” the financiers who raise campaign money by soliciting high-dollar contributions from friends and associates. But that disclosure has not come without snags; his campaign returned $200,000 last month to Carlos and Alberto Cardona, the brothers of a Mexican fugitive wanted on federal drug charges.

Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt declined comment to The Associated Press. He instead referred the AP to previous statements he made to The Washington Post, which first reported the allegations against Assongba in its Sunday editions. LaBolt told the paper 1.3 million Americans have donated to the campaign, and that it addresses issues with contributions promptly.

Assongba was listed on Obama’s campaign website as one of its volunteer fundraisers — a much smaller group of about 440 people.

Assongba and her husband, Anthony J.W. DeRosa, run a charity called Abake’s Foundation that distributes school supplies and food in Benin, Africa. A photo posted on Assongba’s Facebook page shows the couple standing next to Obama at a May 2010 fundraiser.

In one Florida case, which is still ongoing, Swiss businessman Klaus-Werner Pusch accused Assongba in 2009 of engaging him in an email scam — then using the money to buy a multimillion-dollar home, the Post reported. The suit alleges Assongba impersonated a bank official to do it. Pusch referred the AP’s questions to his attorney, who did not immediately return requests seeking comment Sunday.

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Obama’s love of government

After you’ve read this there are really only two reasons that you would vote for our Dear Ruler in November:

1: You’re a parasite, and you depend on the government’s ability to use its police power to take money from people who worked for and earned it, and give it to you in order to survive; or

2: You make money off of the people identified in No. 1 above.

I’ve been telling you this for three plus years now. Perhaps if you listened to the words of our spectacularly pitiful president

I’ve been telling you for a while that Caesar Obammus believes that America’s greatness comes from government. It really wasn’t hard to figure this out. After all, just how much time has Obama spent praising freedom and economic liberty since he became president. Think about it – Obama once referred to the private sector as “the enemy.” How can we NOT be listening?

Obama made a speech on Friday. In this speech we learned that Republicans are the focus of all that is evil in this country. The Republicans, after all, want to cut government spending, and that’s not good. Here’s Obama’s quote:

“Republicans have “one message and that is, we’re going to make sure that we cut people’s taxes even more — so that by every objective measure our deficit is worse and we will slash government investments that have made this country great.”

“Investment” as you know, is a Democrat code word for “spending.” This is more focus group work. Democrats learned that people generally have a negative reaction to the “spending” word, especially as it relates to government. “Investing” evokes a positive response. So government spending has become investing.

So there you go … America is great because of government spending. This means, I suppose, that the more government spends the greater America becomes. Obama is a tool. (I really don’t understand that phrase, but it sounds good).

Anyone with the most superficial understanding of the foundation of this country – something that Dear Ruler does not have – knows that America’s greatness comes from the dynamic of free people working together in a system based on economic liberty and the rule of law with a minimum of government interference and regulation. Freedom, that’s what makes our country great! The freedom to start a business and grow that business with little obstacles from an imperial government, looking to stifle creativity, success and growth. Could you imagine the success of a company like Apple if it were ruled by the government? “Government investments” are simply the artificial redistribution of wealth from the private sector to a politically selected sector in society. It’s government picking the economic winners and losers. That is not what has made our country great. The principles of supply and demand have forced companies to become better in order to compete in the private marketplace where individuals decide what they want, not the government.

In this same little rant, Obama also dinged the Republicans for wanting to cut taxes, “not because it’s going to balance the budget, but because it’s driven by our ideological vision about how government should be. That’s their agenda, pure and simple.” This is quite a statement coming from a man who has accumulated more national debt in just three years ($4.939 trillion) than it took for his predecessor to do in eight years. Our national debt is over $15 trillion and now exceeds 100% of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product. Obama’s deficit every year in office has been over $1 trillion, and his proposed budget only added to these figures. Taxes, Dear Ruler, are not the issue here. Spending is the issue. Cutting taxes is an “ideological vision of how our government should be” … it means more power in the hands of individuals and less power in the hands of our imperial federal government. It’s just that simple. But I could understand how this is a difficult concept to grasp for libs like Obama who believe that America’s greatness comes from government.

Neighbor defends George Zimmerman

One of George Zimmerman’s neighbors is speaking out, saying looks can be deceiving.

Despite booking video from the Sanford Police Department that many say shows George Zimmerman largely unscathed from his encounter with Trayvon Martin, the neighbor said he saw Zimmerman with obvious injuries.

The neighbor is talking for the first time about what he saw on George Zimmerman’s face less than 24-hours after Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

“I saw George. He was banged up. His head had two big bandages, that weren’t flat, had a bump on them,” the neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said.

He described where the injuries were.

“I seen him have a big bandage on his nose and his nose swollen. On the side, where his eyes were at, it was swollen,” he said.

He points out exactly where on a picture.

“I seen the bandage right here, and this side of his nose and this side of his nose was swollen.

The surveillance video was released by Sanford police of Zimmerman when he was brought in for questioning after the shooting. Bruises and bandages aren’t visible, but you can see an officer looking at the back of his head.

“Once you get into a fight you don’t show bruises that day, it shows the next day,” he said.

The neighbor says Zimmerman had to have acted in self-defense.

“I think something happened that night where he had to defend himself,” the neighbor said.

He says that the voice heard screaming on the 911 call is that of George Zimmerman.

“I hear his voice every single day, I talk to him every single day,” he said.

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Malik Zulu Shabazz: New Black Panthers Planning April 9 ‘Day of Action’

The National Chairman of the New Black Panther Party, Malik Zulu Shabazz, appeared on the syndicated radio program The Muslim Street Sunday night to discuss his party’s initiatives regarding Trayvon Martin.

The New Black Panthers made news last week when they released “Wanted: Dead or Alive” posters for George Zimmerman, who shot and killed 17-year old Trayvon Martin, and then offered a $10,000 reward for his capture.

“We wanted, and want, and demand that Zimmerman be brought to justice and brought to trial immediately,” Shabazz said, “and if that had been done we wouldn‘t even be discussing the ’reward’ topic.”

Shabazz continued by revealing a national “day of action” scheduled for April 9, a day before a grand jury is scheduled to begin hearing the case.

“This Saturday in Sanford, Florida the New Black Panther Party will be conducting county-wide and state-wide defense training and community patrols to protect against racial violence and attacks, and people like Zimmerman…” he said.

“[Then] On Monday, April 9 we have teamed up with over 300 organizations in a national and international coalition and are calling for a national strike…and a day of absence, where there is no work, no school, and no shopping in the cause of justice for Trayvon and the immediate arrest of Zimmerman and charging him with the appropriate charges.”

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